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  1. I don't feel strongly about it to care to vote, although I am not sure a TB combat system will go well with the experience they sold me on. To me, turn based combat means a fairly strong tactical element to said combat. In a game where the narrative is such a strong focus, I feel that adding a strong tactical layer to the combat will detract some from the narrative. Then again, it certainly doesn't have to be as bad as in PS:T either. Then again, if the developers feel one style serves the game they're envisioning more than the other option, I'd say just go for that one.
  2. Actually, even if this bug exists (haven't seen it myself, but haven't really looked for it either) it would actually have almost zero impact on rage specs performance. The limiting factor of Rage is the cooldown on Smash, not how long it takes you to build the stacks, since you get that both from crush and berserk. Which means every single time smash comes off cooldown you'll have your three stacks regardless. Rage is powerful in pvp because it's high on demand aoe burst and with good survivability cooldowns. Though if they don't get to hit multiple people with their smashes, their damage output is a lot worse and they become less of a threat. In regards to proc, even though I think it's technically accurate that it also is a nme for abilities that have something happen 100% of the time, in my experience it's rarely used that way. Proc is more used when talking about things that have a chance to happen. Ie procs is something you have to pay attention to, not something you can rely on.
  3. Yeah, I've never done the process myself. The guide I found said that the ones from Alderaan were only used for the mid level one, and for the +41 ones you need to defeat the force ghost on Ilum. Of course I didn't read it all the way through. Yeah, you need the ones from Alderaan AND the force ghost. For the +33 ones you only need the Force Ghost-one. Apologies.
  4. Apparently you go to The Forge in Tython or west Lower Wilds in Korriban. http://gaming.stackexchange.com/questions/62861/where-and-what-are-the-unusual-crystal-formations-on-alderaan From what I can see they're used for the mid level schematic, ie +33 stat, which aren't very frequently used since the +41 in the cartel market. In regards to HK, I think he occupies a weird space. He's a decent companion to hae when you're running dailies or similar since he does make things die faster. But when you're tackling harder content, a dps companion is rarely what you want. Tanks and dps characters would rather have a healer, and healers tend to prefer tanks. So while HK is awesome, I don't think he's worth the fairly hefty price to unlock on different characters. Treek is much more useful (covering boh healing and tanking) and is more reasonably priced, both for single character unlock and for the legacy wide one. Of course, being an ewok can be considered both a drawback or an advantage depending on your preferences.
  5. Didn't they have an option for streaming install? A guildie of mine reinstalled the game yesterday (new computer) and he could log in to and play the game after 30% of the install was done. Not that it helped him since he was doing an operation and only had accss to the starter lpanets, but should have worked for you. Anyway, you can certainly go dark as a jedi. It won't change how your abilites work or anything really, but you'll get the dark side look on your character (if you leave that option turned on, that is).
  6. Watch Dogs certainly seems awesome. Easily one of my most anticipated game for next year.
  7. Have they figured out mod support for the ipad version of this yet?
  8. Unfortunately the comms gear for tanks is pretty awful. Iirc, earpiece and offhand are the only pieces that are decent.
  9. It never was. In the expansion they buffed alacrity so it became better for dps, but it's still undesirable. The set gear is very poorly itemized unfortunately. Even worse is the tank gear that have a fair amount of both alacrity and accuracy on them, stats tank have no interest in at all.
  10. Mercenary healers suffer in high end (ranked) pvp because they're fairly easy to shut down by a coordinated team. This is an issue the class has in general though, not only healers. They lack good defenses and escape abilities. In PvE they get a bad reputation because they don't have the flashy AoE heal that sorcs do and because they can't put up fluffed healing numbers like operatives can (although if a LOT of raid damage is going out, the operative numbers aren't fluff I suppose). Also their healing recieved buff and armor buff doesn't show up in parses. In PvE mercenaries are the strongest single target healer, but lack a bit in the raid hhealing department. I raid regularly with a mercenary and he's awesome, so I know they can get the job done. With him on his mercenary and me on my operative I haven't encountered a fight yet where we felt healing was an issue. So I know that in PvE mercenaries are excellent. They do have a higher skill cap than the otehr two, so a poorly played mercenary will fall behind by a lot compared to operatives and sorcerers.
  11. I don't want to be rude, but I'm pretty sure you remember it wrong. SCG removes the cooldown on healing scan (the short cast heal), makes Kolto Bomb (aoe) apply the armor buff, vents 10 heat and increases healing by 5% ( think that's the percentage at least). I know it's worked like this since the expansion and don't recall any changes being made to it when the expansion landed either (but didn't heal enough before expansion to tell for sure). I know SCG was nerfed back in patch 1.3, before then it was supposedly god mode, but since then it's been left alone afaik. It's primarily used whenever you hit 30 stacks these days, not as a super burst enabler.
