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  1. Tradition. In Europe we've always released games on Fridays, even when international simultaneous releases weren't a thing. In the us the same was true for Tuesdays. And since publishers don't want to short sell physical stores, the same restriction is placed on digital vendors, arbitrary though it may seem.
  2. To start with, I have to just say Titan Quest is an awesome arpg. Someone needs to defend that game... But on topic, the worst rpg I have played has to be Two Worlds. Awful, awful game.
  3. You can be a member of a guild of any faction, but you can only hold control points and such (I suppose pvp-related stuff) for a guild you share the faction with.
  4. Vendor gear is actively designed to be suboptimal. You need operations drops (and usually multiple copies) to get optimized gear for any class. But tanks certainly have it worse, not only is the stat distribibution fairly one sided, it's also very high endurance and low mitigation which is kinda meh. Basically the only comm gear that's worth getting for a tank (looking at the ultimate tier here) is the earpiece and the offhand, and the offhand only for the armoring (I suppose one non-setbonus armoring is als ok). Healers and dps at least can get good mods, for tanks both mods and enahncements in comm gear is universally crap.
  5. I really liked GSF when it came out, thought it was just what the game needed. Another activity to spend time on while waiting for raids basically. But after a few weeks I just got so tired of it and I haven't played a match since. Only having two maps available was fairly silly for one (especially since one of the maps favor the republic slightly) and both maps having the same game mode makes it worse. Though I'm not sure team deathmatch is that much more fun, at least it's something different. So maybe if they add 4-5 new maps I'll get interested again, but I'm not even sure that'll be enough.
  6. Wasn't able to participate in the previous one I was invited to, seems like they don't do second chances Keep use posted, I'm curious how this one will turn out (though, since it's a MMO, my expectations are rather low ) If you already gotten invites, aren't they still valid. Only people who didn't get invited previously got new ones this time around I think. The mail I got says my account and characters are still there. Not that I'll be able to participate this time due to being out of town, but still.
  7. Should be coming with nightmare versions of fortress and palace yes.
  8. I wouldn't say zero reason. I was suggesting doing Ilum and similar dailies because if you're feeling under leveled at 50 odds are you're already doing Makeb. So doing easier content that gives good xp and comms that is better than anything before the level 53 basic gear isn't a terrible idea. Also, the classic gear has set bonuses making it a lot better than even black market gear for some classes. The armorings that is, mods and enhancements are another thing.
  9. If you're free to play, you probably need to buy authorization for section x, but not sure. You can do Makeb at level 47 even, along with ilum dailies and belsavis dailies which are both good xp, good credits and awards classic coms. Your planetary comms are best spent on the Makeb commendations vendor on the fleet. Start with upgrading your weapons and whatever armors you can afford after that and you should be geared enough for all content mentioned here. But since you're feeling under leveled, are you already on Makeb then?
  10. Yeah, but that goes for both sides. And I think it's important to talk about these issue in place where you normally converse. I know the chance of changing people's minds are slim, but it's important that people at least think about these issues, which they're forced to do if they want to do any real arguing with the likes of Alanschu. In the same way I appreciate learning the viewpoints of those whos opinion I don't share, because that forces me to think about things differently as well. Unless it's just trolling like some people do.
  11. I really don't think that's the case. I know that when I talk about these issues, I certainly don't. Alan and Bruce certainly don't either. Women are more than capable to speak for themselves, it's just that on a board like this, a vast majority of the participants are male. So it's fairly natural for those of use that share the point of view that oversexualization of women is a problem will speak up. Not because women can't do it themselves, but because we also care about these issues. Not that I say very much, but that's mostly because Alan usually beat me to it and do it better than I would anyway. Edit: or in shorter terms, what Lord of Lost Socks said.
  12. Larian is refunding money yeah, either as credit in their store or cash refund if you prefer it (although then you have to contact them). Wasteland 2 is selling their Early Access on steam for $60 and there's apparently been a fair bit of backlash for that price. People generally don't expect a beta to cost more than the finished game. WL2 of course had to price it that high so they wouldn't conflict with their KS tiers, and those buying the EA version are getting the digital deluxe package, but not a lot of people know that. Larian is clearly taking a better approach here, and I think anyone planning on starting a new Kickstarter should think long and hard before including beta access as a KS reward.
  13. Yeah, but that looks like a third party cooler, not the stock one.
  14. That one isn't really. Cool quest, but gives nothing special as a reward. The seeker droid at leat gives you a unique chest piece (but the end heroic is harder)
  15. You're saying the balloon vanished completely? That's a new one for me. The bug I thought you had is when the balloon goes away on your screen for a few seconds, causing you to fall off (not even sure it vanishes or if you just fall).
  16. Not sure that bug was ever really fixed. I know they say it was, but iirc I've seen reports of it occurring every now and then after the fix. Could possibly have something to do with how poorly the game handles position updates. So if using the balloon again, I'd suggest moving a little. Server position updates whenever you stop, so just taking a couple of steps every few seconds maybe. No idea if it'll work, but could be worth a shot.
  17. Yeah, it's a known bug that happens sometimes. very annoying when it does. If you have a friend that can to a knockback, you can get the datacron without the balloon though. Requires dueling so the knockback will actually affect you, but other than that it's fairly straight forward.
  18. It's not very hard, but it does require that people pay attention and know the mechanics. There's more room for error in 16-man for sure, but if enough dps ignore the cores, or if tanks try to just face tank the second sets of adds you're still kinda screwed. Of course if you have a stealth resurrection available, completely ignoring the cores is a completely viable tactic
  19. Yeah, Arcanum isn't the best measuring stick. I'd be happy for something in the veins of the first two thirds of Fallout Tactics myself (and it's the game style I expect from the game more than anything else I think). Edit: And I know, not exactly the best measuring stick either, although I like that game myself.
  20. Try joining a group doing Xenoanalyst. 16-man gives a bunch of helixes and story mode is very easy.
  21. Sort of. 110% tech accuracy and 100% ranged accuracy is the aim. Don't want to tweak it before adding decent relics, implants and ear pieces, then all my "expensive" level 55 augments, adding one at a time so I can see when I hit the target. Yeah, was just commenting because you had 103% ranged, which is overkill by a lot. 100% ranged means you'll also have 110% tech, so it's superfluous to quote numbers for both. which is why I only mentiond ranged (since that's the one that was showing in your screen shot).
  22. Accuracy pre level 50 really shouldn't be that important. Sure, it won't hurt, since every attack that doesn't miss is better, but the amounts you get on gear at that level is so miniscule that it won't really make that much of a difference. But sure, accuracy is a lot better than alacrity and surge, which are the stats it competes against. Shadysands, are you perhaps slightly underleveld for the content you're doing? Enemies that are higher level than you get a boost to their resist chance iirc, which could explain why you're missing more. @Gorth: I think you instead need to ditch some accuracy and get more surge. Anything above 100% ranged accuracy is wasted.
  23. I haven't played any other MMOs either, so it's hard. I'd like the guild base to be customizable and maybe be able to host some sort of trophies to acknowledge the guilds achievements (the heads of the dread masters for instance). Perhaps a way to browse portraits of all current members. Maybe perks along the line of the legacy system, but guild wide instead (also doesn't have to be tied to a capital ship I suppose). A dueling area where you can duel each other while waiting for groups to form or something 8since you can't duel on fleet). Mostly just create a sense of belonging somehow.
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