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  1. He is a professional - he aims for any hair you may possibly have. Anywhere.
  2. This is a very broad question. I think any race is ok, there are no critically important traits among race bonuses, but there are indeed some powerful combos. For support - a nature godlike who is a lifegiver druid can synergise both racial and class bonuses to reach a very high power level to do extreme healing. For striking - Hearth orlan has a nice useful bonus for those builds where you need to crit often. At the same time you can max resolve with him. In general - I think moon godlikes have the most versatile and the easiest to use bonus. Healing with autotrigger is always go
  3. If cipher can be seen as caster - turn-based is great for him from level one! Finally the Anticipation Field can be maxed out = targeted properly. I fried the whole pirate pack in prologue with 2 rays. In RtWP you had to cast it and start running in circles trying to catch targets. AF was the best lvl 1 cipher spell, but only on paper. Now it is comfortable to use.
  4. The mentioned figurines are once-per-encounter items. They recharge after each battle and can be used again. They add the shaman fetish flavour to chanter + allow non-summon classes to still summon smth Has anyone tested chanters in turn-based mode? Do they feel different, like firearms? There were complaints about troubadours not working correctly.
  5. I'm a summon freak! But summoner was way more fun in Divinity OS 2. Can't say that PoE is a summoner's dream. In any other aspect I prefer PoE, but summoner was cooler in D:OS 2. My additions 1) There are figurines. They allow you to summon creatures ASAP. So any class is able to summon immediately without chanting and waiting. You can make hunting for these figurines a cool roleplay flavour. 2) I don't like beckoners. Their creatures are x2 in quantity, but x2 smaller and weaker. Sometimes it's hard even to see them! I go base chanter (no subclass). Minmaxers should go beckoner.
  6. you're still standing around for a whole turn with no ability to react to whatever is happening around you yes, you are already standing like this in the core RTWP game. if you want to reload - you stand and lose a period of time equal to ~2 average actions. if you break the reloading process - you lose it and start anew A battlemage can buff-cast himself to heaven and swing a sword while you reload a gun. but this makes you adapt - you switch weapon slots, you drop empty guns and start ciphering, using other class abilities or go melee Be this system good or bad - why is it t
  7. I like the idea of TBM. I enjoy it a lot as it is. Thanks a lot for this mode. But. Gunners seem to fire each turn. Yes, they have more initiative, and they fire last, but they reload immediately at the end of their turn. So now firearms feel like semi-automatic and are way too powerful for early gunpowder era. In RTwP you fire (let's say aiming+shooting = 3 sec), then you reload for let's say 6 sec. This ratio (1:2 or 1:3) makes good renaissance feel. The gun is devastating but the miss is a huge loss and while reloading you feel like you miss a lot of action. Some classes are ab
  8. I can play both PoEs even on Air 2015. You just install Steam client for OS X and get the same library Of course mine is heating like oven and the cooler goes insane, but they run surprisingly smooth Pretty sure Pro will do
  9. FreeCiv is an open-source crowd-development project, runs on everything, incl. Linux and Android. Has an option to use core Civ 2 rules. Also free.
  10. At the moment 5 is the best for newcomers. 6 has good potential but is very raw it will take 1 more huge DLC (coming 14.02.2019) + some patch period to complete it. Better try it in spring/summer. 4 is very hardcore, has some doubtful mechanics I don't like and looks a bit out-of-date. Still it is the deepest and the most mature one. I suggest 5. France, Korea or Russia are very solid.
  11. Hmm, they launched a twitter poll where 42% vote pro, 7% against and 51% say "don't care". Huge difference with this forum's general mood I wonder what is the purpose of this poll +1 to those who suggest a thematic flaw. Like you try to romance, get several rejects and get a complex A good joke on romance in games and fits the general mood.
  12. Her good personal story + maybe a good personal quest for her is way better than "do stuff she is programmed to like, get X points, watch boob cutscene or dark screen or read some wet text" romance. New Vegas, KotORs and Planescape did it well. Hope we'll get the same level in ToW.
