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  1. Summoning Kalakoth's Minor Blights from crafted scrolls do nothing. The icon of spell appears as active effect near the portrait of my character but weapon isin't summoned. I tried with both ranged and melee weapons setup and bare fist. There is no problem with summoning Firebrand from the scroll.
  2. Belt of Magran's Chosen doesn't help as same as Mith Fyr ;< It's funny that Frostfall, Firebrand and other elemental melee weapons prevent from arcane archer -5 acc penalty. Too bad those weapons can't be used with AA special arrows. I don't know if it's a bug, but summoning Kalakoth's Minor Blights from crafted scrolls do nothing. The icon of spell appears as active effect but weapon isin't summoned.
  3. Yeah. I mean it's shame that Black Bow isn't PL 7 spell. PL 7 is still endgame stuff but could be used in multiclass builds while in current state with the Black Bow spells on 8th it's impossible. So none tried Mith Fyr with arcane archer? I noticed that animation of Frostseeker changed a bit. Projectiles are faster, not so flashy and fly in straight line. Old version looked cooler. EDIT It doesn't work with Mith Fyr.
  4. Mith Fyr adds fire damage. Can it solve the problem of elemental attacks to avoid penatly from arcane archer? Or the damage type of the weapon has to be pure elemental. Too bad Black Bow isn't on PL 7. It would be interesting for multiclass characters to use that spell.
  5. Pull of Eora is one of my favorite spell since my last playthrough. Sparkcrackers and Dazzling Lights make sense. Btw, how your barbarian build with low deflection for barbaric retaliation worked out?
  6. Looks fun but it's rather hard to focus enemies in tight space. I wonder how it will work with Wahai Poraga or some other AoE weapon (or something with kind of splash damage like Keeper of the Flame).
  7. I agree with Gromnir. PoE ruleset was designed mostly by Josh Sawyer and he had long experience with D&D and AD&D before even joining Interplay. He knows what works well, what doesn't. Ofcourse Josh has his personal preferences in terms of game mechanica and he spoke about it in one of his videos. One of the principles behind PoE was to make unified core system. So it is accuracy for regular attacks, abilities and spells against certain types of defense. Defense instead of saving throws isn't new. I knew this type of stats from Star Wars Saga (d20 system). In D&D 3 while casting spell there was only one roll - target's saving throw against DC of 10 + attribute bonus + lvl of spell + misc. In PoE it's still one dice roll but instead of saving throws character which makes an attack roll the dice against static defense. So it's similar but the roles are switched. In D&D fluid defense vs static DC, in PoE fluid attack vs static defense. It isn't much different. Miss,graze,hit,crit are better imho than simply miss/hit/crit. At lower levels characters in D&D miss often. It's boring during the game both p&p a video adaptation. I remember my paladin swinging sword without any luck for turnes. Misses at lower levels made most people to stop playing Temple of Elemental Evil. Grazes are good option, can provide some satisfaction. And unification of core system is good for that. You can graze with debuff which is way better than all or none (like most debuffa in D&D). In D&D spells work in two ways. All or nothing, all or half damage (or small damage like 3k6 from failing Finger of Death). Instant killing spells or abilities aren't good if you can build character with high enough bonuses to make DC impossible to pass. I remember my solo runs as sorcerer and priest of Talos in Icewind Dale 2 or as sorc in NWN. I understand that instant killing spells are OP and I know that Josh doesn't like it either. Josh made interesting presentation of attributes system in PoE during GDC iirc. In AD&D scaling was terrible. In D&D were empty levels. No matter if your character has 10 or 11, 12 or 13 etc. It's stupid just like Bethesda's so called "Fallout 3" with skills like lockpicking. No matter if your character has it set to 50 or 74, it's the same value from system perspective. It's bad design. PoE attributes are way better in terms of scaling. They have lower impact on the game but still are pretty important to conisder. Resolve still is dump stat in some builds but it isn't the scale of D&D or even greater in second AD&D. Builds may change priorities. Like CC wizard focusing on Per/Int/Dex doesn't need Might at all while Evoker does. PoE give players more arbitrary choices during character creation. Ad&D wasn't intuitive at all. Thied edition changed it mostly for goos but 4th (while provides unification to core gameplay and character progression system) confused players with number of choices during character creation (all those powers). D&D 5 simplifies thing once again. PoE has two layers of mechanics. Simple on the surface (attack rolls, defensive, miss, graze, hit, crit) and complicated layer deeply burried under the first (action speed and recovery, additive/multiplicative formulas, stacking, armor penetration). It shouldn't be so complicated but understanding of that deeper layer and player's mathematic skills aren't necessery to have fun with the game. The reason for overcomplication, high numbers value and other things which are problematic to calcuate come from game being designed as computer RPG, not RPG.
