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  1. Then why does Xoti pass "wisps of essence" by the by, bit the ash statues she has to perform her rites on?... "just to be sure" telling her their souls are obliterated by Eothas seems to fail to have any effect on that. Instances where there are purple balls and she sucks them up with her lantern. The purple energy may be invisible to her but she evidently trusts the watcher enough to know that they are seen by him, and the physical mannerisms exhibited when the Watcher is communing with one. For example... the soul down in the Ancient City below the Gullet in Neketaka... The dude that was trying to smuggle a young Ropara woman and some Ropara children. More examples can be given of this exchange... On a side note, it also seems silly that the Ropara Woman is willing to abandon her home, culture, and beliefs in the Deadfire; Yet, that is the only option to save them. There are a number of other options that would save them from their fate as the unemployed in a growing big city, think do I. Kind of like that Nobleman's daughter that was to be sacrificed to Skaen... Why would a watcher, Lord of Caed Nue, not have the option of offering her protection...?... Cause she thinks it's a better option to go on the run without money, skills, food, or supplies...?...
  2. So why does the soul of Beza in level three of the Engwithian Substation fail to be mentioned or 'reaped' by Xoti? She doesn't even wave her lantern around.
  3. Yes there already is am orchestra soundtrack for the game itself. The idea that is being shared by me, is if there is a list of tracks that the writers listen to while writing quests and character dialogue for the game? Such as Awesomesauce Mix Vol. I & II for Guardians of the Galaxy, or there is a series of songs that Stephenie Meyer listened to while writing Twilight. For choosing to share your time and Force, grateful am I.
  4. Will those who used the [backer Beta] [GoG/Steam] key, will there be a second key for us to enter? or will the earlier key be transformed into the game key? Why a couple people choose to think a Q2 2018 release date for a game estimated for Q1 2018 is beyond the understanding of mine. Obsidian Entertainment has been very good about the quality of their games at release, think do I. There were some minor bugs with PoE's release but they were far from game breaking. So why the lack of faith? PoE2's Backer Beta release build was intentionally designed using PoE2's new engine but with content separate from what they intend to release. So the fact that the Backer Beta build has problems fails to even be relevant to estimating a release date. The fact that they released the build in December 2018, and have now announced an April 3rd release, suggests that they are fixing whatever bugs that were found. Reason and logic suggest that the only cause for alarm would be if they had released the backer beta build a "month" prior to their release date. As it takes about a month for them to have all the physical copies of the game made. I'd say it still is very raw. Based on Pillars of Eternity experience, the answer is that you will be given a game key via your "My Product" page of your account at https://eternity.obsidian.net or your FIG account. The keys for the DLC's will be given as the respective DLC is 'released'. Based on personal experience with the Shadowrun games. that is a horrid practice that I would have refused to be a "backer" on. Yes Dragon Age 2's departure from D.A. .'s engine was a mistake, agree do I. However, Obsidian has shown via their Backer Updates that they can use an updated version of the original engine and still essentially retain the same "feel", believe do I. Economic results of the Shadowrun games have also shown that your 'idea' also earns inferior profits when compared to other franchises that use updated engines in new games. Profits are essential if you want "more" content and more games in a franchise. The lack thereof probably contributed a lot to that one guy switching to development of CD Projekt Red's new Cyberpunk game. I'm with you on that. I just hope it doesn't end up like Dragon Age, Origins was a great game with good mechanics and then DA2 was changed to ...... something else Must say I am battling to find much enthusiasm for Deadfire, mainly because of all the time and hard work that went into the Pillars system which has been thrown out. I was really hoping they would use it as a base and make changes, not chuck the baby, bathtub, water, towel and nappies out.. Hey you guys, just letting you know I'm sharing your opinion. I would have preferred too, if they hadn't tried to invent the wheel anew mechanic-wise. They should have just polished the mechanics from the first game and concentrated instead on the story, setting, atmosphere, characters and quest design. It took a long time until they reached Pillars version 3.0+. I fear it will take a long long time after the release of Deadfire until we will have an equally polished version of Deadfire. So I would actually not play Deadfire at release. I would actually wait probably a year or even more until the bugs would be squashed and the mechanics would be polished enough. But you know, there this one thing... This one thing that really gets me excited and that will make me play Deadfire 2 at release - no matter how unpolished or bugged the game might be at that time. Agree do I; Based on experience with Pillars of Eternity, the game will be abundantly "playable" on release... even if there are a few minor bugs. Simply save often and keep older saves at certain points in the story. Such as a save or two during PoE's act 1, then another one or two in act 2.
