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  1. Have the same problem as you do. Once again, it is all about roleplay-powerplay conflict. My way of thinking over this: 1. The Rogue is the best damage-per-target class. Devs chose rogue-cipher (mindstalker) combo for Ydwin, her background pretty matches your description - educated, pro-animancy, progressive. So, rogue-cipher fits lorewise and is good combatwise. The only thing is to remember that in PoE Rogue is not equal Thief. 2. Ranger is obviously the 2nd choice, has synergy with cipher, but a bit strange lorewise. In late medieval times and pretty much through all later histor
  2. Paladins! Too much evil around? Can't stay holy? Take Tara Turu! (it is fake, the original text was about airplane guns)
  3. Well, with current system it looks almost like propaganda Hey, drugs make you better. Then you sleep and all is fine) When in fact they make you think you got better. But advocating the guys I also may say that 3/5 of your list was created in industrial era via serious research. Eora's chems are pretty weak, all they are able to do is dry, make powder, make liquid, I think they don't change the original formula, only the form. So it is chewing coca leaves instead of cocaine and drinking papaver somniferum milk instead of heroin and drinking a mushroom tea instead of LSD. Doing ra
  4. Pallegina is a very good tank-offtank-support and is a must on any diff. level. For PotD it is better to create mercenary companions (min-maxed) If your idea is to use only preset companions I would suggest 1st line... Eder (tank) - Pallegina (offtank-support) 2nd line...Durance (support) - you (chanter with pike using Long reach, there are good guides on such 2nd liners) 3rd line... Aloth (AoE DD) - Hiravias (DD, but pay close attention to his disables, he is a stunning machine) But I play defensively and feel comforted only with 2 good tanks, some go with 1 tank. Maneha is a
  5. I am just trying to imagine... If my Arcane Knight takes them ALL after he casted all the enchanting spells (buffs) and switched on all his paladin abilities... "I will become death, the destroyer of worlds..." "Then I will just sleep in vomit "
  6. "This product is rated M for Mature" Wow-wow-wow, thanks for the post. Bonuses are insane! If we won't get a really punishing system (the best for me so far being Fallout 1 & 2) with % chance of getting "Addicted to %drugname%" status and really hard times if addicted but in withdrawal/abstinence it will be just overkill. I myself had some bad times with drugs, not for long, but I may state that old Fallouts did it the best. You can not just "rest" addiction Heh. Strange that they removed timers of positive and negative effects. It was pretty good in PoE1. Like "bonuses
  7. Yes, chanters are 100% fine without any summons, if you wish so. Soft winds, Dragon Trashed, Killers Froze will do a lot of work, and high might will allow to deal mechanical damage. Summons are cool for tanky guys, hiding under the shield and relying on summoned DDs
  8. Cipher is my fav class, but I can't say there are special areas where they shine, they get the most unique dialogue, but it is spread through the whole game, like general flavour. I remember doing Eder's personal quest with cipher and also some talk with Grieving Mother. Also maybe in Skaen's temple there is an option to interact more with a certain girl. But I can't say they are soooo wonderful with cipher and so boring with anyone else. Also the build is a bit strange. My ciphers usually go like max might, max perception, good int. Resolve, constitution and dex are dumped to min. Sh
  9. And if you want to be untrackable, unhunted pirate, I would suggest converting to islam, entering berber society and taking a career in mediterranean sea. You will have a huge northern Africa coast with lots of markets, full social support and Turks on your side and will be able to last until 19th century. Still you will hunt down small lonely unarmed boats with soap, but at least you will get some slaves and good cover. But be ready to pilot a small boat also. Still no lonely galleons packed with gold, of course. If Principi control something like a continent shoreline, yes, you c
  10. Are we talking about romantic pirates from novels or about actual pirates of real dimension? Well, historically there were 3 main factors against "stealth" pirates, in a fantasy world they may work and may not a) each ship entering a government port was recorded, including cargo on board (cargo was also taxed), number of crew hired in that port to replenish losses, repairs done to the ship, and sometimes even the distinguishing features of a captain. This registries survived till nowdays. b) meeting a ship in 17-18 century was way more rare than in 19 century-nowadays. If you could sho
  11. Well, it depends upon the level of your imagination and what you personally consider "dark". Let me explain. Of course, Bleak Walker is obvious. He is dark knight "from the box". No imagination required, he will be exactly what you need. He is agressive, cruel and likes violent approach. Then, "Muscle Wizard" (close-combat mage) was huge fun for me - uses draining summoned weaponry, parasitic staff avaliable at level one, then you switch to Lance, also you focus on protective spells (to survive) and "dark" leaching debuffs. Basically, if at level up you see something with the name of
  12. I confirm As a commander of a military starship, carrying lethal weaponry, I became aware of Jack's instability. As there is no way in the game to send somebody to a competent specialist (and as she is not a crew member to be ordered to brace herself and do the job), I felt it was my duty to cheer her up. We had a long talk, in which she cried and thanked me. After some time I came to her to check the dynamic. Suddenly we "banged, okay". After this episode my Shepard signed himself to English courses at Citadel School of Linguistics
  13. I agree, the lore of orders and their interaction with each other is not done deeply enough and you have to "close your eyes" sometimes. One more episode to add to yours, in WM there is a quest involving Bleak Walkers on a contract, and I was eager to see their dark philosophy in practice. But all I saw was pure sadism and... you know, like young thugs in bad districts, intoxicated by their "toughness". In my mind, walkers philosophy should be something like "atom bomb arsenal" philosophy. Yes, we create A-bombs, but we do so to avoid huge-scale world wars, not to unleash hell and feel co