  8. I would stick to the concept of wearing actual armor but with an option to just customise its looks as same as one can pick enchantements (some kind of list /options directly when player interacts with the item in inventory). I thing that making a sacrifice of armor (like with the pet machine) would be silly. It could be immersion breaking for someone - making a "sacrifice" to distil magical properties. It could work just as a game feature. You don't have to explain everything (like for example aiming in old Fallouts was just part of graphical user interface, but Bethesda added some stupid explenation to make V.A.T.S. in their post-apo Elder Scrolls series). I don't think that weapons should be possible for transmogs. Weapons have special animation effects during attacks.
  9. It's one of two things which disapointed me in Forgotten Sanctum (second is that archmages don't know about Arkemyr being killed by the Watcher). After you talked with Eothas at the end. Wael will destroy adra colossus, then the narrator is saying that statue lies smashed on pieces. Next slide... But Eothas managed to fulfil his plan. So Wael's intervention did nothing.
  10. 1. I did all Central Stacks with most of its areas, 2. I killed clone of Fyonlecg at the Oratory of Wael and then I returned to the Temple of Revelation. 3. I fought the Oracle and returned to the Temple of Revelation (first fight in different dimension). 4. I killed both Llengrath and Tayn at that moment. 5. Then I went to the Enclosures, killed Sissak and his colony, went down to Hall of Reconfiguration. 6. I did all things there and then I returned to Bakarna. I gave her books and proceed with her quest. She was thankful and interact with Fassina. She said we will talk upstairs and she left her cell. 7. I went back to the Temple of Revelation and Bakarna was hostile. Is this due to archmages death or she shouldn't turn hostile? Why would she turn hostile? She lost her mind and was unaware of Llengrath and Tayn in the Temple of Revelation.
  11. Is it possible? Can we have transmogrification in Deadfire? It would be cool. Art team did awesome work on 3D models, armors and weapons. Option to customize at least armor would be incredible. Like the new one similar to old Sanguine Plate from PoE. It looks beautiful and cool. It comes with the helmet for that particular set, but it's just normal helmet and I think that many players would like to wear magical item as headgear but customized to fits character's look. There are many items which look like designed to certain esthetics. Imagine - wearing items for their stats and be able to change their looks. I wish I could do that at least with armors, headgear and shields. We can transmog pets now...
  12. Is it possible? Can we have transmogrification in Deadfire? It would be cool. We can transmog pets now... EDIT Wrong forum... Please, delet this topic.
  13. LOL I forgot there is an option to change colors of my outfits. Here is animated version of the robe:
  14. It looks like Current's Rush upgrade Flow if triggered by offensive ability applies its effect to additional AoE attack. https://youtu.be/IlqEtd91-rw?t=83
  15. I think it was well done. You can ask about joining the circle and you won't be rejected by that idea. Only problem I have with Forgotten Sanctum is that archmages are aware about Concelhaut being defeated by player but they don't react to Arkemyr's death. I wished I could met Rymgrim, Minoletta and Kalakoth though ;< I'm going to Forgotten Sanctum with my third party and I plan to kill Llengrath and Tayn at the start this time xD
  16. DPS means nothing because you can't calculate universal outcome of your attacks (miss, graze, hit, crit) or armor penetration modifires.
  17. I wouldn't bother killing Sissak and his people after I showed him the contract, but I was just curious if he drop something more.
  18. I was wonder why I encountered only one hostile group (those bandits with figurine for sale) and the one after Hasongo (Eder's quest) throughout entire game...
  19. I assume he's in the backline and trying to avoid getting hit/interrupted, especially with all the crowd-control spells? Problem with illusionist is they really are just there to debuff/CC, very few material damage spells (as he mentioned). For a party, could be OK. Yes. Stay in the backline. With Rymgrind's Repulsive Visage you are almost untouchable in melee. High action speed and short recovery make casting time incredibly fast. Most of the time enemies will be locked down by CC spells to do anything. I used 3 melee characters (Eder as fighter/rogue tank, Pallegina paladin/fighter and Mirke as monk) and all of them had abilities to quickly teleport themself if help was necessery. Only 3 fights during entire game was difficult. Splintered Reef - enterance to the vault without distraction from Copperhead. Second was Maura/Weyc and the third one was Oracle.
