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  1. all the faction npcs have triggers that make them leave, and tbf theyre all misfits one way or another, tekehu resents his obligations, serafen dislikes the principi leadership, palleginas loyal to the republics, but that loyalty only goes one way. maias become jaded. feel theyre all taking time out from their lives for whatever reason even if they plan on going back. like maia pursues a relationship with cloud-cuckoolander xoti of all people, if that aint indicative of wanting to escape *something*, i dunno what is. i really dont feel their presence is that much of a stretch when there ar
  2. Id say the divisions more between those who want to be enabled and those who want to be challenged. As im more of an artsy type, im glad we have the systems enthusiasts offering explanations and critique. I dont feel im competing with them for priority. If anything, i benefit when obs cater to them.
  3. problem is crpg fans enjoy nothing and are never happy. Ud spread more joy by manufacturing pharmaceuticals rather than games.
  4. Dragonfall is wonderful and its exploration of community, 'family' and bereavement sets it above and apart from many other games, not just crpgs. Learning about monkias past, bit by bit, and wondering if ull ever be more than a poor replacement was compelling. To borrow a term from china mieville, ur playing the 'unchosen' but sometimes the unchosen is beautiful and necessary in its own way. When you consider how much in vogue open worlds are, dragonfalls a great argument for keeping things geographically tight. It makes a great contrast to almost everything else. Dont think the ga
  5. Hello there! I've just picked up Ydwin, and I've been mucking around with her new dialogue tree. Thanks for that. She's good fun, if 'fun' is the right word. However I've noticed it's possible to discuss events with her that haven't happened yet. I've emailed a save file. If you speak to Ydwin, and follow the dialogue tree thus: * 1. I'd like to ask about your condition On the next branch, it appears you can pick any option and it doesn't make much difference, but 3. "Fine, don't tell me" is the quickest for purposes of recreating this Afterwards you're given the op
  6. ooooh okay, okay, i think ive got it. now the clever people get to mark my homework. base is 21.3 so u add all the coefficients together Finishing Blow +50% (0.5) Graze -50% (-1) ie 1-(1/0.5) Might +6% (0.06) Exceptional +30% (0.3) Harpooning +5% (0.05) Draining Whip +20% (0.2) and u get a final total of 0.11 because its positive game adds 1 to it so u have final coefficient of 1.11 21.3 x 1.11 = 23.643 which im guessing game then rounds up to 23.7?
  7. i dunno the ins and outs of how the game rounds off those decimal points - and occasionally game outright lies about what its doing - but if u add all those bonuses to ur initial roll and apply the 50% graze malus to the total, u end up with something in region of 22.5. ie. base 21.3 +50% (10.65) +6% (1.278) +30% (6.39) +5% (1.065) +20% (4.26) = 44.943 then Graze: -50% (22.4715) Like, i'm obv missing something. I've not much idea as to what would make it up to 23.7. ud need someone like maxquest for that one.
  8. ye, i dont feel this at all. i think portraying the setting itself is the games priority. ur characters main purpose is to have adequate motivation to get out there and get involved with the setting on a suitably epic scale. making u half-god achieves this quite smartly. the problem is, bg gives u no reason to embrace full bhaalspawn, nor spends enough time selling it as a scary inevitability that would require a miracle to overcome. there are loads of things they could have done to develop this theme. they could have had quests ending in horrible bloodshed regardless of ur intentions
  9. Then it's a good thing reality isn't subjective. Phenomenology is a thing bruv.
  10. Sorry couldnt help but pounce on this. *hard* disagree fam. World could use more self-awareness and empathy, not less.
  11. This where MOBA experience helps. Its really hard to make minor unimpactful changes as even the slightest tweak - in the wrong place - can send meta haywire. Conversely, ambitious changes can wind up achieving nothing. I wont bore folk here with examples from LoL. If u know the jargon id have to use, youd already know the content. Really dont envy anyone with balancing job. Then again i dont envy people with many certain jobs.
  12. addendum: I've dug into the save file of Pillars of Eternity 1 using Eternity Keeper and discovered these. I don't know if these will speed the process up or not, but I present them anyway. If the issue's with the first game, and not Deadfire, then I'm not above changing these numbers if need be.
