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  1. I wished the option to become lich but it's probably too hard to implement and rather bad choice from the story perspective and reactivity.
  2. I would like to see great looking archmage's robe to wear by my wizard with cool stuff that rarely occures like for example every time you cast the spell wearing that robe you have 15% to restore 1 usage of spell from random PL you already casted during the combat. It seems high enough but there is very limited number of casts per combat so not great number of chances to trigger that effect. Consumable item from explosives type - Ondra's Touch - acc vs will, if hit targets loses all resources (from the pool used for active abilities) - or arcane dumpener grenades.
  3. I think new subclasses will be new. Companions and sidekicks should stay unique. It makes sense that there will be new priest of Woedica as playable subclass but no priest of Rymrgand because that role is filled by Vatnir. Players can download proper mods to play some of existing subclasses. I wonder how playing priest of Woedica will affect dialogs and the story. There are few quests when it can provide unique interactions. I guess we coudn't play as priest of Woedica in PoE 1 because of the main story.
  4. I hope one of the subclasses will be a wild mage or some kind of necromancer for wizard. I'm not sure about wild magic, but necromancy occures on Eora (quest in catacombs in PoE 1 or you know - Concelhaut). Wild magic could fit with Power Level mechanic. Some kind of flexible, unpredictable bonus or penalty to PL while using abilities or spells. I guess it's too late for such sugestions ;p Woedica's challenge seems cool. Ondra's and Wael too. And omg, that first screenshot. It's like the view taken from mysterious ancient labirynths on planet Hyperion (by Dan Simmons) or final visit on the Citadel in Mass Effect 3.
  5. It makes sense. I can't convince myself to use adventurers. I always go with companions or even sidekicks.
  6. I wonder. You are testing your characters for somw time, use console commands to speed up the proces or you are playing through enitre game with all those builds?
  7. Maybe it isn't the most effective way but most of my characters have higher Dex than Might. I go for Per > Dex > Int > Mig most of the time. Strange habit from Tyranny. I just don't feel bonus from average Might to be significant and I rarely put it to maximum value. I have similar habit from Lineage 2 (but there wasn't any stat distribution with exception of bonuses from tattoos). For some classes based on regular attack for dealing damage it was like: higher attack speed = more attacks in certain period of time = more opportunities to score critical hits. I should probably use some DPS calculator for Deadfire or sit down and do the math. Anyway, thanks for hint with Soulblade. Actually it's probably the only subclass of cipher which have sense while combined with wizard since damge from spells don't generate focus. I had fun with soulblade during the beta.
  8. Terrifying effects are OP in most fights. I'm playing pure illusionist currently. With few items boosting PL of illusion spells and metamagic ability to change radius of AoE spells I'm able to lock down most of combatants while rest of the party deal damage. I'm thinking now about monk/wizard or fighter/wizard with Ryngrim's Repulsive Visage and Zandethus' Draconic Fury along with other inspirations and protection spells.
  9. Anyone tested this spell? It seems like great addition to repertoire for wizard multiclassed with some martial class. Even if it comes near the endgame.
  10. It's sad ;< So I guess I will start over with that Magran/Evoker or Nalpazca/Troubadour. Maybe I should hire adventurers to test more builds at the same time.
  11. I'm thinking about thematic fire build and with Sun & Moon combined with Magran's Favor and Firethrower's Gloves it seems to be no-brainer. I wonder if is it worth to pick Priest of Magran/Evoker for greater variety and larger use of offensive spells with "fire" keyword and playing this character as damage dealer only? Or is it better to go full Priest of Magran or full evoker? Both have some "empty" PL like wizard's PL 6 or 8 without any fire spell. Sure, there are some awesome spells on those PL but without "fire" keword. On the other hand multiclassinng prevent from using Heand of Weal and Woe, Symbol of Magran and Magran's Might or in case of pure evoker - Meteor Shower. Not to mention lower bonuses from max PL. Second thought is about build dealing passive damage. I'm thinking about nalpazca/troubadour with Rooting Pain, Soft Winds of Death or Dragon Trashed, with Blackened Plate Armor upgraded to Usher's Visage. I know that Dragon Trashed is weaker than in PoE 1 but I'm thinking about party with all companions/sidekicks who can multiclass with chanter (Pallegina, Konstanten, Fassina, Tekehu). I'm currently playing as unbroken/trickster stacking deflection for riposte, leveling until I get One Dozen Stood for disengagement attacks. I'm not sure if is it possible, but I'll try to exploit Terrified affliction to make enemies run away from my tank for free disengagement attacks. Anyone tried some of these ideas before?
  12. Yeah I managed to split-pull 2 panthers with 1 wurm and drake at the same time then finish the rest at the center of dig site.