  20. I showed contract to Sissak and resolved quest without conflict. Then I killed him and all his minions inside his nest. Slide at the end of the game shows that Sissak and his colony settled under Neketaka.
  21. I published my build from last playthrough. I had lots of fun with it: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/107446-class-build-tormentor-of-mind-and-body/ I never thought that illusions can be so enjoyable. Great CC capabilities.
  22. Sanity is a prison. Let madness release you. Some music inspiration from Poland. ===================================== Tormentor of Mind and Body It's excellent crowd controller and debuffer. ===================================== Difficulty = PotD v. 4.0 ----------------------------------------------------------------- Solo: untested ----------------------------------------------------------------- Class: Illusionist ----------------------------------------------------------------- Race: Pale Elf ----------------------------------------------------------------- Background: The White that Wends - Merchant ----------------------------------------------------------------- Base stats (without Berath's Blessings): MIG: 8 CON: 10 DEX: 19 PER: 20 INT: 18 RES: 3 ----------------------------------------------------------------- Skills: I picked Arcana and Bluff ----------------------------------------------------------------- Abilities (! - important, r - recommended) Thanks to grimoires it's often better to pick some defensive talents rather than spells. Bull's Will ® Combat Focus ® Spell Shaping (!) Two Weapon Style Farcasting (!) Rapid Casting (!) Uncanny Luck Improved Critical Spell Resistance Accurate Empower (!) Lasting Empower (!) Prestige (!) Spells (! - important, r - recommended) 1. Arkemyr's Dazzling Lights (!) - powerful debuff (-5 Might, -4 Penetration -10 Will), excellent vs damage dealers with low Will defense. Be sure to not hit your party or you know... NO PEN! Chill Fog (!) - long lasting debuff which blinds enemies and deal cold damage periodically. Blind is one of the most powerful status effect. This spell is targeting Fortitude. 2. Miasma of Dull-Mindedness (!) - long lasting debuff which will lower Perception, Intellect and Resolve of enemies by 10. It's nice because it means -10 Accuracy, shorter time of beneficial effects and longer time for your debuffs and overall worse Reflex and Will defense. It's grat for removing mind inspirations. Curse of Blackened Sight (!) - very long lasting blind debuff affecting only foes. It's better than Chill Fog against enemies with lower Will defense. 3. Ryngrim's Repulsive Visage (!) - it's one of the most powerful defensive-crowd controll spell in the game. It will last over 20 sec and trigger every 3 sec causing Sickened and Terrified afflictions. Most of the time it will prevent all surrounding oponents from attacking you. It will leave them vulnerable and allow you escape without provoking disengagement attacks. Llengrath's Displaced Image ® - I used it rarely, only when I was being hit by ranged attacks. Arcane Dampener ® - it suspends beneficial effects on your foes. Useful from time to time. 4. Pull of Eora (!) - too bad it isn't illusion spell. It's one of the most useful CC spell, especially combined with Wall of Many Colors or Call of Rymrgand (double pulling effect won't allow anyone escape). It served as my opener spell in most fights. Confuse ® - not so good as D&D version of this spell, but can serve for removing Intellect inspiration and causing friendly fire from hostile casters. 5. Ryngrim's Enervating Terror (!) - it will put Weakened and Terrified afflictions on your enemies for quite long time. Excellent CC spell but it has rather small radius (Spell Shaping comes handy with this one). Fear effects in this game are great because even if they won't blocke harmful actions of your oponents they will for sure lock use of active abilities. Arkemyr's Wondrous Torment ® - it lowers Perception, Intellect and Resolve of the target by 10 and when it expires it will jump two times causing half of this debuff to another foe. It's nice because it means -10 Accuracy, shorter time of beneficial effects and longer time for your debuffs and overall worse Reflex and Will defense. It's grat for removing mind inspirations. 6. Gaze of the Adragan (!) - another powerful illusion spell. Huge radius and paralyze for about 15 sec. It will give you enough time for cast some buffs, use consumables or destroy your oponents. 