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Found 3 results

  1. Hello, I have come to the Ukaizo, siding with Republics and director Castol, but the guardian is missing and I have to fight only with the colosses. Also there is no dialogue with the guardian. (Scyorielaphas from Neketaka helped with him during the ship battle) I reloaded and went to the Ukaizo on my own, so the fight with the guardian took place, Scyorielaphas had not come in this case previously. Well, the question is, that's a bug? Or the part of the story, that Ukaizo guardian is stopped by Scyorielaphas? As I remember, you had to fight anyway, at least before the patch 3.
  2. So today, after having beaten the game once and taking a break from my second game, I decided to try and wrap up some loose ends I forgot about before Ukaizo. However, upon entering and leaving ANY area back out to the main map (I have tested this after the initial encounter, it is any area), the game takes a moment to freeze upon loading in. No matter if I leave out onto the boat or an island, I am immediately forced into the pre-Ukaizo ship battle text sequence between the other factions and the Guardian. Reloading the autosave made upon immediately entering into the main map doesn't fix the issue. I don't even have any option to leave back out of the text sequence. Also, the dialogue choices do not contain my crew member names during this, and instead are blank. Following this, I can however fight the Guardian and continue through Ukaizo without issue. I should probably also add that this only started to happen AFTER I downloaded the Rum Runners Pack and Beard and Hair Pack, and that I first encountered this bug after recruiting Mirke. Not that I could see any reason why they'd be causing this, just adding as many details as possible. To be more specific, about a month ago, I reloaded my pre-Endgame save on my first character in order to recruit Mirke. I then left said character at Fort Deadlight to wait for the first expansion, and continued playing on my second character. Multiple weeks later, I hopped on said character to change some of my party members hair styles to ones from the Beard and Hair Pack, and then quit out immediately without triggering any sort of area transition. At the time, I did not encounter the bug because I did not leave out to the main map during either session. Jump to now, where I come back to do some quests I didn't know about at the time. Reloading the pre-Endgame save before recruiting Mirke leads to the same result upon entering and leaving any area out to the main map. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/rfq3v0ygdeqtbha/AABU5jHDWoWlyxerkSKtntHya?dl=0 Here is the link to the Dropbox containing a save before the bug occurs, a save after, a completed game save before any of the packs were downloaded (just in case), my system specs, the output log, and a screenshot of the missing names. All in that order.
  3. So, I go today, I buy all the expensive upgrades for my ship, and set off for endgame. Everything seems well- we make it through the storm, we land on Ukaizo, and we do all the dialogue with the Guardian. I haven't had a ton of technical difficulties with the game -some freezes here and there- but nothing my PC couldn't fix itself. Changing some of the graphics settings helped. However, and every time I go into this fight, the game crashes on me. I've got bout 6 error folders in my game directory that I can't puzzle out for the life of me, but I've done it enough that I have a few guesses as to what's happening. My theory is that something spawned in this fight the game simply cannot handle. Is it the Guardian? The giant Adrat? Who knows. I have actually managed to take everything in the fight down, had my party get the level up from the XP gained, and then have the game crash, but it usually crashes within five minutes of the fight, sometimes before my party has managed to knock anything down. I'm tearing my hair trying to figure out just what I can do to fix this. Help! [i'm not sure which of the three files to attach, so attaching the Error.log]
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