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  1. Any of u systems/maths dudes got a good take on how to 'fix' penetration? from what i can see its achieving its goal of forcing u to switch up or diversify ur damage types - which i like - but causing a lot of unecessary grief in process, esp when numbers hit a certain point. Like I dont have the head for this so i dont know if problem is fundamental concept or a maths thing. I dont know how much can be gleaned from it, but id always quite liked SMT's double risk/double reward system regarding types of damage. U could lose or gain entire turns with it through choice of attack or pr
  2. All this auxillary steam stuff baffles me no end. I just want to play games, not be part of some community and stack gamerpoints and achievements or whatever theyre called. Honestly thats what really puts me off about steam, the sprawl of it. It makes me feel like an idiot whenever i boot it up cos i dont know what half of it does. If i want to talk **** with folk about games, im a big enough boy to go find my own outlets.
  3. As charming as tekehu is. he strikes me as the kind of pretty, talented, but sad, self-absorbed ****boi many folk are sick of dating, esp if they live in a metropolitan boho area. Like hes a nice dude, but i think ud need hella resources to deal with his **** and the mother in law. Maybe youth + energy or money + competence. Hes always gonna be the rose and not the gardener. Guess the watchers good at getting stuff done. If someone meets the requirements for maintaining a piece of arm candy it would be them.
  4. Im now thinking if ur a narrative designer and a sociopath u could really mess with a colleague by subjecting them to five million requests for interjections.
  5. Ooh, missed this one out. why am i so bad at internet. never felt this was a weakness tbh. gave me more incentive to swap around party members and make up little stories in my head about them. i dont mean to dimiss all the work thats been done since re: narrative design in rpgs, but i feel minimalism has its place. who hasnt got attached to their mute little gun turrets in x-com.
  6. not entirely on board with that tbh. i feel bg2's power comes from its ability to convey joy in every trope it can get its grasping hands on. despite its reach, most of its writing is efficient enough that it rarely fieels messy. its not a small achievement. however, i dont feel it centres any ideas as bracing as IWD2's nasty fatalism. cant remember off-hand, but didnt one of bg2's designers say straight-up they werent all that interested in enabling an evil playthrough? and that they wanted to focus on giving the player good deeds to accomplish? it sounds vaguely
  7. hi there. thought this would be fun for people at a loose end over christmas. dont think its been posted here yet. alex scokels written a hefty tumblr post on how companion interjections are implemented. its interesting stuff. i think my brain would short circuit keeping on top of all asepcts of game design. reckon ill stick to scribbling prose as a hobby.
  8. this correct. bg2 is mid to high level campaign. is where mages become prominent and archers fall off. ur melee characters eventually get access to nasty on-hit items like celestial fury and flail of ages etc. so they can be more impactful. pls no go bard or ranger. stick with pure class fighter for an archer type - esp for bg1. rangers are gimped fighters and bards are gimped mages. for bg2, rangers at least get the free dual wielding proficiencies but pure fighters still outclass them in pretty much all instances. a pure class elven fighter with 18/xx STR 19 DEX, 17 CON and 3+ proficienc
  9. well... if a few tips help. THAC0 (ur attack score) and AC get better the *lower* they get. THAC0 15 is better than 20. AC -3 is better than +8. DEX has to be 18+ on ur main character, regardless of class. no exceptions. CON ideally 16 on classes that arent Fighter/Ranger/Paladin. for those classes, go as high as u can. STR less important than ud think. archery is the mutts nutts in BG1. if ur front line, than u prob want 14/15+ to wear full plate comfortably. later on, ull eventually find the gauntlets of ogre strength if u want ur vanguard to be something more than a wall. u
  10. "Trilogy pack"? There's no trilogy - there's been Prey back in ... Prehistoric ages and in 2017, a game of the same name got released. Later, 2 DLCs came out, both very different from the base game. We're talking about the 2017 base game here (I believe?) 2006 version of prey not readily available. guess what uve bought there is the base game + the dlcs, mooncrash and typhon hunter. im not all that interested in typhon hunter. (multiplayer, meh) mooncrash is a nifty little standalone campaign thats off-piste enough to complement the base game with a fresh take on similar themes. the h
  11. Skaen would be proud. All my characters are sweethearts but if i were to end up in eora, id totes be a skaenite. I WILL MAKE WOEDICA LOOK LIKE A ****ING ANARCHIST etc. Prob just as well i was born here.
