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  1. I tested the local co-op a while on our TV and it worked surprisingly well. The control scheme for controllers is well thought out. In the end we went back to playing it on PC since it was a bit hard to get a good overview on things in combat on the TV. Things felt a bit small when sitting that far away from the screen. That being said, if you only have the option of playing it on a big screen with controllers it's totally doable. I just prefer keyboard + mouse for this type of game.
  2. No, but it means that if you're that unhappy with the situation you can get your money back and get on with your life. In the software business delays happen and priorities shift all the time. They clearly underestimated how complicated it would be to make Linux support when they made the promise (and as a result how much it would cost). They screwed up and have admitted as much and have learned from the lesson (ie not promising support for anything other than Windows in their second KS). And offered to give money back to the people directly affected by their inability to fulfill their promise. And since you said "Suffice to say, I have lost any and all faith and respect I had for Larian. As far as I'm concerned, they're scumbags. I will never give that company another penny ever again and I will badmouth them any chance I get." why don't you take this chance and relieve them of the money you've already given them?
  3. Haven't Larian offered a refund to all Kickstarter backers who backed solely for the Linux version?
  4. otoh, if you order something online in the US, there's no sales tax either (except for one or two states). So you could have whatever you need delivered to your hotel. But then you're praying that things get delivered on time, so may not be worth the risk.
  5. You've missed the part on the kickstarter campaign where it says "You'll be able to recruit up to three companions" then? Pretty sure that in a single player game, you create one character and then the rest of the party is filled up with companions.
  6. Yeah it shows you haven\t played in a while. Tanks are, if anything, the least gear dependant class. And holding aggro is a complete non-issue in Wow these days to the degree that if a tank is attacking a mob at all, it's impossible to take aggro off it. Unless you're also a tank. From all I've seen it was the same in MoP (which is where I started playing WoW), at least the aggro part.
  7. And as is apparently mandatory for RPG kickstarters these days: Chris Avellone joins the writing team
  8. For the content where you notice the lack of tanks and healers, tanking and healing is typically easier than dps:ing. But it comes with the perception of responsibility which most don't care for I assume.
  9. The thing about the different difficult modes is that you're not supposed to do them all sequentially. They're there so people of different interest levels have challenging but doable content. If you're raiding heroic on one tier, you don't have to start on normal the next tier, you can go straight to heroic. Sure you might want a couple of nights in an easier difficulty to get used to fights and get a bit of a gear advantage, but you don't have to. LFR on the other hand most people in my guild avoid like the plague. They're completely devoid of challenge in most cases and offer no relevant rewards. It can serve t help you complete the legendary questline a bit faster (or catch up on alts), but if you're doing regular raiding in any of the otehr difficulties, it offers very little to you. It's there for those that for one reason or another can't or won't do regular raiding. Certainly doesn't have much of an impact on our guilds community. The premade groups tool might have a little more, but with that you still have to interact with other players, so it's just a simplified version of spamming trade chat. But yeah if you like the community aspect of the game, you'll have to find a guild that values that same aspect.
  10. It's tricky. On the one hand Dragonfall is the best campaign of the three. On the other hand, Hong Kong does do some improvements to some of the gameplay aspects (more skills adding more choices to character creation, change matrix gameplay). So it might be a bit weird going from Hong Kong then Dragonfall, but I still think I'd like to save Dragonfall for last. I played Dragonfall just a few weeks before Hoong Kong and for me Hong Kong felt like a little bit of a let down, just because Dragonfall was so good. Hong Kong is still better than Dead Man's Switch so it'll still be a step up.
  11. They've pretty much said the EE won't be out while this campaign is running unfortunately.
  12. No, he only released 9 issues ( the trade according to Wikipedia was issue 1-5). I recall the comic being pretty good so this is interesting for that reason, but gating thesequel comics behind the $90 tier feels a bit off to me.
