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  1. ah sorry lads. ive gotten too used to winding folk up in mobas. ill behave myself.
  2. count me among those cats whod like to see a fun ending to the watcher saga - then after that obs/microsoft can do whatever tf they like. if they pivot to making stuff that aint my bag ill be on my merry way with no hard feelings. nothing is forever. nothing should be forever. though i suspect theyll keep me interested for a while yet. i hope they dont freeze out loyal followers through game store shenanigens tho. that would be sad.
  3. They promised nostalgia but thats at odds with obs established tendency towards subversion. for the nostalgia driven, poe was too wonky, for the obs/black isle fans wanting subversion, poe was too conservative. think a lot of people wanted a bg revival made, but they either didnt realise - or didnt respect - that obs were never going to go in a straight line. poe's fussy tension, compounded by sawyer's tendencies, really is a thing of very precise tastes. i love it personally. im finding the series endlessly fascinating and i can see myself replaying it for many years to come. but
  4. First off, if u were involved in tslrcm, u have my thanks for that chief. i stanned kotor2 since release and im glad other people poured their time and efforts into polishing it for the wider audience it deserved. point i was making was less to do with quality of main plot and characters - more that it dont give the fandom much to salivate over and get the word of mouth going. like atm, my twitter feed is bubbling up with kingmaker stuff - specifically pictures of peoples custom-drawn baronesses and dreamy tristian. theyve been given a fantasy, and now theyre out there celebrating it and d
  5. Ye, i didnt mean to sound dismissive of such things when i was writing earlier. i consume no end of shameless trash for emotional release. i totally get the need.
  6. Also New Vegas, which had an underwhelming reception and is now serious contender for high point of FO franchise. its not an obs game, but i feel compelled to mention PST, which completely stiffed on arrival and is now part of the pantheon. i feel that if deadfire will be remembered - or even celebrated - it will be for its portrayal of colonial politics. i bet the games afterlife will rest on that. i think the games distinctly odd critical path may become a curiosity. feel theres at least one longform defence of it due in years to come.
  7. Hello, very very very long time lurker first time poster etc. ye, i think is very worth noting kingmaker is a very straight drive marketing wise. it sells a v obvious fantasy. u fight to become the ruler of an archetypal fantasy kingdom. u have pretty love interests. the hardcore pathfinder fans are likely to buy it regardless of content because they want to support the ip's maiden step into crpg territory. also avellone was writing chunks of it, and regardless of what one thinks of avellone, dude aint bad at the writing thing. his name shifts units. like owlcat could have screwed many
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