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  1. It's not a badly written ending, but it's very gloomy. In the end I guess it depends on how much you care about the other characters in the game. But I can see how getting the Arasaka ending could be less fulfilling. Although if you pick that path, it's also kinda well deserved.
  2. I suppose that can depend on which ending you get. Nomad ending was pretty bittersweet, but I would personally have hated the bad corporate ending. As is I was pretty satisfied. I just wish the dlc would continue where the nomad ending left off
  3. Pretty sure you only have Panam in your ending if you side with the nomads for the end bit (or if you romanced her I suppose). There are a few different endings that play out differently, but several (not all though) share a certain 6-month characteristic.
  4. Have you tried here: https://magic.wizards.com/en/story ?
  5. Pretty much yes. The main story does have a sense of urgency to it, but there's no concequences to putting it off.
  6. This kinda sums the game up in a nutshell for me. Everything in it is worse than in games dedicated to the specific thing, but compensates by having all the things. Problem with that approach is you risk dissapointing everyone. The GTA crowd feels the world is stale and vehicle handling is crap, the rpg crowd complains about lack of depth in the rpg systems and in meaningful choices. Both of which are valid complaints. For me personally it worked well, I found the game to be greater than the sum of it's parts. I loved the first playthrough I did, but replayability suffers a bit. The story beats are largely the same, and while it's mechanically different, the melee slasher I'm playing now is less fun than the hacker/sniper I went with first. Then again, I tend to favor the former playstyle, so wasn't completely unexpected.
  7. I agree almost word for word with what was written here. The game really is not as bad as it's made out to be. I enjoyed a fair amount despite it's flaws. Some of the side missions are amazing pieces of storytelling, more so than the main story (although I liked main story as well).
  8. Amazon and Bethesda are making a Fallout TV-series (apologies if it's already been posted): https://bethesda.net/en/article/22Up6o4uyEqTY5S3SdWYqD/kilter-films-teams-with-amazon-studios-to-develop-series-based-on-fallout
  9. Guessing article has been updated since the original post about it. The've since corrected that MTX wasn't mentioned, jsut that they're thinking how to monetize the multiplayer aspect.
  10. I do not know how it is in US, but in EU, you can not patent any programming code, you can patent only product. Because it is impossible to write a code where every single line is different from every other product in existence. And it falls under the "Math cannot be patented" category. (disclaimer: this is based solely on my own nonlawyerish knowledge of the status, the actual laws might be much more complicated and I bet there are some exemption to this. If anyone has deeper knowledge on the EU side of the stuff, feel free to educate me) I think you're correct for EU, but I also think the opposite is true in the US.
  11. I mean WoD was amazing at launch (content wise, the bugginess of servers is a separate issue), it's post launch it suffered. So WoD 2.0 with proper post launch support sounds amazing to me.
  12. I have the LG 36" version of this and I think it's amazing. So no talking out of anything from me.
  13. I'm playing it in multiplayer and have every night since friday. Friday was off to a rocky start, but once they fixed their servers it went very smoothly. Both yesterday and saturday we had no issues whatsoever with multiplayer. We're not using the direct connect option though, just using steam to connect to each other, so that could be why. I don't really mind the narrator. I believe he's been in their games for a long time. Pretty sure he was in DOS1 and probably The Dragon Knight Saga (which is the only non-DOS game I've played from Larian).
  14. Yeah, I feel you about the legendary issue. We've previously done the whole normal into heroic thing, but we had a stated goal to go mythic this time around, so we started in heroic not to waste time. And heroic was pretty easy as well, at least compared to the WoD raids. I just feel you got to take some responsibility for your own burnout. If you get bored running the same content over and over, just skip the easier modes and focus on where the fun is. I don't do LFR virtually at all, except maybe a run here and there on alts to clear a quest. It just isn't worth it for me. With the change in normal philosophy that came in late parts of WoD (removing mechanics compared to HC, making it very casual friendly) normal kinda started to feel like a waste as well. It's worse when there are set bonuses involved though, then both LFR and normal might be something I feel like I "need" to do.
  15. That's the thing though, you shouldn't run through all the difficulties. They're targeted at different audiences. There is no need to run normal before starting in heroic, you don't even need the gear from there. If you're a heroic raiding guild, start in heroic immediately. Although if you're a heroic raiding guild, normal is easy enough that you can probably blunt force through it in one evening.
  16. Well, Nvidia will release the 1080 ti early next year. Rumors says it'll have performance similar to the current Titan, but at a lower price. It'll still probably cost an arm and a leg. AMD are also releasing their new top of the line cards "Vega" sometime next year. I believe first quarter, but there's no definite date. It's a new architecture, so much harder to speculate on performance there, unfortunately.
  17. It's got some nice components in there for sure. But I think 250gb ssd is a bit on the small side (I know it has a 3gb normal drive, but you want games on the SSD and they can take up some space). I also don't like it only having 16gb of RAM. With a build that high end, it really should have 32gb. Also, that case is hideous... Now that being said, they're not overcharging for the parts by a lot, so it's not a terrible buy from that perspective. They do include some parts that I would leave out (Windows license, optical drive, 3gb normal drive), so it's possible to get the same performance for less. So is it worth it? The components are good and mirror fairly well what I'd get myself if I were to build a new system. But the 1070 is a more price efficient buy than the 1080, so if budget is a concern I'd look for something including that. Also note, Inet has the option to build a computer from custom chosen parts (for 800sek I believe), giving you the option to customize a bit more if you don't want to put it together yourself. If you don't mind assembling yourself, there are cheaper versions of the 1080 out there (by almost 1000 SEK) compared to what Inet sells, so there is money to be saved there as well.
  18. You definitely should try D:OS. It's the best of the first wave of Kickstarter games. In W3, there is some world reactivity you might miss out on in single player, but even that should be fairly minor. It's probably that you'll miss out on the "What did you do" reaction when your gaming partner does something stupid/unplanned/suicidal. I'm guessing.
  19. I liked Wasteland 2 a lot, so definitely backing this one. For me the multiplayer is a big draw. I loved the Divinity: Original Sin multiplayer style, and this seems inspired by that. So backed at the only tier that gives two games.
  20. Hurlshot, how invasive is the whole shop thing? Is it only accessible through game menus or do they remind you that it's there all the time?
  21. Note for those interested in this game, you also get a bonus campaign with the same characters, which was actually pretty cool. Story line was more interesting that Hong Kong (but not as good as Dragonfall) and a bit more focused.
  22. According to Nvidia they're having a higher price point on their own cards so they're not competing with their partners cards. So intentionally overpriced to drive partner sales. But in reality, yeah it's a sucker's fee.
  23. Yeah, that's just trolling. It could have been fun if another guild showed up in similar numbers though.
  24. Yeah, but that's my point. If PVP isn't fun for you, you can easily skip out on one companion and not suffer for it. Basically, you'll have to decided which is stronger, your desire to collect them all or your loathing of pvp.
  25. Yeah, wanting all the companios I can understand. But if it's only from a desire standpoint I don't think there's anything wrong with gating some behind pvp. Pvp players need some rewards for their activity as well.
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