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  1. I "have been playing a new CRPG called Pathfinder: Kingmaker extensively recently" too and very often I remembered, how good it is to have a respec tool. I left the game due to critical bugs, my party was not perfect, but able enough, but I left with bold belief that respec is a MUST. Look. I'm not a minmaxer or powerplayer, I see system mechanics only as a tool to somehow represent fighting, communicating etc. Yes, I have some good RPG background so I am able to stay my ground on Hard, but I am not interested in reading tomes of rules and searching for guides, then restarting over and
  2. No matter how you rate it, you'll be right in your own personal way. I know how bad Unity engine can be and I think what they managed to squeeze out of it is a technical wonder. Long loading is inevitable in Unity. It's very hard to make maps really beautiful in Unity. Obsidian has been nominated at the upcoming annual Unity awards like in 3 most important nominations, I agree with it.
  3. There is no such thing as "realistic" score. There are personal experiences rated via comparison to previous experiences. It all depends on your system of measurement. For me 10 is not "perfect in every aspect", for me 10 is about "best overall experience in a certain genre". I'm sure Deadfire is the best representative of CRPG genre to this date. Because if you reserve 10 for hypothetical perfection, you basically operate in 1-9 grade instead of 1-10 and de-value the whole grade system. I remember my math teacher, she ignored the "5" grade (my country uses 1-5 grade system @ schoo
  4. My cipher used hand cannons and "Kitchen Stove" blunderbuss - they generated focus very well and did a lot of damage. Standard average blunderbusses seemed very weak. But unique ones were like a wet dream of a shotgun surgeon.
  5. I believe she should cast, not fight. I used her with crossbows, she was good enough. But I believe if my support is not busy casting all the time and has time to shoot - it is some bad action management from me
  6. Well, I play RPGs since 1997 and Deadfire is the only game I rated "10" on metacritic. I also bought it twice. I've never regret any of these actions. Compared to PoE 1... it's like Terminator 2 compared to T1 - it is better, bigger, more polished and extremely close to perfection, but the original has a bit different vibe and atmosphere. Or think about Fallout 2 compared to Fallout 1. Party size was a big holywar drama, but I personally had no problem with it. At high levels managing your party with numerous abilities feels like flying a plane, with 6 members it would be a nightmare f
  7. It may be bigger. I don't know, because I had to restart 4 times, doing all quests again and again, and still in Act 4 I got a critical bug again. That's enough for me. After this nightmare I see how polished Deadfire was from the very release. PF has some strong potential, I enjoyed it, but it will never match PoE.
  8. My personal hypothesis: You got older Games don't deliver such strong impressions anymore. It is not about BG itself, it is about you and your level of joy. I have the same thing with Arcanum/Fallout I used to think games are getting worse, but at some point I saw - it's just me losing that childish "wow" reaction. This is a very common psycho thing as I've learned - losing "the vibe" when reaching 30+ and instead of embracing that games don't kick me anymore people go oldfag, hate modern games and block any possibility to enjoy even more. It is not nostalgia. It is overgrowin
  9. Do you think it could be as successful as D:OS2? Strong No. DOS level of success = extreme sales and wide recognition (media and mass gamer praise) On P:K level success is "well, it was good enough" game with small, but stable fanbase - very possible Do you think it may outsell Deadfire? We don't know Deadfire sales, and won't know P:K sales (thanks, Steam) and speculation without numbers is pointless, but I'll say - no Obsidian repute adds too much, Owlcat games are debutants, they were involved in some meh russian games, and rumors are that they have a giant corp mai
  10. Yeah, huge thanks to all the repliers, I did some additional reading and now get the idea. Basically, R.'s goal is a case of thermodynamic entropy, where temperature is replaced by "soul power level", while informational kind of entropy is secondary and not so important for the plot. Get it now!
