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Working with Assembly-CSharp

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My friend and I decided we want to rebalance the game around PotD. I've pretty much figured out how to use UABE to work skills and other stuff in the objectbundle. I downloaded a DLL decompiler, but I can't for the life of me figure out how to change anything in the Assembly-CSharp file. I've seen some XP table mods, and cipher focus mods, but no explanation on how they did it. Any information how to do this would be appreciated!

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The "easy way" would be to install visual studio 2016, import the current ie mod from git and try to understand the quite outdated readme, or better try to follow the updated procedure near the current end of the ie mod fork thread.

Then you can write new code to overwrite the defaults and use/ install the resulting dll.


There could be a bit work needed for patch 3.03 compability.

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