7. Concelhaut's Crushing Doom ® - great illusion spell but it requires certain grimoire (I prefer Grimoire of Vaporous Wizardy for additional spell use of every power level that's why I only recommend this spell). Nice damage over time, knocks target prone and lower its deflection. Because Illusionist can't cast Wall of Draining, Concelhatu's Crushing Doom is probably the best 7th level spell for that subclass. Most of the time I used Delayed Fireball if damages were needed. 8. Wall of Many Colors (!) - it's one of the best illusion spells. It may not seems like it, but trust me. The wall is loooooong and it will petrify, paralyze, dominate and damage all targets in the area of effect. It is so good. It is great in combination with Pull of Eora. Just cast Wall of Many Colors to hit the center of singularity. Pull of Eora will... pull enemies toward the wall and catch them. If they resist paralyze, petrification, then they will be dominated and switch side, constantly taking damage from the wall. It's very good for defense too. Just cast the wall on enemies surrounding you or your most injured party member. Be careful though to not step into the wall. I know it's shiny, but don't. Kalakoth's Freezing Rake ® - you know this is illusion spell? Very good damage. It will cause Weakened and Hobbled afflictions. Sometimes it's hard to target enemies precisly. Overall from 8th level spells I prefer Wall of Many Color. 9. Minoletta's Missile Salvo ® - best single target damage (or small squeezed group). Good if you need kill someone very quick and in most boss fights. Arcane Cleanse ® - I used it only once. Very situational but good. It sucks that there is no illusion spell from power level 9 (similar to level 7 with exception of Concelhaut's Crushing Doom). I would like to have an option from D&D, to memorize lower level spell in higher level slot. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Weapon proficiency: Scepter, Wand, Rod, Dagger, Arbalet, Quarterstaff, Small Shield, Unarmed (doesn't really matters) ----------------------------------------------------------------- Items (! - important, r - recommended) The Eye of Wael (!) - (upgrade: The Hundred Visions, Lidless Gaze) & A Whale of a Wand (!) (upgrade of personal choice, I picked: Tall Tales, Woven Waves) Whitewitch Mask (!) or Helm of the White Void ® Protective Eothasian Charm ® or Tears of Saint Makawo ® Aloth's Leather Armor ® - (upgrade: Elementally Stable, Known Casuality, Casually Fixed) or Robes of the Weyc soulbound ® Ring of Overseering ® & Chameleon's Touch ® Boots of the White ® -> Vithrack Silk Slippers ® Cloak of Greater Protection ® -> Nemnok's Cloak (!) or Shroud of the Phantasm ® Grimoire of Vaporous Wizardy (!) & Iron-Clasped Grimoire ® Firethrowers Gloves ® Upright Captain's Belt ® Pet: personal choice really. I used +5 dmg AoE (Watcher) +5% AoE radius (party), then +1 History/Metaphysics (Watcher) +5 Acc with spells (party) About items: The Eye of Wael is simple: +2 All Illusions Power Level, Lidless Gaze has almost instant cast time, huge area of effect and both Petryfied & Terrified afflictions are hard crowd control statuses. Additionaly 5% chance for random Illusion spell on target on scoring hit and 10% chance for invisibility for 8 sec after critical hit may seems little, but it will occure from time to time. A Whale of a Wand: it's one of the best items for offensive casters thanks to 5% chance for Charm the target (all those AoE ticking spells like Pull of Eora, Wall of Many Colors and other AoE spells in general can trigger those). Additionally 5% chance to cast Form of the Helpless Beast is always nice to have. Grimoire of Vaporous Wizardy: it grants one additional use of spell from all power levels. It comes with Confusion, Gaze of Adragan and Kalakoth's Freezing Rake (all illusion spells). Necklace & Rings: there are many interesting choices, depends on party composition and roles. I prefer to maximize Perception and some additional defense measures. Firethrowers Gloves: this item can be helpfull for scrolls and Minoletta's Missile Salvo. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Quick items ----------------------------------------------------------------- - Scrolls of Withdraw (I like this spell, it can be very helpfull in some fights) - Scrolls of Plague of Insects - Potions of Major Healing (or similar) - Potion of Spirit Shield or Iron Skin (because Illusionist can't cast Enchanting spells) Maybe I will upload some videos with that build and my party from last playthrough. I have one but it isn't as good as most of the actions.
  23. Neriscyrlas' Hope from Beast of Winter DLC provides Rightful Vengeance for the Watcher. Name of that ability (in polish version "Rightful Vengeance" = "Słuszna zemsta") doesn't work as link to description, so there is no way to check what the ability does.
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