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  1. Monks are great and can be combined with almost anything to make an effective dps character. One of my favorites in a melee heavy party is a helwalker/kind wayfarer. The extra might and int from helwalker sublclass and duality of mortal presence makes the heals from white flames extemely effective in a huge radius. You really wouldn't even need a separate healer or tank with this character in your party, you do almost all the healing you need with your main dps ability and you get it at level 1. Just give him gear that increases might, (remember cap is 35 so you may not need much depending on if it's your PC), healing, and power level. You can use your fists as weapons. I use it as my main tank, healer, and dps all in one.
  2. As someone who plays these types of games primarily for the character builds and combat, I definitely think a top priority should be addressing the many useless or near useless talents that simply never get picked. Some could be moved to lower power levels where there is a scarcity of worthwhile choices. Others should be buffed, reworked, or just removed. Avoiding power creep is a just poor excuse to leave these issues unaddressed. Part of fine tuning the game can and should include addressing the overall balance of combat. It is better that there is a plausible reason for taking each ability in at least one build regardless of power creep because fine tuning should also include buffing enemies if needed (it's already needed without any other changes anyways). End result should be difficult choices when making builds, plenty of abilities that might be valued in certain builds but not necessarily in others, and not 50% of abilities are auto-skipped in every build every time like it is now. Adjust enemy strength as needed afterwards.
  3. I've had to make some house rules to have fun again. Some builds are just so OP, it takes away the fun because fights last all of 5 seconds. Yet, I can't bring myself to intentionally gimp any character I make. So far my favoriie custom party was based on these rules: 1. No damage from spells unless it's part of a weapon attack (e.g. FoD or Soul Annihilation) 2. No debuffs or CC unless its part of a weapon attack (e.g. Stunning Surge) 3. No AoE unless its part of a melee weapon attack (e.g. Clean Sweep or Lord Darryn's Voulge) 4. No mortars or other AoE ranged weapons 5. No summons 6. No tanks 7. No dedicated healers 8. No single class monks (good gawd) 9. No duplicating the same class in the party The theme of this party is the "Four Godlikes of the Apocolypse" concept by sin tee, but with totally different class compositions. There are only 4 party members, each of them a Godlike. I find the flavor very fun with Godlikes using the portraits in that video. Even with all of the self-imposed restrictions, this party is very strong from start to finish. 1. Moon Godlike Votary (Helwalker/Kind Wayfayer) dual wielding fists. Inspired by this build with modifications. 2. Fire Godlike Brute (Berserker/Devoted) wielding Lord Darryn's Voulge. Inspired by discussion here. 3. Death Godlike Mindstalker (Soul Blade/Trickster). Inspired by discussion here. 4. Nature Godlike Wildrhymer (Troubador/Ghost Heart) wielding The Red Hand. Inspired by this build but heavily modified so as to not duplicate the monk class in my party.
  4. I tried for several hours, but I couldn't replicate this in any way, shape, or form. Has it been patched? If not, then there is some other requirement that I am not meeting.
  5. Thanks Boeoer, that gives me a decent starting point. I've played with plenty of tricksters before, so I think this run will be more about trying to see how much I can get out of streetfighter. If it doesn't work, I may go back and do trickster/soul blade or streetfighter/helwalker. Have you tried Tuotilo's Palm plus monastic unarmed training on the streetfighter/soulblade? Do you use any spells besides Psychovampiric Shield and Borrowed Instincts? I've updated my initial post in case anyone wants to add any more recommendations.
  6. It seems that mindstalker keeps getting mentioned by multiple people. I've never played a soul blade before or even a melee mindstalker, so this makes it an attractive choice for me. I think I will go with this but I will go the streetfighter route rather than the trickster route, mainly because I have 4 other party members who should be dedicated to keeping the PC alive and well. Feedback on build, gear, and companions is still very much welcome.