  13. Think AMD has something similar to nvidia's shadowplay in their Gaming Evolved software.
  14. I haven't finished it yet (am at the point of no return), but I also liked Dragonfall better. I think the story was told better in DF and for me it was more relatable. Also felt there were more options for decking and rigging in DF. Maybe I'll change my mind before the end, we'll see.
  15. You're thinking they'll change the existing operations to be more melee friendly? I haven't ready too much about it, but I would assume they'd be more careful moving forward, but leave what's there as is. From what I've learned from the WoW devs communications, designing an operation isn't that taxing on man hours, biggest chunk of time goes to making the art. So I don't think adjusting whatever they have planned would be doable, I'd instead speculate they don't have enough artists to both make interesting story content and operations at the same time. But I hope I'm wrong and they'll get something out quickly. Also not sure how I feel about all operations being scaled to max level. I think it's great to have the story mode versions in rotation for the raid finder, but the heroics just feel weird for me.
  16. I'm still baffled that they thought no new raids at expansion launch was a good thing to do. I stopped playing last spring except for a brief stint when SoR came out, but always had an interest in going back. But not now for sure. And people that stuck with it in my guild are now leaving as well being fed up with it. Maybe they've decided that the raiding community isn't worth it anymore and that more single player style is the way to go. I just know they're killing interest completely for me.
  17. I've been running Windows 10 for a couple of weeks (got it from the insider program) and use the old win8 drivers for my creative soundcard. Works like a charm. Afaik the architecture in Windows 10 isn't different enough, so pretty much everything working for Windows 8 should work with 10 as well.
  18. Sounds like the Firefox plugin Greasemonkey to me. https://addons.mozilla.org/sv-se/firefox/addon/greasemonkey/
  19. Waiting for raids in WOW at the moment when solo-queing as dps can lead to wait time up to half an hour to an hour. But sometimes it's faster. It varies a lot. And sorry, misread Coruscant for Cordellia, so thought you were lvl 50. So if no one is lining up for Esseles, then 12x xp probably is a bigger reason. Although it is kinda dumb that they force you into a group of 4 for what is balanced for 2 people (and can be soloed at level with some classes). At least it doesn't require tank and healer anymore I think (been so long since I did any of them)
  20. The problem is that you're playing DPS. And so is everyone else. There's simply too many dps players in line so there's not enough healers and tnaks to go around. Also, you're queuing for a FP in the leevl 50-54 bracket, don't know how many players still do those, I think most players when leelling just queue for the tactical ones instead due to much shorter queue times (no need for tanks or healers). Anyway, the problem you're describing exists in any mmo that employes the trinity and has a group finder. WOW is just as bad as SWTOR (although slightly better for raids due to larger groups).
  21. The problem is that if you add mouse and keyboard controls late in the project, there is a lot less testing to confirm the playability using such controls. Not just that the mapping works, but if you straight transfer a UI built for controllers it'll usually feel clunky using k/b + m. Which is why DA2 for me was much more of a chore to play compared to the first game, the UI was simply loads worse (as well as how the camera worked).
  22. It's (unfortunately) the nature of these games. Gear is most players motivation to keep going, so there needs to be new tiers constantly. Expansion time of course is used as a total reset. Although it wasn't as bad in SWTOR as it is in WOW for instance. In SWTOR if you had top end raiding gear it lasted to the very end of the expansion, and hard mode TFB and S&V were completable in the previous tier raid gear (except Styrak I think). If you had an amazing group that is, most players had to get the flash point and story mode ops gear first.
  23. Looks very interesting. Might be enough to get me back to playing the game again. I still like the game a lot, there's just not been anything for me to do for the past 8 months or so. Conquests weren't enough to draw me back. Just wish the expansion didn't land 2.5 weeks after the WoW expansion...
  24. I have bought it if it helps
  25. See, the problem you're having is that you're expecting Larian to produce something they traditionally don't do. Immersion has never been a great selling points in their games.
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