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  1. Then why does Xoti pass "wisps of essence" by the by, bit the ash statues she has to perform her rites on?... "just to be sure" telling her their souls are obliterated by Eothas seems to fail to have any effect on that. Instances where there are purple balls and she sucks them up with her lantern. The purple energy may be invisible to her but she evidently trusts the watcher enough to know that they are seen by him, and the physical mannerisms exhibited when the Watcher is communing with one. For example... the soul down in the Ancient City below the Gullet in Neketaka... The dude that w
  2. So why does the soul of Beza in level three of the Engwithian Substation fail to be mentioned or 'reaped' by Xoti? She doesn't even wave her lantern around.
  3. Yes there already is am orchestra soundtrack for the game itself. The idea that is being shared by me, is if there is a list of tracks that the writers listen to while writing quests and character dialogue for the game? Such as Awesomesauce Mix Vol. I & II for Guardians of the Galaxy, or there is a series of songs that Stephenie Meyer listened to while writing Twilight. For choosing to share your time and Force, grateful am I.
  4. Will those who used the [backer Beta] [GoG/Steam] key, will there be a second key for us to enter? or will the earlier key be transformed into the game key? Why a couple people choose to think a Q2 2018 release date for a game estimated for Q1 2018 is beyond the understanding of mine. Obsidian Entertainment has been very good about the quality of their games at release, think do I. There were some minor bugs with PoE's release but they were far from game breaking. So why the lack of faith? PoE2's Backer Beta release build was intentionally designed using PoE2's new engine but with
  5. Avians are evolved reptilians. So they would kinda fall under Her domain yes?
  6. Merry Meet Mr. GearHead, A different problem with U.A.B.E. {Unity Assets Bundle Extractor} has been experienced by me. GoogleFu revealed that, seemingly there is an effort to protect digital assets from U.A.B.E. Maybe Obsidian did do this intentionally. Grateful for you sharing your Gravity, am I. May you ask the Goddess to eternally alight your self-determined path. Sincerely,
  7. Ok, in an effort to use the story companions on a P.o.t.D. {Pillars of the Damned} run, and edit their base stats the following has already been fully explored. NexusMods: Replacing the companion_blank.unity3d files in the objectsbundle folder, works up until you expect the companions to actually walk and such. They become virtual versions of mini-kharakter-statues that some gamers use while playing tabletop games. That is their animations completely fail. Reddit: This process works up until the step of hitting "Import" with the companion_blank.unity3d file loaded in U.A.B.E.
  8. Merry Meet! That is where can we buy just regular Eggs in'game? The Google'Fu of mine, has failed to come up with this question previously answered; Other than Narmer of the Marketplace in Copperlane at Defiance Bay. And that is precisely what I want to know... are they sold anywhere, other than there. What does come up is questions about Dragon Eggs and the Nest Egg quest. Yes writing in color, is enjoyable for me. Grateful for you sharing your Gravity, am I. May you ask the Goddess to eternally alight your self-determined path. Sincerely,
  9. Merry Meet! For the relationships to be LGBT failed to be what the O.P. was referring to, feel do I. Being wrong is possible for me. However, what was apparent to me was asking if a character's sexuality will be able to 'flip' based on the protagonist/watcher's words and actions. Why does a game have to satisfy only what you specifically want? I mean logically, to be as profitable as it can be, a game should satisfy as many players as possible given the realm in which we live. All fans should want the game to be as profitable as it can be, because it only increases Obsidian's inter
  10. Merry Meet! Could be too late for this butt... in case it is all good. Well if you want an epic item that would say "bad'ass pirate" to everyone? It is quiet obvious that the answer is to imitate the quintessential pirate Kaptain Jakk Sparrow. Give every pirate that is a member their own version, of his majikal compass. The one that always tells him the direction of what he wants most...?... Yeah that one would scream "I am an epic bad'ass pirate of awesome'sauce". That is meant to be free of sarcasm B.T.W. That is one of the things I love about World of Warcraft, the count
  11. Grateful for you sharing your Gravity, am I. May you ask the Goddess to eternally alight your self-determined path. What {Weapon Focus} do [Kalakoth's Minor Blights] fall under? Is it really {Wands} as the visual icon in the game suggests?
  12. QUESTION:Is there an equip'able item {by quick'slot or armor} item that summons a Cean Gŵla? Grateful for you sharing your Gravity, am I.
  13. About half way through a first PotD run in Pillars of Eternity I, and an epiphany came to me. That is 'if' there is a plan to have Path of the Damned, ironman mode, et cetera in P.E.II:D.A. then there is one change that would greatly improve the game. That is you allowing the player control over party member's stats when they first join the group, or if we 'retrain' them, pray do I. Given the difficulty of PotD, forcing the player to 'hire' five new adventurers just to increase the probability of success seems particularly onerous, feel do I. Even with that accomplished, we are constant
  14. Having a map of "known" Eora would be awesome, agree do I. With all of their fantastic artists, one would think they would have already had one they are building on/off of, so blurring out what they want hidden, and/or is tentative/undecided should be easy, believe do I.
  15. Paladin {me} Godlike: Moon -> Darcozzi Paladin -> Orlan: Wild -> Slave Culture: Old Valia Stats: high RES, high INT, high MIG, normal PER, low DEX, normal CON Abilities: Lay on Hands, Zealous Endurance, Liberating Exhortation, Inspired Liberation, Reviving Exhortation, Greater Lay on Hands, Talents: Weapon & Shield, Superior Deflection, Hold the Line, Cautious Attack, Deep Faith, Sacred Immolation, Scion of Flame Weapon: Shatterstar, Larder Door Fighter ~ Godlike: Fire -> -> Slave Culture: Living Lands Stats: high MIG, highCON, normDEX, normPER, lowINT, highRES
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