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  1. And me. Mine is on the "Least Unstable Coil" and I have just finished every fight in the Crucible, including the Changeling fight, all wearing the Coil. It won't progress.
  2. After installing the latest update, I entered Mariki's Metalworks in Periki's Outlook. Once there, the character Izzia began a conversation with me that I was unable to finish, because I had no conversation options available. e: This is almost immediately after installing the update, I have done nothing else with the SSS update besides walking from Arkemyr's mansion to Mariki's. https://imgur.com/a/g5zzAVl
  3. Because its a lot easier to manage stacking buffs/debuffs this way. In PoE1, you had to figure out which sources of which buffs would stack, mostly by trial and error. Now if you have a buff that gives a status effect that gives +5 to accuracy and a completely different effect that gives +5 to accuracy, you'll know that they stack. Its also easier to apply appropriate debuffs. I think there might be too many of both buffs and debuffs to be able to keep track of them easily, and "X Afflictions" is really, really dumb given that the whole point was to group various buffs/debuffs under gro
  4. Are you mad that you can't cast mind control spells out of combat for the same reason? "Logical" is a bad reason to do anything in a game where souls are literally things that literally exist. The tension and adrenaline of combat are what allow the priest/paladin/whatever to focus enough on their faith/zeal/whatever to draw forth their mystical power. Alternatively, the god/whoever won't respond to your prayers against harm because there's no imminent harm because you're not actually in combat yet. The reason you can open with attack spells is that you're already amping yourself up and so
  5. So, how did you get the grappling hook/key to work? I have both in my inventory, but can't use either. I also can't open the door leading back to the workshop in the ruined tower: it seems like my rogue never tries to pick the lock.
  6. Weird. Shows up in the combat log for me. It only seems to do it intermittently. I had one in the Skaen ruins pop up and tell me, while other times its just been a crapshoot as to whether they go and try to pick the lock or not.
  7. You can do this. Play a rogue, give them a bow. Congrats, you have a ranged rogue who can sneak attack with a bow! You want to have a smoothtalking rogue with a rapier? Go for it, nothing in the class description says you can't. In fact, if you use just a rapier and no shield, you'll get a nice accuracy bonus, which translates to more crits, which translates to a great swashbuckler. Its almost like everything you're asking for you can do with the rogue, and you're mad because someone else can put their rogue in heavier armor and have them be in the front lines. You're also still stuck on
  8. Both the ranger and the pet take damage separately, but go into the same pool of health. That ability is there so that one fireball is less likely to effectively do double-damage to the "ranger", not something you should actively be trying to utilize. At least, that's how I read it. edit: Aragorn, that noted dual-wielder. (Play a rogue, put points into Survival or Outdoorsman or whatever its called. There you go, sneaky melee asskicking with foresty skills.)
  9. Fantastic update, loving how animal companions seem so far. What animals can we chose from at character creation? 'm torn about whether I want to hear about fighters or chanters next, though. Lets go with "The Leaders"
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