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  1. Exactly! As we close in on the patch, time moves slower. This is fact. There is no scientific evidence for it, but it is a fact.
  2. This thread is weird. It's also mildly entertaining and a good example on how people communicate in different styles, particularly Gromnir with his distinct style. Amazon and IMDB's commen style "X people likes this review", seems a good usable pointer for me. And I do believe that most people see through ****-fake reviews. But yeah, review sections could use some anal automatic algorithmic min-maxing. Edit: Yeah, i mainly commented because of the last line. I'm that self-absorbed. :D
  3. My experience with the ability was that if you only used it without a curse on you (cost 0), the healing slightly trumped the damage incurred. Basically, the only opportunity cost was time. Used as soon as the curse expired.
  4. I could never get my handle on movies with Marion in 'em. There is "Once upon a Time in the West"! That is THE western! Sergio Leone FTW!
  5. For making you feel guilty about stealing it from that barkeep, of course. It works, too. I can steal it, but not without a tinge of guilt.
  6. I haven't reached that point in the story, but in't Furry talking from the Vailian Republics perspective - vailians love them some slaves - and not the Deadfire Archipelago perspective?
  7. He/she likes the game a lot. That's enough reason for me I could ask the same question to people who watch football/soccer. Or icehokey. It's just games, after all ;-P
  8. I believe this to be the case. I believe that most game developers (and people in general) want to deliver as finished product as possible within given constraints.
  9. Not sure they have acknowledged it, but I'm pretty sure they have ticketed it, and are working on it. Call it intuition.
  10. No, not I. But Pallegina have had a lonely and pretty rough upbringing. I'm reading her as someone who wants to belong somewhere, fully belong. And she have, through her life, come to see the ducs and the republics as that, a form of hearth. Just because they cast her aside, she can't stop loving the republics. She's zealous. She's bonded with them.
  11. Avetta should be standing next to Degnos in Queens Berth. Then you can snitch on him to your hearts content.
  12. Do we know for a fact that all aumaua have jagged teeth? Kana clearly has. But is it cultural or genetical?
  13. Well, her action in POE "betrayed" the ducs and the republic. She was disowned and lost everything that mattered to her. I would almost have expected her to pull an Alistair and become a drunkard. Then they take her back. No wonder she becomes even more dedicated. She's not gonna let the ducs down again.
  14. I haven't gotten that far in Deadfire, but somehow Pallegina makes a bit more sense to me in Deadfire. She's a paladin. She's supposed to be single-minded and zealous. She a -ing fanatic.
  15. I'm currently trying a single-class melee soulstalker. It's strange. The low health-pool is a drawback. I'm trying a sword'n'board build (level 10) with Cadhu Scalth (seems to be made for a melee cipher) and of course the "Tough" talent. Active abilities is shred-oriented.
  16. Hmm, never showed up in my game. Must test further. Seems to be a winch? for the bars at the entrance gate.
  17. Boreal Dwarves and Naasitaq is based on inuit culture. Not exactly what you're looking for. Just adding data.
  18. Without testing, I assume that on-hit-values, like damage and penetration might change. But I would expect the number of jumps to be decided upon invocation.
  19. That's a fair call. When I wrote the bug report I haden't levelled enough to use Eld Nary (damn restartitis), but now I see your point. A rephrasing of the ability text might help. Or maybe not.
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