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  1. I honestly dont know the specs for my office computer, but it ran the new wolfenstein well enough. my home office is kind of a toaster, but it plays WoW fine, so this game (no disrespect intended) should be fine. It's got a gtx 1050ti for graphics, I don't remember what motherboard it used, but its about 3 years old, and it worked fine 6 months ago when I was playing deadfire. It has an intel i7 4790 processor. My gaming laptop is brand new, it's nothing special. Intel Core i5 - 8GB Memory - NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650. It does me just fine on everything else. as for the issue itself, it starts as soon as I start up a save file, and the sound cuts in and out, like if you're listening to music headphones with bad wire. There's no popping or anything, its just that the audio turns on and off seemingly at random. 1 thing that does seem to help is alt tabbing out for like 5 minutes. Seems to work just fine till I close the game down again.
  2. I recently decided to play through the whole series again. 1st game went great. when I loaded up the 2nd game, I was instantly met with some kind of bug where the sound cuts out at random. I've tried it on 3 separate computers, my gaming, home office, and work computers, and all three of them have this issue. One of them is fresh built with new parts. No other games have this issue. I don't know what to do.
  3. 1) it doesn't need to be smooth. Fallout 3, and new vegas, werent, 4 wasn't, skyrim wasn't. 2) you already CAN have 3rd person by going into the game files and changing them, and so far the consensus by those who have done so is that while yes, it is a little janky, most of that is because you had to go into the game files to do it. 3) it really isn't much more than an on/off toggle, and no one is expecting for it to be added overnight, nor is anyone expecting it to be perfect, only for it to exist. Having third person doesn't require a huge overhaul in how the game works, or the level design is, as shown in the fact that it's in there. Not having it doesn't add anything, it exclusively takes things away. Also again, the point of neither my previous comment or (I would assume) the post in general, is not to say 'game sux, gib thrd person or else', it's to point out that as great as the game is, third person is something we want, and adding it now (meaning post release now, not right this second now) would only bring more people in to play the game. Why not let people play the way they want to?
  4. Yeah, me personally, I can play 1st person games, such as call of duty and the like, but given the fact that one of the first things you do is play around in the character creator, I can't justify spending any time in there on cosmetics, beyond male or female. Which is frustrating. I really want to enjoy this game, but without being able to see my character I just don't feel a connection there. That being said, this isn't just a choice or preference thing. Some people can't play 1st person games because it gives them headaches or motion sickness. This is especially frustrating given the fact that third person exists in the game. The game has the capacity for 3rd person. Your character model is rendered in the world, you have 3rd person animations. And with some time spent messing with game files, it is possible to play in 3rd person, just not without going into the games guts. I really wan't to enjoy the game. And the second they add a 3rd person mode (or someone makes a mod to do it) I will absolutely buy the game (i've already played it on the Xbox games service). But right now I can't spend more than an hour in the game without becoming incredibly apathetic.
  5. haven't played in a bit. was dismayed to learn that upon creating a new character I could no longer create some custom companions to fill out my party till I get the ones I want at the first inn. Anyone know if this is still an option
  6. Okay, so is there a way to get more class resources per fight? so I can use more attacks? is there a stat for that or a talent? something?
  7. Okay so ever since I saw the option to attack the barathian guy for the weapon he guards in the 1st part of this quest, I've wanted to find out what the weapon is. apparently it's a sword, called engloliero do espirs. My question is this. ATM it's just a quest item. With the flavor text saying that you can't remove it from it's scabbard. So I'm wondering is it possible to make it so you can, does anyone know yet? is it part of symbols of death? or do I need another quest. I've already done one encounter without the corresponding quest (breaking into the dark cupboard's owner's house so I can steal his stuff, if there is a quest there I've not been able to find it.) I'd prefer to be able to find out what to do, if only generally, so I can maybe use this sword everyone's so scared of.
  8. I both read the items I picked up and searched everything... is there something I'm missing?
  9. I'm eager to play, but it's 10am on may 8th and steam is still telling me that the game isn't out yet. is there a set time or something? I'm having a relatively good day otherwise, how bout you guys?
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