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  1. Yeah, I nearly played / finished all the IE games in order of release. The exception is PS:T even though I had bought PS:T when it was released. I initially couldn't get into PS:T (quite removed from BG) and put it aside and a few months later IWD was released which I found the game style more familiar with BG and was immediately hooked. It was always marketed as a dungeon crawl where you create your own party so companions weren't going to be in. And not long after that, some months later BG2 was released. So it was a while before I got around to playing PS:T again. My progression was BG, IWD, BG2, PS:T, IWD2. When playing IWD after BG, there were a lot of technical improvements. So it was a natural progression to go from BG, IWD and then BG2 where you see IWD animations in BG2. It flowed really well for me. I really enjoy IWD but not enough to buy it again as there's nothing wrong with my copy of the game and runs on my comp. The mods like unfinished business isn't a strong selling point when I can download that for free, and having been bitten once with the BG:EE with all the bugs, I'm quite wary of Beamdog. Same with Amentep, that I've played IWD more than BG2. You probably find you couldn't get into PS:T because it didn't have the deep and engaging Romance options you were expecting Torment had one of the better written romances I've seen in a RPG so I don't know where you're coming from there...
  2. Isn't that what the preview button is for?
  3. Considering both Bioware and Bethesda realease on both consoles and PC, most AAA RPGs we've had the last few years have also been on consoles. Meaning the KotORs, Fallouts, Mass Effect-series, Dragon Age-series, Elder Scroll-series, Alpha Protocol, Dungeon Siege 3, The Witcher 2. If you think they're good enough is a matter of taste, but most of those games on the PC suffers from a ui clearly designed with a controller in mind, so might be a better experience on consoles.
  4. I thought warlords was extremely fun on HM. But I like bosses that lets you change up your strategy based on group composition, in this case what kill order to use. But I come from a raid leader/healer perspective. That and I like council fights in general. That and they simply look cool. Last fight I like because of how tight the dps requirements were at the time, but in the middle part it got insanely repetitive.
  5. Operator IX is one of my favorite fights in the game, it's just awesome. If you're past trasher, the next two bosses win S&V will be fairly easy, the last two are a lot harder though (and much more fun).
  6. In me and my girlfriends co-op game I'm playing a rogue-like character, and from a pure single target damage perspective, that character is the top in most fights. And that's without relying on stealth overly much. The pure amount of attacks you get through pull their weight, and I find the rogue abilities to be very useful (invisibility, self-haste, stun, charm). All attacks are backstabs since targets really only turn around when you miss, and it's rare to miss on a backstab. And due to the high amount of attacks, chances to trigger secondary effects on targets is pretty high. Rogues excel at taking out high value targets like archers or spellcasters, but they're less effective at heavily armored targets. Maybe an archer character would be better for that purpose, but the rogue is more fun. Sure, there are times when after delivering your initial flurry of attacks you feel a bit exposed and you can go down quickly. But that's part of the playstyle. I do hate that dead characters get less xp though...
  7. Wasn't the whole steam only hooplah about any future expansions after the core game and Dragonfall?
  8. The planetary conquests are all done in PvE quests, so no fighting other players involved. They've been a bit vague about it, but I think guilds rack up points for doing quests and at some point the guild with the most points get control (and bonuses and stuff).
  9. It's definitely a cc/credit sink, but the game does need more credit sinks. As for fleet general chat, I didn't think of that, mostly because I rarely care. I meant to replace the personal ship for me.
  10. The website does say there will be PvE missions as well, so I'm assuming those are single player (at least some of them).
  11. The expansion also includes NiM mode for Dread Palace, so there'll be something for the more casual crowd (the people that spends money in the cartel market) as well as something for the more hardcore. For the inbetweeners, I suppose we'll have to wait and see. They should implement quests for trophies and such (like the seeker droid quest line), but if they've thought of that remains to be seen I suppose. I would also have liked customizable ships better, but it could be an engine limitation with how those areas are initially designed. But we'll see. For player housing to be useful as a resting point, it really needs a priority travel terminal. I do look forward to see what they're doing with the guild capital ships though.
  12. If nothing else, Feargus has proven to be fairly business savvy in the past. So if he thinks this deal is better for Obsidian, I'm pretty sure it is.
  13. Yeah, but they missed the mark. Decency and honor has no place in big business (as much as I personally would prefer it to be otherwise). Had the game sold poorly but reviewed well, I am sure Obsidian would still have collected that bonus, even though in that case it wouldn't have been decent for them to do so. Would I have liked Obsidian to get that bonus? Of course I would. I've been posting on these boards since they opened, so obviously I'm a fan of Obsidian. I just don't think we can paint Bethesda as the bad guy for simply upholding their contract.
