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  1. haven't played in a bit. was dismayed to learn that upon creating a new character I could no longer create some custom companions to fill out my party till I get the ones I want at the first inn. Anyone know if this is still an option
  2. Okay, so is there a way to get more class resources per fight? so I can use more attacks? is there a stat for that or a talent? something?
  3. Okay so ever since I saw the option to attack the barathian guy for the weapon he guards in the 1st part of this quest, I've wanted to find out what the weapon is. apparently it's a sword, called engloliero do espirs. My question is this. ATM it's just a quest item. With the flavor text saying that you can't remove it from it's scabbard. So I'm wondering is it possible to make it so you can, does anyone know yet? is it part of symbols of death? or do I need another quest. I've already done one encounter without the corresponding quest (breaking into the dark cupboard's owner's house so I can steal his stuff, if there is a quest there I've not been able to find it.) I'd prefer to be able to find out what to do, if only generally, so I can maybe use this sword everyone's so scared of.
  4. I both read the items I picked up and searched everything... is there something I'm missing?
  5. I'm eager to play, but it's 10am on may 8th and steam is still telling me that the game isn't out yet. is there a set time or something? I'm having a relatively good day otherwise, how bout you guys?
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