  5. Avians are evolved reptilians. So they would kinda fall under Her domain yes?
  6. Merry Meet Mr. GearHead, A different problem with U.A.B.E. {Unity Assets Bundle Extractor} has been experienced by me. GoogleFu revealed that, seemingly there is an effort to protect digital assets from U.A.B.E. Maybe Obsidian did do this intentionally. Grateful for you sharing your Gravity, am I. May you ask the Goddess to eternally alight your self-determined path. Sincerely,
  7. Ok, in an effort to use the story companions on a P.o.t.D. {Pillars of the Damned} run, and edit their base stats the following has already been fully explored. NexusMods: Replacing the companion_blank.unity3d files in the objectsbundle folder, works up until you expect the companions to actually walk and such. They become virtual versions of mini-kharakter-statues that some gamers use while playing tabletop games. That is their animations completely fail. Reddit: This process works up until the step of hitting "Import" with the companion_blank.unity3d file loaded in U.A.B.E. At that point I get: [Error]: The assets file index is out of range Does anyone have a solution to this? Completing the game {on P.o.t.D.} with the actual companions instead of hired help would be nice, but is by no means game breaking. Just companion quest breaking... for instance, when Eder will want to be in the party when you find the old watcher. Or Durance... Whether Obsidian intentionally broke this, or not, is a wonder of mine. Presumably if they did; Then they would have at least given us a way to edit companion stats when respekking. Grateful for you sharing your Gravity. May you ask the Goddess to eternally alight your self-determined path. Sincerely,
  8. Merry Meet! That is where can we buy just regular Eggs in'game? The Google'Fu of mine, has failed to come up with this question previously answered; Other than Narmer of the Marketplace in Copperlane at Defiance Bay. And that is precisely what I want to know... are they sold anywhere, other than there. What does come up is questions about Dragon Eggs and the Nest Egg quest. Yes writing in color, is enjoyable for me. Grateful for you sharing your Gravity, am I. May you ask the Goddess to eternally alight your self-determined path. Sincerely,
  9. Merry Meet! For the relationships to be LGBT failed to be what the O.P. was referring to, feel do I. Being wrong is possible for me. However, what was apparent to me was asking if a character's sexuality will be able to 'flip' based on the protagonist/watcher's words and actions. Why does a game have to satisfy only what you specifically want? I mean logically, to be as profitable as it can be, a game should satisfy as many players as possible given the realm in which we live. All fans should want the game to be as profitable as it can be, because it only increases Obsidian's interest in making a newer better games... more expansions and/or a hypothetical P.o.E. III. Unless of course, in increasing sales the studio detracted from what the original audience wanted. Yet that fails to be the case, because there has yet to be a game played by me; That forces a player into picking any romance. There has always been an option to be the loner. And I have played... a lot of them. Probably not all that exist though. That would have been fantabulous in DA:I because the Red Jenny girl was the only one that was found to be attractive to me. It would have been wonderful if those who wanted to romance her were free to pick male or female as the gender of their protagonist. I don't think that's what OE is going for. They're going for interesting complex characters. Not hot damsels with a ladyboner for the pc. I heard Bioware has a new game coming out, that will probably tickle your fancy. Yeah, this kinda thing alwayas annoys the heck out of me. People complain about LGBT romances as "pandering", but then ask for the romance options to pander to them instead. It's like the Cassandra debacle from DAi all over again The constant flame wars that these otherwise frank, earnest, and innocent questions is annoying as well, to me. Apparently there is a small but vocal portion of the population that mistakenly define all romance in stories to equal porn. And they always 'reference' BioWare, ignoring that is probably a big part that helps them attract a bigger audience for their games. 'Appealing to a wider and more diverse audience' is a very sound business practice that many companies engage in to great success. If the O.P.'s post is understood right by me; Having most of the romancable NPC's sexuality alter based on the protagonist/watcher's words and actions sounds like a wonderstrukk idea. The Red Jenny that BioWare had in DA:I always annoyed me because she was the only female character that was found to be attractive by me. If they had given her the option to be, or become based on the player's words and choices, bisexual would have been a great boon to the game, believe do I. Really the typical 'male' attitude towards romance in their RPGs should be the reverse of what it is. Statistically speaking, women are most attracted to stories of romance. So mixing romance, action, and adventure is... smart because they are doubling their audience. Why certain men choose to dislike that is beyond the understanding