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  1. Sorry if this has been answered before, but I googled this question and found only 'import save file' links and nothing answering my question. Can I transfer my current run from one computer to another? If so, how do I do that? I play through Steam if that matters.
  2. Considering a run using a custom barbarian as my only melee character with a tactician cipher multi ranged mc. Wondering how hard it would be to make my barb immune to being flanked? If he gets a blind debuff would that disable brilliant for the tactician?
  3. Who or what told you that you couldn't create custom adventurers to fill out your party? This has always been an option afaik, and I played the game on day 1.
  4. Update: I continued the campaign and got to my boat. Aloth was not there. I went back to the dig site and was able to have a conversation with him but could not get him to join the party. Same thing happened to Serafen.
  5. I looked around and didn't see this reported yet, so here's the issue I ran into. Conversation started with the animancers, and conversation ended with me accepting Aloth into the party, however, he did not join the party, the UI window to change my party comp did not pop up. Now he's just standing here like any other NPC, and when I click on him he says "Let us speak again once we've left Port Maje." I have no conversation options to add him to my party whatsoever.
  6. A wizard will be more adaptable to the situation, the psyblade won't do much with focus outside of dumping it into soul annihilation.
  7. I've modded files in the past, but something is preventing me from modding now. I'm using the same method as before, extracting the files using UABE and importing, etc. When I get into game to check my change, the ability is gone... Example: I changed flames of devotion to have 3 charges, when I get into game, flames of devotion is gone from my character as if I never picked it. Level 1 paladin, no talents. If I make a new character with the edited file in the game, i can pick flames of devotion at creation. When I save the game and reload it, flames of devotion disappears. Why is this happening? I'm getting the same problem with any file I edit, no matter if the ability or talent is a passive, (bloody slaughter), or active (FoD).
  8. Are you planning on any balance changes, or only bug fixes/maintenance?
  9. My friend and I decided we want to rebalance the game around PotD. I've pretty much figured out how to use UABE to work skills and other stuff in the objectbundle. I downloaded a DLL decompiler, but I can't for the life of me figure out how to change anything in the Assembly-CSharp file. I've seen some XP table mods, and cipher focus mods, but no explanation on how they did it. Any information how to do this would be appreciated!
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