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  1. Hello SChin, Thank you for taking time to review these. I use the steam version. I ran a check of game files, which told me that no errors were found. Then I loaded the pre-endgame save, which I uploaded here: https://ufile.io/gpm7a Apparently, the bug with Ondra Mortar dialogue was fixed (either in 3.0.2 or by checking Steam files or restarting the game a number of times or whatever), the missing character name was Emeini. The bug with the cloak text is still there; the cloak is in the inventory of the main character. Since the dialogue bug was fixed, I decided to check the Fruitful Alliance bug as well, so I sailed back to Neketaka and went to the rooftop and as soon as I talked to the Queen she congratulated me on solving this quest and gaining support of Wahiti (and offered me the powderhouse quest afterwards). Previously, after the start on the Coming storm in the throne room I had travelled to the rooftop once and spoke to queen once. So either it was fixed in the meantime, or possibly I needed to leave the roof and come back again to trigger this.
  2. Missing string 4351 in the description of the Stormturner Cloak: https://i.imgur.com/n6ROK9A.jpg Missing crew member name in the dialogue at Ondra's Mortar: https://i.imgur.com/6qbYjig.jpg Also, it appears that there is no dialogue line to report Fruitful Alliance success to Queen Onekaza if you have already encountered Eorthas at Margan's Teeth and thus initiated "The coming storm" quest.
  3. @SChin Sure, and thank you for your work! I just try to play that part pretty straight, don't go down there until asked to, and so on, just to keep the continuity. Well, I was kinda trying to also save the Botaro guy, so I went down to look for him..
  4. Thanks, I understand that these and my options going forward. I'll solve this situation one way or another. My intention was to let devs know that there are (still) some issues with this quest. I think we used to report PoE bugs via these forums, so I decided to post here.
  5. //As a PoE1 veteran that has just started PoE2 love it so far. Thanks, Obsidian! Encountered some quest progression problems during Old City exploration. Steps to reproduce: - Completed All Aboard without going underground (by talking to Captain and then Captain's other passenger). - After talking to Biha received an invitation from Dereo. - Met Dereo and got a request for Cornett of Waves (and had no inclination to complete it). - Continued the exploration of the Gullet, talked lift operator into letting me use the lift to the Old City. - Found Cornett of Depths. - Defeated the grub boss, midfight revealed the mosaic, got some weird dialogue but kinda ignored it due to ongoing fight. - Inserted CoD into one of the hands, then took it away. - Missed the lift back, continued the exploration. - Looking for another way out, found another temple zone in the lower ruins, pushed some button to open the wall. WHAM BAM lots of quest progression a female (Gwenvyn?) stands on the other side, talks about my dealings with Dereo I have no idea of, And I have no dialogue options but to tell he about the mosaic I saw in the temple upstair (not even an option to say that I found nothing yet). Now in my quest journal the CoW part is marked as complete (see attachment). A bit frustrated now, since my character never intended to fulfil Dereo's request and had no reasons to go and steal something for him.
  6. Hi celliott, My apologies for the delayed reply. Here is the saved file and the output log: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bwemo2am8EI9cGVkbTZoQnBXNkk/view?usp=sharing. Hope google drive works fine for you; if not, I can register at dropbox and re-upload there. Thanks for looking into this =)
  7. Hi Please see attachment to check if the proper description is missing from main character's bio. I think this results from giving no comments on Calisca's second question about your past. Haven't tested it through, though. This screenshot was made today, the game version is the recent steam version. My apologies if this is a known bug.
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