of mine. That really failed to be what the O.P. was going for, feel do I. Why did you feel compelled to try insulting the O.P. and those who agree with them? Are you really so insecure to require an entire game to pander to what only you want? It would be just horrid if people who chose to think differently would be equally satisfied. The word try also denotes failure; That is the supposed insult fails to actually be an insult, outside of that person's mind, feel do I. That is free of an intended insult from me, so if it is taken as offense then... well that is your choice. Why and how would someone always know what other people thought? Well unless their a Cipher and/or a Watcher. The issue that some try to make fails to be present at all, think do I. In every game that Obsidian, BioWare, and Bethesda has already made and included romance in the story; There is always the option of ignoring the romance option in the game. Recently they have begun to even highlight the dialogue options with hearts so the player knows that they will have a disappointed npc when they tell them to bugger off. If there is any pandering at all, it is to the very faction of the audience who raise the biggest cow... almost to orbital level... over it. That is why the edges of the issue are also absolutely defined by the confines of their psyche. So much so that people with the question are often hesitant to ask it; For fear of offending others just by asking a question. I don't think that's what OE is going for. They're going for interesting complex characters. Not hot damsels with a ladyboner for the pc. I heard Bioware has a new game coming out, that will probably tickle your fancy.
  10. Merry Meet! Could be too late for this butt... in case it is all good. Well if you want an epic item that would say "bad'ass pirate" to everyone? It is quiet obvious that the answer is to imitate the quintessential pirate Kaptain Jakk Sparrow. Give every pirate that is a member their own version, of his majikal compass. The one that always tells him the direction of what he wants most...?... Yeah that one would scream "I am an epic bad'ass pirate of awesome'sauce". That is meant to be free of sarcasm B.T.W. That is one of the things I love about World of Warcraft, the countless tongue-in cheek parodies that they have while questing in their game. Such as all the questing in the entire "zone" of [Thousand Needles] is a parody of Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. And yes I like to write in colors. Grateful for you choosing to share your Gravity, am I. May you ask the Goddess to eternally alight your self-determined path. Sincerely,
  11. Grateful for you sharing your Gravity, am I. May you ask the Goddess to eternally alight your self-determined path. What {Weapon Focus} do [Kalakoth's Minor Blights] fall under? Is it really {Wands} as the visual icon in the game suggests?
  12. QUESTION:Is there an equip'able item {by quick'slot or armor} item that summons a Cean Gŵla? Grateful for you sharing your Gravity, am I.
  13. About half way through a first PotD run in Pillars of Eternity I, and an epiphany came to me. That is 'if' there is a plan to have Path of the Damned, ironman mode, et cetera in P.E.II:D.A. then there is one change that would greatly improve the game. That is you allowing the player control over party member's stats when they first join the group, or if we 'retrain' them, pray do I. Given the difficulty of PotD, forcing the player to 'hire' five new adventurers just to increase the probability of success seems particularly onerous, feel do I. Even with that accomplished, we are constantly having to return to previously explored areas with our companions if we want to advance their personal quests. It would be fine to even limit this option to only on PotD difficulty, think do I. Of course, that could be abused but its hardly game breaking, especially given the other actual cheats. Producers and Designers may see say Eder as only having 16 might or Aloth only have a 16 Intelligence for role playing reasons; However, that only plays out as them being stuck back on the ship waiting for our protagonist to return, if we are playing while engaging a mode similar to PotD. If it's easy enough, allowing that option in the original P.E. would be fantabulous. Oh and its understandably too late now, however 'when' {pray} there is a Pillars of Eternity III. Suggesting that you include early in the 'Stretch Goals' adding making an additional expansion, am I. It would be for P.E.II:D.A. that helps update the game engine to whatever P.E.III is using/advancements, as well as content. The content would take players from wherever they end P.E.II to whereever they begin P.E.III. For instance, it would be wonderstrukk if about now there is another expansion for Pillars of Eternity that takes the player from where they end the game with, to however we begin P.E.II in the Deadfire Archipelago. However, everyone is working on P.E.II and that would be nearly impossible, understand do I
  14. Having a map of "known" Eora would be awesome, agree do I. With all of their fantastic artists, one would think they would have already had one they are building on/off of, so blurring out what they want hidden, and/or is tentative/undecided should be easy, believe do I.
