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  1. This reminds me, i need to get those remastered bards tale games at some point.
  2. Yes lads, everyone on board the rekke train. Choo choo. Someone tell sam riegel to clear his schedule.
  3. More ammo for my cause. I really do think Rekke and Rekke land is the way forward. Nice big plot hooks. Rekke seems quite popular from what ive seen. New part of the world gives new narrative blood space to stretch their legs. New religion is interesting both for folk who are into the lore and folk who are sick of the current gods. (Tho im usually up for more rymrgand. Hes funny) Also this provides other great opportunity. Shipping watcher off to rekke land and ascending/stranding/killing them there minimises the shadow that the watcher casts upon the rest of the ip. This is
  4. Oh man, i might have to try this civ 6 when update drops. Ive always loved the series. I got into it via colonization, which i was kind of obsessed with. Im glad it remains such a big deal. However i am like, comically bad at all such games. I have similar relationship with heroes of might and magic. Guess i have no head for strategy. Just like moving things around map and watching story unfold.
  5. Eora soul mechanic should allow devs to have cake and eat it. have mentioned elsewhere possibility of something analagous to dr who thing where same soul can go through multiple incarnations. If watcher grows too powerful and defined then it becomes possible to reset and maintain continuity. This may be cleaner solution than trying to go forward with 'canon' end for watcher that at best will be some variant of 'mysteriously vanishes'. At worst, watcher will remain active npc in ip and actions will half-please almost no one. Simply not addressing fate of watcher at all could also be fi
  6. ye, u can never go back. and sometimes, it makes little difference how static or flowing the world may be. sometimes, the reason a person cant feel something again is bcs *theyve* changed. then it becomes matter of urgency to examine everything other than themselves. oh well, humans gonna human, i guess.
  7. man, like, i dont expect everyone to know - or care - about the history of the genre but... wizardry was kind of a big deal, to the point where it spawned *every* jrpg. it must have worked well on some level to have all those kids. squaresoft debuted their Active Time Battle system in 1991. incidentally, shin megami tensei thrives to this day with its core largely intact. like i aint one to stew in the past, but we're kinda getting into alternative universe territory here.
  8. I aint disputing that. Got plenty of great memories of ad&d. I just dont understand why i cant enjoy both craftsmanship *and* freewheeling lunacy depending on mood and context. I got skepta, guitar wolf and al stewart all on my ipod. I would have had a lot more fun in dos if theyd actually stress tested their combat. Gearing whole party towards one damage type was a real downer. The mobility creep quickly became tedious. I played through it once and will prob go back at some point, but it wont be for a while. The games carelessness too often crossed the threshold from endearing to ir
  9. Also perhaps worth noting. D&D of old balanced around frequent death and rolling new characters every other session. If u got character to about lv 7/8 without dying to stupid pit trap, u were on a hot streak. In this context, risk/reward of surviving dangerous early levels with useless, fragile character to become Death Destroyer of Worlds made sense. It comes unstuck when everyones guaranteed to hit their power spikes.
  10. The uk, where i am, is a relatively poor market for them, but not dead by a long shot. mainland europe seems constantly to be producing great stuff. Like im on phone so its tricky to check, but i think game mentioned above is polish? My cousin runs a boardgame shop, and peeps are usually hanging out there playing something or other. warhammer remains a fixture around these parts, as do things like x-wing. Collectable card game tournaments are always happening. MTG being the daddy but also yu-gi-oh, pokemans etc. My tastes tend more towards co-op and emergent story-telling. i come from
  11. prob cos martial classes are subject to same rng, but when they pass roll against target, they remove one layer of stoneskin - or maybe do 2d6+14 damage Meanwhile, when casters pass roll they destroy entire village, open portal to baator, invoke divine intervention or trap someone in rocky prison several hundred feet underground forever. or as a party trick, make ur thief redundant. hey, ur the one bleating that casters need reshaping to complete ur jigsaw. im pretty chill. at the very least, i have no great fear of the dreaded balance demon that stalks the halls of rpgs ruining e
  12. Is echo of - and improvement on - prior situation, where game was released utterly borked. then u prayed intelligent and generous community members fixed game via unofficial patches later. before widespread internet, u didnt even have that luxury. would have been nice to see both deadfire and km up there. at least dos2's put some money in larians pockets.