  12. No, not recently. Maybe a year and a half ago. Not sure how supercharged gas (mercenary name) worked before then, but that's when it was changed the last time. SCG is still a core mechanic of mercenary healing since it boosts some of your better healing abilities and vents some heat. So while the only heat free options you get are dps related, the healing boost it provides is still significant.
  13. Yeah, only do that one if it's for the achievement. The other quests take 5-15 minutes, that one takes 45...
  14. The fun part in grouping up is that it he seeker droid parts go so much faster... I would love it if the H4:s were repeatable, I really like All the pieces at least. Not enough to do the whole line again though.
  15. The main problem with those heorics is that they come after a loooong chain of single player quests. And since the quests arrived 6 months ago, most who are interested in them have already done them. Finding 4 people to do them with was hard back then, now it's next to impossible (unless you can bully friends into helping you).
  16. It's a bit of a painful figh. I found that doing it with any melee character triples the difficulty. With ranged characters I find it fairly easy, but with melee characters it's nightmarish. You don't have to destroy the recharge chamber though, it's enough to kill all the droids that come to stop him from gaining health as far as I can recall.
  17. No, d is connected to the graphics card, i is connected to the motherboard. But yes, d-mode does allow the use of quicksync.
  18. Don't know if it improved after launch, I just remember reading this review when it was new (in swedish unfortunately, but the diagrams tell most of the story): http://www.sweclockers.com/recension/13939-intel-z68-for-sandy-bridge/8#pagehead Basically when going through the integrated graphics card, graphics heavy tasks like games or high definition video playback just wouldn't work. And in benchmarking it scored less than a third of the points compared to the external card by itself. basically never saw it mentioned after that, so drivers could have improved a lot I suppose.
  19. Wasn't there third party that tried to implement that with high power cards and the intel integrated gpu platform? The problem was that if you connected your monitor to the graphics card you couldn't use it and if you connected it to the integrated card you could use the feature, but you got throttled by the lower performing components in the integrated graphics. So it lowered performance a fair bit, to the point of it being pontless.
  20. actually, relics are pretty much the best thing you can get for basic comms. Since you can't get relics any other way really, outside of ops.
  21. I'd suggest going elite comms hunting instead since those buy you 72 gear. You get elite coms by doing the weekly quests on Makeb, Oricon, Czerka and I think Section X. You also get a few by doing HM flashpoints, and more if you do them through group finder, though only once per day.
  22. South Park is in a weird place though. it's been mentioned often that Matt and Trey have a hectic schedule and really want this game to be perfect. So it being delayed may not be due to anything Obsidian does.
  23. Unless you're gearing for a specific rotation, the value of alacrity values from player to player a lot. Some healers take almost none, I take 450-500 (but on an operative, so my requirements are different). Anyway, ideally as a mercenary/commando healer you'd want to have only Nimble and Agile mods with letter after the number, reflex armorings and quick savant, adept, battle and insight enhancements. However when you buy gear with commendations you rarely get the right type of enhancements, they're only on gear that drops in ops. With the lone exception of quick savant enhancements that can be found on the foestopper pants (which is marauder gear, and more or less useless for them).
  24. Personally I much prefer the "Random Video Game News" version (and was pleasantly surprised to see the change), the all caps is a bit annoying. I'd drop the "Random" from it as well, don't think it's particularly needed. But that's just me.
  25. for tanks it's tricky. But a good assumption is that you'll likely want absorption augments almost exclusively. Perhaps a shield augment to be completely optimized, a bit unsure about Powertechs. It's easier for a healer. You really only want Aim augments. Aim is the most beneficial stat to you, so regardless of how you want to balance the other numbers, Aim will always contribute more to your healing than any other. There could be an argument for crit when crit is very low, but on non-augment mods you can't really trade crit for aim* (it only competes directly with power). so using an augment to gear for crit is kind of a waste. Power and aim are roughly equal for healing, but due to the 9% increase to Aim mercs get in their skill trees, aim edges out. but a piece that gives you 70 power and 40 aim should be better than one that gives 60 aim and 40 power. Now, if you want to get into the math behind tank gearing, I'd suggest this link: http://www.swtor.com/community/showthread.php?t=616779 In the end though, I wouldn't worry about any of it until you reach level 55. Before that, even in flashpoints, knowing how to play your class is far more important than gearing. Also, buying things on GTN is not cheating, it's time saving. * = If you compare advanced keen mod 28 (or similar) to advanced keen mod 28B (I think, could be a), the latter will have less crit and more aim than the unlettered one. It also has more endurance. However, the combined stat total of crit and aim on the lettered mod will be lower, meaning it'll contribute less to your healing overall. Endurance, while nice to a degree when soloing, doesn't really matter to a healer (and arguably not even very much for a tank) and should never be a concern when it comes to gearing.
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