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  1. Community building within the guilds. Having a natural meeting place for guild characters is something beneficiary I feel. So instead of hanging around fleet when idling, people hang in a commonly shared place that belongs to the group. There needs to be more features to it than that oviously, it has to be more appealing to spend game time in the guild ship than fleet. So a game wide lfg channel is probably a must for it even to be feasible. Then again, this would make the fleets largely abandoned, and I don't think Bioware wants that either. So it's probably something we'll never see. I just would like more guild features in general, I suppose. The xp and rep bonus is nice, but there's more that can be done in that area.
  2. If you have the money to spend, you could always look into the MacBook Pro. The 15" version is fairly expensive, but it meets all your criteria (well, it misses the weight one by 0.02 kg). Both games you listed as a must have are available on OsX as well. It's certainly not cost effective, but it's a computer I don't mind carrying around as much due to how thin it is. And the touchpad on it is miles ahead of any other manufacturers. 3000). Just throwing it out there.
  3. Fleet travel has no cooldown... but guild ships isn't necessarilly about convenience, it's about community building.
  4. Oh yes. Guld ships with all the mission terminals and other amenities. Unockable with credits (and possibly cartel coins) if need be to add more credit sinks to the game.
  5. it's funny, when the game launched one of the major complaints against it was that there was no real reason to hang out on the fleet. There simply was no generl gathering point of each side's faction. Not saying I disagree with you (personally I don't), it's just interesting how different people view things. Game-wide LFG channel would be awesome, but possibly tricky to implement.
  6. Actually, the tooltip on that is confusing. It adds +3% crit chance (if you get all three tiers) to ALL crafting. So regardless if you're crafting gear that can augment slots, or things like mods, it increases your crit chance. This has been confirmed by devs a long time back. It does nothing for Mission or gathering skills though.
  7. Yeah, I have. No achievements, but with the legacy crafting goggles, it's the best crafter for some skills. Like Cybertech, where no other companion get a crit bonus. You can get to 8000 affection with the gifts you buy on the fleet. It's time consuming though, but rarely cheap.
  8. I also have two badges in my profile, but not showing up on posts.
  9. Because love is the path to the dark side. Lucas sure had some issues...
  10. My memory might be off here, but doesn't act 2 and 3 tie directly in to each other? Most of the stories have one first act that is fairly self contained, then act 2 and 3 are basically two halves of the same story. Pretty much the same way the original Star Wars trilogy was structured when I think about it (and the prequel trilogy as well to a degree).
  11. It is very epic, but iirc that starts in chapter 2. Epic is a measurement of scale though, not quality. But it is also very Star Wars-y.
  12. Yeah, that's what I though. What irks me about the ending though...
  13. Yup. The first Fallout3 DLC retconned the ending of FE3 so you survived. It also changed it so if you re-played the game from the start, there were options so you wouldn't die. Granted it's been a while, but I'm pretty sure I didn't die at the ending of FO3 without any DLC installed.
  14. It's because you're playing the gunship? Your secondary weapon then is railshot that can be fired at greater range than other weapons and do awesome damage. basically you're supposed to play more as a sniper. Strike fighters are the only ones that have missile locks I think. Scouts just click right click (at least with the stock one) and it fires.
  15. There's some tomb raiding, but the tombs are optional and hidden. But they are pretty cool when you find them. I thought the game play mechanics were fun (apart from the QTE), but the general level design was a bit of a letdown. You've got this game based around jumping and climbing, and still more or less all levels force you down a pre-determined path. I'd have liked some more freedom of movement. It was fun though.
  16. That's reliant on enough people queuing though. There's supposed to be similar mechanics in the ranked pvp queue for instance, and that definitely isn't working.
  17. Gorth, yeah tank gear you get from comms uniformly sucks. I think offhand and earpiece are the only two pieces worth getting. Ops gear is much better, but optimizing a tank is work. And yes, they have changed it so set bonuses are locked to armorings these days. So you can look however you want and not lose out.
  18. They're bound on use now? That sucks. I should probably dig up mine and put them up for sale then.
  19. There's an item you can buy, Satele Shan or Darth Malgus holostatue (depending on which side you play on), that acts as a portable trainer. They used to be on the cartel market, not sure if they still are. But they also used to be available on the GTN. Don't know the price of them, but when I got mine, they didn't bind to the character that got them, so once you were done with one character, you could just mail it to your next one and keep using it. Of course, since I pre-ordered the expansion I got the hutt holostatue on all my characters (and all future ones), so there's that problem taken care of.
  20. I haven't really played much with the expansion yet, but it does add another type of tension to the missions. It has a tendency to make you more careless, which is dangerous in xcom. Don't know about difficulty though, haven't gotten that far. Only complaint that I've read is that it made the very last mission easier.
  21. I like Lost Island. Or liked rather when it was still one I did regularly, as in pre-expansion. It's not overly long and the bosses have interesting mechanics. Or rather, mechanics you actually have to pay attention to or you die.
  22. Yeah, that things is a bit suspect. The only use I see for it is in a laptop with only one slot for a HD, where it may be preferrable to a 500 GB SSD, but barely.
  23. You do when you install the game. Unless you buy it digitally from somewhere like gog.com where you get it for cheaper, but not the enhanced edition so will still need mods for some things.
  24. Because time spent on making good combat is time not spent on the narrative. Also, turn based fights take longer, meaning given the same amount of fights, combat will be a larger portion of time spent with the game. And for me personally because interesting tactical combat have a way to turn it into a numbers game, where I care more about the tactical abilities of party members than what they contribute to the story. I like games with challenging combat, and I like turn based games as well (like the latest X-com for example). But for me, that's not where the focus in a Torment game should lie.
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