  12. Main concern i have regarding huana is that any great effort to subjugate them potentially sows wind for future whirlwind. Native identity has decent chance of going underground, hardening then erupting years later in rebellion and sabotage. is one thing that puts me off siding with rauatai, especially with their oh so exploitable powder stores. Hmmm, arm the roparu and see what happens imo. Could be a laugh.
  13. Think there might also be some correlation between rtwp's height and flowering of rts genre. Infinity engine hopped on contemporary trends to hawk its wares.
  14. if i remember correctly, microsoft were very lenient and co-operative with harebrained schemes regarding the shadowrun licence. Like is easy to see why. ms werent doing anything with the licence themselves, so why not let someone else do the hard work of ressurecting it? Still, sense often not play part in corporate decisions. They could have been **** about it. They couldve been greedy and controlling and so forth, but - as far as i know - they werent. I feel theyve got it in them to take the odd chance, fingers crossed.
  15. The prey reboot is legit one of my favourite games ever. I cant stan it enough. System shock 1 + 2 are cut from similar cloth. Bioshocks a far different beast. Its a theatrical fps without any of the metroidvania influence. I dont say that as a criticism, btw. Bioshock works on its own terms.
  16. this... is actually a good idea. like, u could have an 'all damage done' counter and a 'damage done since reset counter', just to name one variant. i play mobas, and its always handy to go through the numbers at the end of each game. checking at the end of each skirmish will show u how well each character/build performed. it might be too late to include it in deadfire, maybe? but id say its deffo worth keeping in mind for the future.
  17. pathfinders easy enough to grasp. its built on the d20 system, which is 18 years old now and familiar to many. the systems nice and linear. 2 points in an attribute = 1 bonus to a skill = 1 bonus to a roll. most checks are d20+(relevant skill) = DC it does have a hard pass/fail, so RNG is a bit more salient than in deadfires d100 miss/graze/hit/crit system. it also makes it harder for undertuned characters to deal with high DC/AC challenges. one issue with pathfinder is there are far too many trap builds - and too much mixing and matching required to create optimal characters - so its
  18. the great virtue of rtwp is being able to steamroll trivial mobs. the devs can safely provide enough of them to give a sense of activity without slowing the game down. also it gives the players a chance to mindlessly enjoy their power for stretches. if every battle is meaningful it can numb a sense of mastery over the world turn based games - that arent attrition based like jrpgs and wizardry - hinge on having talented set piece designers. u have too many trash encounters and the game becomes a chore. too few, and the game feels empty - also if game consists of only a few impeccably sculpt
  19. Except that game - like BG - is using a PnP system, so it tries to follow the rules. The initial outrage was caused by the fact that nobody really knew Pathfinder, and the difficulty threw them off. Now? People keep coming up with more and more "solo unfair" builds, and do you know how many balance patches did the game get? NONE. oh very good. looks like my business plan remains viable. im off to golarion to found a vivisection college. i swear pathology is the equivalent of national service over there. got to make sure every child gets their mutagen and 1d6 sneak attack so they can co
  20. Different times, different standards bruv. What games and systems could get away with then is far more than now. Internet is bigger and angrier than before. Certain level of qol and balance now expected or moan moan moan moan moan moan. Bg2 would get ripped a new arsehole for its foibles if it dropped as a new game now. I loved ad&d but at its worst is oblique nonsense. Back then most of audience for bg was vaccinated against it. Is not case now. Like u just have to look at the general reponse to knigmakers cavalier attitude re: balancing etc to see what would happen. As for ba
  21. Ye, silent protagonist common in many jrpgs. Features in smt, zelda, dragon quest, shining force, golden sun, bahamut lagoon, breath of fire, chrono trigger, etc. nowt wrong with it. is just a decision like any other. Have spoke of my fondness for smt3 elsewhere. Dont think that would work without silent protagonist. fair play to owlcat. Theyre listening to folk and doing what they can to bring game up to scratch with qol tweaks and bugfixes. Game aint on poe's level but its got real heart. Theyre still making sort of rookie mistakes tho. Just got that latest companion dlc. Tsk tsk. Sh
  22. Check out the 'devs: content complete?' thread, ser football. Short answer - it looks like no more dlc but 1 more magrans fire and some balance tweaks.
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