  13. They say the game has been in development for 2 years. Still they will need at least a year to polish imho So Q3-Q4 I guess. I don't expect it earlier but will be happy to be wrong
  14. I don't like shooters and I wouldn't play modern fallouts at all if they didn't include vats from old fallouts. It is a crucial feature. So this topic is very important to me. Slow-mo will never equal a proper tactical pause. Fallout 4 proved it. Any kind of "time warp meter" still leaves me with this nervous feeling that it will soon deplete. Action is still going on, bullets are flying, you are still at risk. Active pauses are comforting. You know you can take your time. At the moment it is my only major concern. Anything else looks amazing to me. No tactical pause = I take
  15. I'll take Ondra's TBH I've never had any feeling of dangerous and unpredictable ocean I'm crossing A new subclass for EACH class is jaw drop indeed +1
  16. Assassin rogue + Soul Blade cipher *** Use blunderbusses/hand cannons to gain focus and any soulbound weapon to destroy the most important target. Plays like a precise surgery tool.
  17. Resolve is not a dump stat at all. Why receive damage and deal with it somehow when you can avoid damage at all. Played close-combat rogue-wiz with illusion defence spells and that rogue perk that grants you sneak attack on anyone who missed you. Was good.
  18. I'm preparing my New Vegas skills for New California (aka Project Brazil), releasing tomorrow
  19. Not much. If you keep your eyes open while sailing you can avoid everyone. Your speed exceeds everyone else's speed by default. If you absolutely have to go into naval combat you can just berserk and board the ship immediately at the expense of ship damage and crew injuries. It seems Obsidian were not sure of their own mechanic, and were afraid to force any ship features on the player and they are all optional. The only exception is doing the final quest alone. If you don't want to ally with any major faction, you need a pro ship to reach the last destination. But you can buy it at the
  20. Hi and welcome! 1. There is a pen&paper system https://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Pillars_of_Eternity_(pen-and-paper_RPG) But obviously it doesn't have the same widespread network as Pathfinder or DnD. 2. The engine is not as loyal to modding as Bethesda's engine is, so don't expect a modding paradise.
  21. Of course you can buff your stats. But what about a first-time runner in 1997 with no internet? And even so, when you get your first .223 sniper rifle in the Hub the only option is constantly do expensive buffout or restart. You don't need any STR at all to operate a 3 kg sniper rifle. There is absolutely no logic behind that.
  22. One of the most canonic examples In Fallout 1-2 you need a certain STR to operate certain weaponry. And while you may suppose, that heavy weaponry requires high STR, you will never suppose or learn from the creation screen that sniper weapons require STR 6. Numerous people have reached dead end with sniper builds just because they needed to adjust one of their stats, but they couldn't. For me lack of such option is way more immersion-breaking than any respec option. Because such things basically burn down all the stage decorations, all belief, and you find out that you are inside
  23. Eder is a good tank, Aloth is a good DD, progress them in this direction Druid is very durable in Beast form, sometimes my bear druid remained the only one standing and finished off all enemies Travel to Magran's fork and get Durance the Priest Some sidequests are tough, some are easy. Save and load to get the optimal order. It's really hard to answer you question, for it is very broad. I usually open the game in this order: Get to Guilded Vale in stealth, ignoring everything. Get Eder and Aloth. Go to Magran Fork, recruit the priest. Use roads, don't try to clear the map. Get back
  24. What I see from the in-game lore: 1) Serafen has a unique wild cipher subclass. The description tells us that WCs are ciphers with inborn and spontaneous casting but no proper training. Grieving Mother is also wild judging from her story. 2) Dunryd Row is a formal cipher union, people come with natural talent, but are sharpened there. Ciphers are like jedi. You need to have prerequisites, without training you will suffer chaotic effects, but you can't teach anyone to do cipher stuff. You can ask this at Joshua Sawyers tumblr, he is cool, nice, likes to talk about lore and he desig
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