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  1. Looking for the "Infernal Construct," already downed the "Wizard Savant." Looked everywhere it feels like.
  2. Okay, nevermind. It just out of the blue fixed itself, I didn't even do anything, I don't think the patch had anything to do with it cause i experienced the bug just a few minutes ago. I did the AreaTransition multiple times, even during the text sequence, and then left on a brand new save on my ship deck, then just reloaded that same save, and went outto the map, and it was fixed. ...I almost wanna be mad considering how both coincidental and easy that was. Well, uh, I'll update if this happens again.
  3. Can anyone think of a way for console commands to fix this? I tried AreaTransition to leave Ukaizo after being forced there just in case the bug might only occur the one time beforehand, but that didn't work. Maybe there's a command that can reset/further the quest, or one that can force me out of the Ondra's Mortar text sequence? Something that can change the state of the game world? At this point, I don't particularly care if i have to somehow roll back one Act, I just want to get to the DLC. Really bummed out the latest patch didn't fix this, was hoping I could play this character for the
  4. I should also add that I sided with Aeldys and the new Principi, and got the ghost ship. However, switching out to another ship and different crew members doe nothing. And, about the blank crew names, that seems to only take effect in the first initial text sequence of the whole event, so likely it's that part in specific thats bugged to hell. Hope it helps.
  5. I don't suppose anyone else has run into this issue either, huh? I'm not seeing anything even close to it being talked about, aside from basic crashes and such. Thinking it's probably for the best I don't even do the final mission on my second character until I know this is fixed.
  6. So today, after having beaten the game once and taking a break from my second game, I decided to try and wrap up some loose ends I forgot about before Ukaizo. However, upon entering and leaving ANY area back out to the main map (I have tested this after the initial encounter, it is any area), the game takes a moment to freeze upon loading in. No matter if I leave out onto the boat or an island, I am immediately forced into the pre-Ukaizo ship battle text sequence between the other factions and the Guardian. Reloading the autosave made upon immediately entering into the main map doesn't fix the
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