  13. i did a search for 'pathfinder tier list' and this was the first thing that came up. quoted below: like i dont know pathfinder as well as some folk, but ive got enough experience with ad&d and 3.x that this wasnt a surprise. primacy of casters in that system has been a meme for as long as i can remember. arguing against it is... well it aint a challenge id want to take up, and i aint short of contrary tendencies. there are plenty of high level spells in d&d that can be ignored on a successful save, and due to d&d crit mechanics u got a flat 5% chance of failur
  14. Not even sure what hamster wheel genre has to do with discussion tbh. might as well relate differences in caster mechanics to differences between street fighter and mortal kombat. That angle would be novel at least.
  15. would spellblade be better off buffing self into deity then flanking to clean up with rogue abilities after engagement has settled? If so setting a load of buffs to 'always true' but with long cooldowns before recasting might be the way to go. Ud have to micro a bit to ensure relevant conditions for rogue abilities to pop but thats always likely to be case unless u got something like cipher set to spam phantom foes on cooldown. Like ive never really mucked about with spellblade but it works for battlemage. Not really up on spellcasting/sneak attack/backstab synergy. When i use ydwin i
  16. Was thinking as well. People give/get steam vouchers for christmas. My brother and i pooled ours and we have like £120 of them. Aint spent them yet.
  17. im glad it sometimes pays off, but it looks like so much work for the designers, esp getting a fair spread of disapproval and approval ticks over believable length of play. if the team thinks they can go forward with it, good luck to them, but i wouldnt blame anyone for scaling that one back. im fine with character arcs being what they are considering openness of game and spread of loyalties. i dont really need everyone to be drawn into protagonists inner circle and invariably achieve self-actualisation courtesy of dramatic epiphany. the main character in many rpgs would be most re
  18. It is a simple statement of intention, but surprisingly profound one. And benevolent as well which is as rare as kith-loving gods amongst the Eoran pantheon. I also like it very much. Ye im glad someone else approves. Im sure there are echoes of the sentiment elsewhere but, for me, the quote recalls john 1:6, which ended up on joshua grahams pistol in new vegas - and inside of my right wrist incidentally. Eders uneasy relationship with eothas feels quite familiar to this godless, childless catholic, as does his preoccupation with a family life not pursued. I also went for the ni
  19. i said 'sophisticated' VN bruv - but obv u know that and anyone who can scroll up knows that. theres stuff made in renpy and flash with full rpg progression, grid based combat, card based combat etc. and dragonfalls lightish turnbased approach - balanced courtesy of a small amount of bespoke encounters and limited options for ur npcs - aint a million miles removed from them. its. not. a. bad. thing. like i aint the type to use VN as an insult. if i ever get the chance, id like to try making one. i probably wont bcs life and laziness but whatevs. ROFLMAO. fam, u wrote that 'cle
  20. am i the only one who gets goosebumps whenever eder says this. Even if there were no other reason, id keep him just to hear that battle cry.
  21. mang i can keep a straight face and say lots of things, most of them to ur dad, but whatevs. point i was making is that we're comparing characters in two games that are operating within extremely different structures, and part of my thang is that i try to highlight these structures when i see them. saying that the content of a smallish game, based in one hub (that u walk around in by urself, incidentally - so less reactivity for the narrative designers to fret about) is better tailored to the *three* companions that are all in ur starting party is a given to the point of banality. Dead
  22. Someone on the forums get their data mine on and apparently tekehu's the chattiest companion. Even so, none of them are vital. If u find any are abrasive just drop em without regret chief. If ur worried about missing out on content during any quests, keep an eye on the 'recommended companion' heading in the quest log. Even then, i wouldnt feel obliged to follow its direction.
  23. Lv 1 in vivisectionist gives u mutagen (+2 natural armour, +4 to physical stat and -2 to mental stat) and 1d6 sneak attack which is absurd. U can also take true strike which is a good for those annoying high AC low HP targets like mages. Thats why ull see almost all physical attackers taking it. Iirc alchemist bombs target reflex instead of AC which makes them really good against certain annoying mobs like those 40+ AC sisters or whatever they were called. Alchemists can switch up damage types without blinking as well. Hello holy bombs. They dont scale off charts like casters, but path
  24. Can vouch for this at least. My cousin makes a living out of them. They aint going away any time soon. Things do come in cycles, and rtwp peaked with the rts genre over turn of millennium. So is old enough to be considered dated. Is maybe now *just* old enough to be considered vintage, but that newish development. Kinda like synthwave supplanting chiptune. Like maybe some analogue moog thing is older than yamaha dx7, but u ask someone which sounds more dated and they more likely to answer the dx7. Also many old school side-scrolling 2d platformers look less 'dated' than the fmv s
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