  13. Hello there good people. I hope this isn't too unwelcome when you all return after the holidays. In my playthrough of the first Pillars of Eternity game, I cured Aelys of the Skaenite influence and sent her far away from her uncle. However, in Deadfire - during the first god roundtable conversation - Skaen remarked that I had delivered her to Lord Harond. I've attached screenshots and emailed you the saved games with a link to this forum post. In the Deadfire saved game, you need only sail north until the cutscene triggers. I did edit the first Pillars of Eternity save at one point
  14. fam, eder's god came back from the dead and nearly killed his best mate. pallegina only vailian companion assigned to VTC last time i checked (checks again). yep still only vailian companion assigned to VTC. and if she got booted out then, yeah, shes trying to get back into her bosses good graces. like shes not just a returning companion, shes the faction representative. that just leaves aloth, who might as well be there cos hes globetrotting doing the leaden key thang. also u have matt mercer on the books anyway and aloth is oestrogen bait. sexy neurotic wizard elf boy. all those
  15. BG is about the struggle between Good and Evil, not as abstract and absolute values (a common trope in fantasy) but as facets of the main character who is struggling to retain his soul or embrace his lineage. If that's not a great theme I don't know what is. The Nietzsche quote at the beginning of BG1 is clear enough and puts things into perspective quite nicely. What makes BG interesting is that it is an inner struggle that is much more significant than the more mundane fights against external foes. dont think bg's too preoccupied with struggle between bhaalspawn herit
  16. one issue i have with d&d is that it seems totally random whether the attacker rolls to hit or the defender rolls to evade/resist. like why doesnt a caster aim a fireball the same way an archer fires a crossbow. pfft. and dont get me started on grappling. wtf is going on there. if that warrants opposing rolls, why doesnt anything else. at least in POE everything is straight up an attack roll - no exceptions - like im not one to prize consistency for its own sake, but it makes more immediate sense. i know the encounter ur on about. tbf the game now warns u about this and
  17. Can you expand on the Pathfinder issues? I'd love to pick it up but it sounds like it needs more time to cook. id give it a shot if ur into what its selling. its not worlds more busted than games like kotor2, arcanum and vtmb were at launch. maybe my standards are too low through experience. lol. can confirm owlcat seems very interested in supporting and fixing game tho. the warning id give is that its balanced around someone who knows how to abuse pathfinder or 3.x. so builds that wont have u throwing computer out of window in frustration arent always obvious. do urself a favour a
  18. Hmm okay. Thing is BG2 has v clear goal. It aims to create the ultimate kitchen sink ad&d experience. With mindflayers and the underdark and the undead and dragons and the planes and everything. It aims to be fun, and include everything. Beyond that, it has no great theme to pursue. The writing is brisk and campy. Irenicus is a good laugh bcs of his one-liners and delivery. The internecine elven bull**** that animates him is of no interest or consequence. It doesnt matter. The gameplay is there to portray ad&d with no real care as to whether its 'good'. This is fine.
  19. this where i prefer poe tbh. the hard pass/fail rng of d&d is kinda fun when ur on tabletop, if for no reason other than to laugh at someone else crit failing, but in a video game is often just annoying - esp if ur characters slightly undertuned and the 1-20 spread isnt enough to make up for it. ur often just sat there with ur fingers crossed hoping for crits, or banging ur head in frustration when ur spellcaster crit fails that ranged touch attack on a high level spell. poe's miss/graze/hit/crit spread is at least more forgiving and predictable. like with an actual dm, u can at least
  20. i like ad&d for its wanton eccentricity. i cant see the er... 'word' THAC0 without laughing. while it plays better as a tabletop system than one would expect, i dont think i could advocate it without tongue in cheek. wasnt biggest fan of 3.x. felt the numbers got out of control too quickly, powergaming sucked up too much time. it seemed better suited to video game than table. i currently play and enjoy 5e. didnt expect to, but there ye go. have repeated this before on forum. am of opinion people dont know what they want, and if they do know, they lie.
  21. there are so many examples of this now - and ive no idea if devs/publishers have worked out a way to balance their books with this tendency. guess if ur studios big enough u can have one team fulfilling contracts to pay the bills now, while ur other team toils away on something that will fund ur retirement. In a way, i think the kickstarter era hasnt really ended. instead of people backing the game prior, people buying the game at launch are the ones funding a good chunk of development - in the hope that something better is due. many online games have a similar trial. they dont repay a
  22. If its environmental storytelling had been up to scratch then luxuriating in it wouldnt have been a problem. But it never felt like a world, or even the ruins of one. Just felt like a load of different levels in a computer game. I did enjoy the game but i dont fully believe the hype. EDIT: ye im intrigued by bloodborne. Unfortunately i dont have a PS4, so i dont know when ill get to it.
  23. Played through dark souls 1. Enjoyed it overall but storytelling aspect highly overrated. The lores fun and the boss design is incredible but actual narrative weak sauce. Pretty much every other metroidvania does a better job of using its closed world to generate momentum. Just think of how tense and claustrophobic the original metroid games were by comparison. Game is awash with npcs prattling about stuff of no consequence. Wouldve been better not to include them at all. Thought the world was supposed to be dying. Why do we have all these comic relief clowns gibbering about other kin
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