  11. Am I getting the concept of entropy wrong or is it Obsidian? So, there is a "God of entropy". Entropy is a measure of disorganisation, of possibility, in simple terms - measure of chaos inside a system. So, a god of entropy who wants to "end all things", to make everything still in absolute zero, is pretty much the opposite of entropy. He seems as strange as a god of war who dreams of ending all wars and getting eternal absolute peace. Shouldn't the god of entropy be the opposite, more like Joker, who wishes things to happen in the most chaotic and destructive way? If I get the co
  12. In Russian localisation: a) In the AI settings panel there is a conditional "Always True" translated literally - as "Eternal Loyalty" (Вечная верность). It looks like some proud "Semper fidelis". I see and answer a lot of questions on this in Russian community. Everyone is asking who is eternally loyal to whom 0_o b) Ascendant cipher is also translated literally - as "Ancestor" (Предок). While this is a possible translation, it is used in the wrong meaning. Not about someone who grows in power and ascends, as it should be, but about ascending line of relatives. Ascendant is not cr
  13. I used the "Kitchen Stove" blunderbuss (wild shot ability) for most of the game. Wild shot is the AoE "flamethrower" ability, when you catch 3+ enemies in the cone it converts into a sea of Focus Also Serafen has a hand mortar and if his quest is completed he gets another mortar. At the end I bought the most expensive arquebus from trader in the Brass citadel, it is good, but I can't say it is worth it's enormous price (a price of a good ship). Serafen's mortar is avaliable as soon as you leave Mage island, for Kitchen Stove you have to complete the quest for criminal overlord in t
  14. I used the "Kitchen Stove" blunderbuss (wild shot ability) for most of the game. Wild shot is the AoE "flamethrower" ability, when you catch 3+ enemies in the cone it converts into a sea of Focus (100-200) Also Serafen has a hand mortar and if his quest is completed he gets another mortar. At the end I bought the most expensive arquebus from trader in the Brass citadel, it is good, but I can't say it is worth it's enormous price (a price of a good ship). Serafen's mortar is avaliable as soon as you leave Mage island, for Kitchen Stove you have to complete the quest for criminal overlord
  15. I found soul blade and ascendant way more powerful and fun. Soul blade + assassin had extreme single-target damage Ascendant had a sea of focus and was a very good brainwash caster. Even when used not at maximum focus. I also didn't understand beguiler's flavour. I double the question.
  16. I did my first full run with the 5-members party, but after trying 4 I think that for me managing 4 is optimal. There is a huge growth in buttons, controls and overall micro, especially for multiclasses, and on high levels my control panels start to look like some airplane cabin. I was against party size restriction, but now I see that it makes sense. All my future parties will be 4.
  17. You buy it (her) from a trader. There is no option to capture a better ship (sadly) No option to sell previous ship, it is "stored" (where???) There are so many things to fix... Logically, boarding must lead to much more loot, but I'm not sure, better leave this to the ones who tested it.
  18. I liked ship combat, but I think they should completely exclude the option to board immediately from the menu. Boarding is too much the easiest way to deal with anything, and allowing it ASAP is too OP. You should be put in risk and engage manually, and engaging a huge ship should be a challenge. There must be an option to evade boarding, keeping distance and shooting the opponent. Because now speed and maneuverability pretty much don't matter at all. You can use a sloop to board a galleon without any real risk of being just torn to pieces with gunfire. Without any risk to lose the f
  19. I've been replaying Vampire: the Masquerade - Bloodlines lately, and I am also eager to try smth resembling one of the clans or at least one of the common stereotypes. My ideas so far Gangrel (animal shifters) are my favs and they are well enough represented by Life Giver druids, where animal form is animal form, fortitude is rejuvenation and animalism is recreated via picking up animalistic spells (insect swarms, charm beast, firebug, beetle shell). The easiest way around. The more classical "social vampire", avoiding massacres via active brainwashing can be represented with Rogue
  20. Can you please post your Ascendant's stats? Interested.
  21. I think to judge this Rym-guy is to take a certain view on entropy itself. Entropy can be seen both negatively, as universal energy degrading, ware-off of universe potential and dumb loss of energy, but also in a positive way as a sacrifice one makes to make things react with each other, change and produce something new. So the god of entropy can be seen not as a cruel deity, who wants everything to degrade and all reactions to stop, but more as a tax collector, who makes sure that any deed comes with certain price and sacrifice. The god who won't allow to get anything for free, is
  22. The attached one has smth in common, it seems. Also there are artists at net galleries who do in-game portraits for a small fee.
  23. No, but I always envy people who are talented enough to do so. I see a lot of amazing work using #deadfire in twitter. Pale elves are more like albino, there are some albino girls on youtube to get inspiration from. It is unlikely a pale elf would have dark or grey shade of haircolour. Some of them have full albinism = red eyes. No offence, but here you look more like a coastal aumaua to me. That's not an insult, aumaua are cool.
  24. Try out Minor Blights or Citzal's Spirit Lance + cipher and evaluate again. Except Mith Fyr can add a 25% lash to your weapon which will grant additional focus, Killers Froze Stiff will paralyze in an AoE so you don't need to waste focus and casting time for Mental Binding or similar or you can use Come Sweet Winds or Ancient Memory (later Courage Thick as Steel) to become a very sturdy cipher. Sure Handed Ila reduces the reload time of your gun, Hel-Hyraf and Hammering Thoughts stack for +3 PEN... stuff like that. I had a lot of fun withg a Beguiler/Trickster (tons of CC options with re
  25. Will be happy to go Hylean. Doubt that modding will allow to add confessions, but maybe it will be possible to rewrite one of the existing subclasses. Hylea priest may suffer penalty indoors and get buffs under the open sky. Dispositions should be centered around the ideas of mercy and breaking quo-statuses for innovation. Unique spells may involve smth with birds (bird swarms, charming songs). Hylea is the only one my atheistic ass is ready to support
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