  14. I wasn't aware of them changing the release date, hadn't seen anything about that. Then for that yeah they do deserve some criticism for sure. How poorly their QA was is hard to determine, it could also be that there were so many bugs in the game that they were completely swamped.
  15. Bethesda didn't pull any shenanigans. They followed their contract. The issue isn't that Bethesda did anything wrong it's that the clause was crap to begin with. Or at least it seems it was as things stand. Had FO:NV been a critical hit but a financial fiasco, obsidian would have gotten paid. But bonuses based on performance has to be a smarter than bonuses based on opinions. Regardless, I am sure Obsidian would jump at the chance to work with Bethesda again, in business you can never be upset at the other party fulfilling their part of the deal. You just have to make better deals.
  16. Missing one coin on SM shouldn't cause a wipe though. It just means one more droid on the floor, but that should still be manageable. In story mode, 16-man is certianly a lot easier than 8-man. In hard mode it's another story and varies greatly from fight to fight. But dps and healing requirements are generally higher in 8-man, while the difficulties in 16-man is more group coordination and team management. I prefer 8-mans in general since it allows you to build a tighter team, but larger scale raids can be fun as well.
  17. Actually, amazon adds customs and tax charges to their products when checking out, but they already have that system in place, so most likely Ubisoft is the culprit here yes.
  18. Athiss can be done in 20 mins if you don't do the bonus. Saves a lot of time there.
  19. I've played this during the first beta weekend (up to level 13) and with a new character this weekend (up to level 5). I'm not super impressed by this game, but I don't hate it either. Some impressions: The game is gorgeous. Animations are a bit so-so perhaps, but the rest of the visuals are fantastic, at least for a mmo. Once you get past the tutorial area and the first small area, the game becomes a lot more fun. Partly because you have more skills to play around with and because the maps open up a bit more. But for me the first 4-5 levels took way too long and felt kinda grindy and railroaded. Exploration is fun (once you get to the larger maps) and with the skyshards there is also motivation to explore. The game is clearly made for a console audience. The low amount of abilities at your disposal and the overall UI design all scream of console limitations, even more so than Skyrim did. Perhaps it gets better once you unlock your second weapon set (and thus in a way double the amount of abilities you can have slotted), but I'm not convinced. The skill system seems fairly robust and allows for a lot of options. Questwise the game is fairly mediocre. Not as awful as standard MMO fare, but not super exciting either. I do like that quest objectives are instanced so you usually don't have to stand in line waiting for objectives to respawn. Same that you get kill credit for any monster that dies that you've attacked, regardless of who killed it (or initiated combat). But following along those lines, I can't for the life of me understand why when in a group when one person completes an objective it doesn't count for the whole group. Questing actually takes longer in a group than if you do it yourself, which just feels wrong. Long cutscenes in repeatable content will probably get annoying after a while. They're done out of dialogue, so while you can move around and do whatever you want, you still have to wait for them to finish before you can continue. It's fine the first few times, but after that.... I do like that you join guilds (and befriend people) with your account, not your character. So like II said, a mixed bag. I don't think I'll be getting this one at launch, but if enough people I know are playing it and loving it then maybe. Most of all I'm concerned about longevity. You only get 6 activated abilities per weapon set and I just feel it'll be a bit simplistic in the long run. End game content has to be really amazing for this game to be worth the subscription I think.
  20. I always plan on dioing that, reusing my spare parts. But I never do, so I just ending up having lots of spare parts lying around...
  21. With the description you give, my instincts are screaming power related. So my guess would be either the PSU or the motherboard is failing. So I'd try and test the machine with a different PSU before I start replacing anything if possible.
  22. that's interesting, didn't get a mail about this weekend being beta or any extra keys. But I suppose my acocunt should still be active this time. Is it this upcoming weekend?
  23. And more importantly, most of what you pay the digital distributors is paid after a sale has been made. So you don't have to front all the cash required for distribution. So even if you ended up paying more to a digital distributor (which you don't) not having to spend the money up front would still make it worth it I think, at least for smaller developers.
  24. Most people who run flashpoints are ridiculously overgeared though. But yeah, you certainly need to be aware of what can be expected from your groupmates in those respects. If I ever do flashpoints these days it's only with guildmates and then we tend to pretty much ignore good sense, never cc, continously chain pulling (to the point that if you don't pay attention a s ahealer, the tank will most likely be 100 meters in front of you engaging new enemies, frequently around a corner). We, of course, do not do this when there's non-guild members in the group. The seeker droid quest is hard when you're not aware of the mechanics. We 3-manned it when we did it with no tank. Was interesting, especially the think after the explosion room. There is a mechanic that makes that bit a lot easier which we weren't aware of so we spent almost an hour on that bit being in combat the entire time (and no wipes). Then I did it after reading up on how it was supposed to work and beat it in 5 minutes...
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