  15. Paladin {me} Godlike: Moon -> Darcozzi Paladin -> Orlan: Wild -> Slave Culture: Old Valia Stats: high RES, high INT, high MIG, normal PER, low DEX, normal CON Abilities: Lay on Hands, Zealous Endurance, Liberating Exhortation, Inspired Liberation, Reviving Exhortation, Greater Lay on Hands, Talents: Weapon & Shield, Superior Deflection, Hold the Line, Cautious Attack, Deep Faith, Sacred Immolation, Scion of Flame Weapon: Shatterstar, Larder Door Fighter ~ Godlike: Fire -> -> Slave Culture: Living Lands Stats: high MIG, highCON, normDEX, normPER, lowINT, highRES Abilities: Disciplined Barrage, Armored Grace, Confident Aim, Critical Defense, Vulnerable Attack, Unbroken, Savage Attack, Take the Hit, Talents: Two-Handed Style, Apprentice's Sneak Attack, Weapon Focus & Mastery: Adventurer, Bull's Will, Scion of Flame Weapon: Spectacular Spetum/ Grey Sleeper Rogue ~ Moon Godlike -> Dwarf: Boreal -> Laborer Culture: The White That Wends Stats: highMIG, normCON, highDEX, highPER, lowINT, normRES Abilities: Crippling Strike, Reckless Assault, Deflecting Assault, Dirty Fighting, Vicious Fighting, Deep Wounds, Finishing Blow, Adept Evasion, Death Blows, Vulnerable Attack, Finishing Blow, Lethal Blow Talents: Weapon & Shield, Superior Deflection, Weapon Focus: Knight Weapons: Battle Axe {We Toki} Ranger ~ Moon Godlike -> Orlean: Hearth -> Slave Culture: Living Lands Stats: highMIG, normCON, highDEX, highPERS, lowINT, normRES Abilities: {Pet: Bear} Wounding Shot, Resilient Companion, Vicious Aim, Stalker's Link, Arrow Sense, Defensive Bond, {lvl 11 retrain: Antelope} Resilient Companion, Strengthened Bond, Stunning Shots, Twinned Arrows Talents: Gunner, Penetrating Shot, Apprentice's Sneak Attack, Weapon Focus: Ruffian {lvl 11 retrain} Marksman,Weapon Focus: Adventurer, Apprentice's Sneak Attack, Bull's Will, Mental Fortress Weapons: Blunderbuss/Pistol until lvl 11. Chanter ~ Moon Godlike -> Elf: Wood -> Slave Culture: Old Valia Stats: highMIG, normCON, highDEX, normPER, highINT, lowRES Abilities: At the Sight of their Comrades, their Hearts Grew Bold; White Worms Writhed in the Bellies of the Dead; Dull the Edge, Blunt the Point; The Thunder Rolled Like Waves on Black Seas; Sure-Handed Ha Nocked Her Arrows with Speed; At the Sound of His Voice, the Killers Froze Stiff; Rime and Frost Followed the Footfalls of Karth, Shatter their Shackles; Cast off their Chains, Aefyllath Ues Myth Fyr; Oh, But Knock Not on the Door of Urdel and Gurdel; The Dragon Thrashed, The Dragon Wailed; Seven Nights She Waited While the White Winds Wept; Seven Nights She Waited While the White Winds Wept; They Shielded Their Eyes 'Gainst the Fampyr's Gaze; Their Champion Braved The Horde Alone; Talents: Fast Runner, Shot on the Run, Marksman, Weapon Focus: Adventurer, Scion of Flame, Secrets of Rime, Apprentice's Sneak Attack Weapons: Ranged {Cgadob's Hazel} Priest ~ Fire Godlike -> Elf: Pale -> Slave Culture: OId Vailia Stats: highMIG, normCON, lowDEX, highPER, highINT, normRES {About 6ish will be retraining: highMIG, normCON, highDEX, normPER, highINT, lowRES } Abilities: Deity: Eothas, Inspired Radiance, The Hope Eternal, Bonus 2nd lvl Spell, Heart of the Storm, Bonus 3d lvl Spell, Bonus 4th lvl Spell Talents: Weapon & Shield Style, Scion of Flame, Superior Deflection, Weapons: Ranged Grateful for you sharing your time and Gravity. May you ask the Goddess to eternally alight your path. Please feel free to criticize my planned party. According to many Fighters are better tanks simply for the engagements. However being a Paladin, and the non-rogue dps to be ranged, is of want by me. Other than that everything is changeable.
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