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  1. Have you completed the quest called "Through Death's Gate" where you have to go to Cliaban Rilag ? If I remember correctly, you need to complete the sanitarium, the heritage hill area and the cliaban rilag area... all 3 of them to get an invitation related conversation with Lady Webb.
  2. The health loss is probably related to the wound gain at the start of the combat.
  3. Here is an older thread about the same issue. https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/105733-bug-scripted-interaction-not-showing-patch-21/ It seems devs are working on it.
  4. There are two cornets (cornet of waves and depth). Any one of those two can open the door to the grub boss. Now, the ultimate goal of the quest is to find the mosaic that the woman in that area was tasked earlier by Dereo. Since you have already got the quest from Dereo about stealing the cornet, it is like you have solved the case that he didn't tell you to solve. Go talk to Dereo and he will try to tell you about finding the mosaic and then you can tell him that you have already found the mosaic and that will complete the quest. If you do not want to tell Dereo about the mosaic, just
  5. Just look at the picture here https://imgur.com/PjViiUd It's self-explanatory. Hollow man strikes again.
  6. I think this is a bug. My game is in patch 3.0.1. Detailed steps to reproduce the bug is given below. Go to luminous bathhouse boiler room and reach the wall that can be broken. Disable the alarm successfully and then break the wall with chisel and hammer. Next, reach Arkemyr's manor using grappling hook from the dark cupboard upper floor window. Go to Arkemyr's room and steal his robes. Wear the robe and the ironclad guard outside still becomes hostile. Now, till patch 2.1, this quest worked fine with the robes. In case you cannot reproduce the bug here is a save file which is after I
  7. This bug is easily reproducible. Start Rinco's purse quest. Go to satahuzi and convince Mokeha to give you the purse. Pickpocket Mokeha and you will see another Rinco's purse. Give the purse back to Rinco and you still have one purse left in inventory.
  8. If she disobeyed orders, she is supposed to be disgraced and will show up at queen's berth instead of the palace. It does not have anything to do with Galawain's wishes.
  9. Hi, I can confirm this is happening in patch 3.0.1 image: https://imgur.com/1DHo42T Vela is not appearing in new games since patch 2.1. In case you need save file here you go https://drive.google.com/open?id=1-5yQQuUkxzat1pZuV-tj8lwEcqyObo69
  10. I understand your concern regarding the contradictory behavior of Xoti. In my opinion if she just swung her lantern in lvl3 and couldn't pick up the soul, cause it is stuck in the adra piller would have made more sense. From a graphical and technical point of view, the whole conversation starts with clicking the soul/body which is probably considered as one entity/model. So if xoti's lantern movement would remove the soul graphical effect, it would also remove the interactive feature of the body resulting the items in her body inaccessible if you didn't pick those in the initial dialogue
  11. That was a "wisp of essence", not a soul in lvl 3 area. Its like a tiny fragment of memory. Her soul is stuck in the corrupted adra. That's why Xoti was silent probably.
  12. follow this thread for answers https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/105864-could-obsidian-please-clarify-is-the-final-boss-supposed-to-optional-as-some-are-now-arguing-endgame-spoilers/?hl=ukaizo
  13. This might seem dumb, but have you used the blade to get watcher's blood? If you have done that already, when the window open up after you click the pool, have you tried dragging the the blade and dropping it into the circular thing just beside that?
  14. So, this is the picture where Belranga tries to chew summoned weapon, fails and then becomes inactive for some time. https://imgur.com/IgWPYTM
  15. And to put cherry on top the boss respawns. At this rate all of my items will get mythical.
  16. Hi, I will post bugs related to Belranga fight. Would you mind if I tag this thread along with the bug I found?
  17. Hi everyone, Yesterday I was taking a first try at the new megaboss Belranga and to my astonishment it went down in 2nd try. Now before I talk about how Belranga can't chew weapons, let me inform you about my party build since not all party builds are suitable for this fight. Btw I'm playing in POTD(all upscaled). Tank- Fighter/ paladin (St. Elcga ) Moderate Tank- Fighter/ Paladin (Kind wayfarer) Punch em' all- Fighter/monk Summoner- priest (eothas)/ chanter (troubadour) Sorcerer (no subclass) All of my party members were set to auto attack mode and no ai. Now in my first try I noticed
  18. Same problem here. Its a massive ~30 fps drop for me. The surprising thing is that almost same amount of fps drops occur in the area below the arena too.
  19. I landed on the island where SSS dlc takes place. Entered the arena by climbing the mountain (or cliff) with the stone. Talked to the merchant who sells potions and he talked about a device that I have to wear and collect the soul essence of the kith enemies I kill. But I looked into my inventory after the conversation and I got no new items. Even the combat dialogue box did not show any new items added. Is this a bug?
  20. I really hope all of you guys stole everything from the deck of many things. If that is not the case topic tags are given. So here are the steps to steal any chest contents which has key that can be stolen. Suppose you want to steal from Mr. X who has a locked chest and he has the key. Send your thief guy who has very good slight of hand skill just behind Mr. X and let him go sneak mode. Now, what happens is that my thief guy gets spotted since he just ducked behind Mr. X and Mr. X being very suspicious about that is guarding his pockets and watching you at the same time. Now take your most
  21. I was completing the Waidwen part of the quest and in the end I told Waidwen to help me when I confront Eothas. If I understand correctly this means I am taking Waidwen's soul from the realm of BOW and returning him to Eora with me. As I expected, when I got out of "The bridge ablaze" area the warrior with frozen armor told me that Rymrgand might not like that the watcher is taking souls from his realm. Surprisingly, when I talked to Rymrgand before the BOW final fight and after the fight, there was no mention of Waidwen. I was really surprised with this kind indifference since Ry
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