  7. Thanks for the suggestions. I've tried melee streetfighters in the past and found that I was "looking for a fight" 90% of the time. That's due in large part because I normally use a tank who goes in first and gathers up all the enemies. So although I forgot to mention this, I had in mind that the party setup I envisioned could be much more conducive for a melee streetfighter to thrive. I'm not dead set on this, but I am certainly intruiged by the idea. Now would a shadowdancer with helwalker be able to survive without a tank? If a tank is needed, is it going to be too much trouble to start "heating up"? I know late game it should be no problem, but I have to keep in mind the whole journey to late game.
  8. UPDATE: Here is the party based on suggestions so far. Further suggestions are welcome. PC: Mindstalker (streetfighter/soul blade) - I've decided to go with mindstalker, which I haven't played since 1.0 and even then it was ranged. Never played soul blade. I didn't go trickster due to rest of party being there to keep him alive. Any suggested build or key abilities? Rogue has so many choices for active attacks - which make the most sense? I tend to limit myself to crippling strike and finishing/devestating blow in other builds. It especially seems like I won't need many if I am spamming soul annihilation. What cipher spells make sense? What support characters would you suggest for this mindstalker? NPC1: Shieldbearer/Unbroken (Lay on Hands, exhortations, and tank) - Will a pure tank be needed? I don't want to harm the PC's ability to get flanked/heating up. NPC2: Troubador/Priest (buffs and debuffs) - Can we discuss which buffs & debuffs should be used? What stacks, what doesn't? How to we get the most out of it? NPC3: Druid/Wizard (buffs anddebuffs) - same as above. NPC4: Furyshaper multiclass (with what? Beguiler was suggested, but as others noted it will need to do damage to get focus.) (Totems) ORIGINAL POST: I'd like to try my next run through the game with the following criteria: -The PC will be a melee character and will be the sole damage dealer in the party. He will get as close to 100% of the total party damage as possible. -The other 4 party members will be set to passive AI. They will heal, buff, and otherwise support the PC, debuff enemies, and will also need to be able to survive themselves. -POTD and I will use a mod to to change NPCs to whatever classes I want. -I don't care about beating megabosses. -I don't want to use summons. My questions are: 1) What class and build would you suggest for the PC? What gear would such a build need? It seems he should be able to be built at least somehwhat as a glass canon with all the other party members as healing and support, but at the same time if he dies it will be very hard to win, so he can't be so squishy that he instantly faceplants at the start of the fight. It seems like he should be more single-target damage oriented so he can kill bosses, but I don't know how much this might be an issue. He will also need to be able to kill all enemy types. There isn't a tank in this party, so will the PC need to carry a lot of engagement slot gear to keep enemies off the rest of the party? On the other hand, I shouldn't build the rest of the party as squishies. 2) What kind of support classes and builds would you include with the party? Are there any that would synergize well with the PC (whatever he may end up being)? Party synergies are always a welcome addition. If they aren't focussed on debuffing, they can probably tank their perception in favor of other stats. I know I am asking a very open-ended question but I appreciate all input.
  9. The solution to frenzy's deflection penalty might be to look elsewhere for survivability. While you could certainly try to compensate for it, I think it is a clue as to the developer's intention for the barbarian class. Some classes can stack deflection, others can stack armor and/or self-healing. In the case of a brute, you can easily stack enough of both through gear and abilities to be near unkillable and still focus on damage dealing in your build. Dump resolve and embrace being a damage sponge instead of a damage avoider.
  10. I'll also throw my 2 cents in and agree with thundercleese that helwalker is fine on a ravager as long as you have other party members to take the heat off and toss him some heals. He will drop fast if focused, so don't let him get focused and he is a killing machine.
  11. I must have missed this one when first posted. Thanks for linking to it in the other thread. I'll try this build out in my next run.
  12. Favorite: combat multi-classing subclasses AI customization Unlike others here, I really dislike big cities in these kind of games. It's fine the first time around, but I dread it every time I play a new game. So much time wasted NOT fighting.
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