  14. Golden age BW KotOR Companion - Juhani (catlike lady). a) introduced in a time of personal crysis, initially shown as enemy, need to fight her, she will kill you without doubt. Still, if you drop your hatred you may save her, but it takes some will effort and jedi roleplaying. You get a lot of info on her before you meet her. b) has flaws, and serious - she latently leans to dark side and if unattended will move to it completely. injured her jedi teacher, went raging instantly, very unstable psyche с) she can be influenced in both ways, making her sith or jedi with really meaningful co
  15. I always hated "flat" paladins of DnD (classic early editions, later they allowed them to be of any alignment), but I greatly enjoyed roleplaying goldpacts in PoE. When you really think hard, should you take the quest or not, don't feel shy to negotiate price, or refuse the quest completely, but if you take it - you do it no matter what. Like literally you "Let the whole Rome burn down, but the contract be executed". And if your employer refuses to pay or tries to change the terms on the fly... well, let's say... you better pay a goldpact
  16. No, no, Bioware is a great and legendary studio and their part in developing relationship systems in gaming is enormous. They just had some degrading in latest titles, and freedom has turned into dating sim, sometimes with forcing the player to go into close relations without fully understanding it. My personal hate is only to nowadays Bioware+EA. Under EA they were forced to make best selling product, keep every possible gamer group satisfied. I really prey OBS will never fall into this. They are one of the last bastions standing. Only latest Bioware products turned their relationsh
  17. As I understand the lore, being a PAL in PoE is being in a certain state of mind, and in DnD it is being on a certain side of morality scale. If you are very-very sure of your own morality code (even if it seems doubtful or completely disgusting to some others) you are able to "ignite" your soul and do some soul magic. So, it seems that in Eora you may be, let's say, extreme nazi, or religious fanatic, or small dogs hater, but if you are very sure that your cause is just, and better for the greater good, you will be able to do things, that in DnD are associated with "light side of the
  18. You are mixing aestetics and sexual (romantic) impulse, and they are pretty unconnected. If certain gender is not sexually attracting to you, which is the root of any romance feelings, you are not able to rate people of this gender by their attractiveness. It is like saying that a deaf person is able to make top 10 songs of all times rating, or a colourblind is able to pick best colour for a car. Aestetic feelings may be, and often are, asexual. David's statue is a masterpiece because it is well done, with extreme knowledge of propotions that comfort the human eye. At the same time p
  19. Yes, I agree that my view is not completely clear of 2x standards or stereotypical thinking, well that is just my view on the picture, it can be pretty distorted. The topic is about personal thoughts, not cold analytics Ydwin interests me only due to her scientific background mixed with rogue-cipher way of life, that was a very interesting preset to develop a cool character. Her appearance is maybe the worst. I am sure there will be a mod, the question is - will it have quality. It is hard to match pro-writers of Obsidian level. About male companions - easy, I am not able to evalu
  20. If you change a portrait, you won't change a 3d model, which is set in stone and is even more detailed than in PoE1. It is not BG with a bunch of colored sprites. Most of the time you see your party on the map in good 3d, and things like Maia's size or Xoti's overall "latina" type will be there. Setting pale elf portrait to a char, who obviously has black hair and brown skin is strange and only breaks the immersion. My view of companions at this point is not based on supposition, all this facts have been stated by devs. Xoti will be religious, and it will cause conflicts inside the party,
  21. How did you manage to convince him to do that? I saw people complaining that he wouldn't agree even after you finished his quest, and the only way to make him do the spoiler thing is to draw straws and have him lose (which is random and may take a lot of reloads). Yes, the straws and save-load. I really wanted him to be gone, but also to have clear hands. When he refused my direct order he signed his own sentence! I also had only him and PC in the party, so this random is 1:1 (not my first run, obviously, so I knew things ahead) UPD: I remembered that I didn't even save-loaded, the
  22. I am pretty sure, knowing Mr. Sawyer's sharp and tricky mind, that things won't be easy with romance at all. At this point, straight males seem to be in disadvantage, just compare the pools Xoti - most attractive to average player, she is human, but may be "I-belong-to-God" type, she is also a zealot, maybe to the point of religious fanatism. Pallegina - second in rate, but she is godlike, and extremely difficult to get along with, with very complicated set of views. Maia is... khmm... of certain constitution... (hell, she is huge). Guys begging to add pale elf to companions li
  23. It is funny, but I tried to get rid of Durance in the end of WM, sent him to certain death (no spoilers how) and this sick bastard managed to survive! And he also got a good ending of his personal quest! I am such a perfectionist, sometimes it plays against me. I really hate him, but it is my problem, of course. So yes, if you are attentive to your mates, listen to all their crap and do some psychotherapy, you will fix his mind automatically. His quest is one of the easiest in fact.
  24. After communication with all the Gods possible I became fond of Hylea. I hope there will be a mod to roll a Hylea priest. Hylea priest will be very good with Chanter, for she is a patron of arts and especially fond of singing.
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