  13. 1. Fighting with 2 beettles pulled few skeletons, revenant and rotghast at the same time (those monsters were guarding bottom right corner of the map on the platform with locked chest. After dealing with that group I noticed that combat music didn't end. I run to Beodul. 2. Skeletons (those who guard wooden bridges in the cave) were attacking Beodul, so I rescued him but he just said the thing he is saying when you deal with the traps and left the area, while the traps were still there. 3. Engaging in combat in flooded street area in Port Maje pull all groups together. 4. Engwitan digsite ended up pulling all boars, panthers, wurms and drake at the same time each time I tried split-pull enemies. Using choke point near the ladder makes that combat doable but it's still a nightmare.
  14. to clarify -- the looters can be separated, and if you didn't manually separate them before, you fought them all at once. This was true pre-3.1, and can confirm with my very new run that they can still be separated into separate encounters. I coudn't split-pull them so I just rush with Eder to the bottom right corner of the map while sneaking rest of te party to confront Ilari. Eder's armor is nice diversion.
  15. I was surprised in the cave in Vilario's Rest, when during the very first fight with two beettles I faced few skeletons, Revenant and Rotghast at the same time (those monsters were guarding that upper platform with the chest in the bottom right corner of the map prior to 3.1). You know what, this happened to me too on a new playthrough. I wonder if this pulling behavior is actually just a bug? Because it seems weird to want to make Vilario's Rest any harder. It's much easier than drake in engwitan dig site with all boars, panthers and wurms at the same time, but I found nice spot to beat them. Only that drake with breath attack can be painful. Maybe it is better to hire some adventurers instead of going only with Eder and Xoti.
  16. I was surprised in the cave in Vilario's Rest, when during the very first fight with two beettles I faced few skeletons, Revenant and Rotghast at the same time (those monsters were guarding that upper platform with the chest in the bottom right corner of the map prior to 3.1).
  17. I started new run on 3.1 patch. I noticed that some beasts (wurms) get enrage after killing one of them and they gain inspirations for each kil. It looks like Galawain's Challenge but I'm sure I didn't pick any challenge nor blessing. It's pure PotD run. Is it itended?
  18. I have the same problem any time I level up my characters, weapons disappear.
  19. Do you want atomic bomb? Here we go: Feargus Urquhart's firm called Dark Rock Industries Limited have rights to Pillars of Eternity franchise as card game, RPG and computer games. I guess it's "the Llengrath's Safeguard" for Pillars of Eternity. Consider this: Feargus was CEO of Black Isle (cell of Interplay focused on cRPG genre). They published Baldur's Gate and produced Fallout 1 & 2, Planescape: Torment, Icewind Dale series. After fall of Interplay rights for AD&D products have gone to Atari, rights for Fallout was bought by Bethesda. Tim Cain, Leonard Boyarsky, Jason Anderson formed Troika Games. They produced Arcanum, The Temple of Elemental Evil, Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines. Arcanum was published by Sierra and after shutdown of Sierra the rights for Arcanum have gone to Activision. Activision isn't interested in that franchise itself or selling the rights. ToEE was owned by Atari. Paradox Interactive bought White Wolf so they have rights to entire World of Darkness. Obsidian was formed. They did 2 sequels to BioWare's games. KotOR II was published by LucasArts (which was shutdown by Disney and Disney has licences agreements with EA). NWN 2 and its expansions was properties of Atari. Then Obsidian made Alpha Protocol, which was published by SEGA. Chris Avellone wrote design documents for sequel but SEGA wasn't interested in making that game. Obsidian made spin-off to their old franchise of Interplay - Fallout: New Vegas (Tim Cain - father of Fallout works in Obsidian since Troika went down) for Bethesda. Obsidian made Dungeon Siege III for Square Enix. And they made South Park: The Stick of Truth for UbiSoft. And funny fact - rights for Tyranny are owned by Paradox Interactive. They lost rights for every fracking game that Feargus Urquhart and most of his coworkers made since 1997 to this very day. There is Pillars of Eternity ofcourse. But it isn't owned by Obsidian but - like I mentioned - Dark Rock Industries Limited, which is owned by Feargus Urquhart. I gues it's clever protection for the franchise. If Obsidian goes down by bankruptcy or by hostile takeover etc., rights for Pillars of Eternity won't be lost. Feargus can gather poeple and make great come back with well known series. It has even more sense now, when all the rumors about Microsoft buying Obsidian are flying arround. Dark Rock (Industries Limited) sounds pretty similar to Black Isle, you know? https://trademarks.justia.com/owners/dark-rock-industries-limited-3316531/
  20. I would recommend you to select her as a full cipher... what I did was that using dual maces and superb war bow... set her as a charming and dominating specific having all the charming, damaging and controlling skills + the cipher passive skills for penetration. I did this because I needed her for the beast of winter quest and one of the hardest things of this request was killing the messenger. he had a risen paladin with great buff and constitution, also had great mind defenses so I had this great cipher which dominated this minion and put the messenger to fight it... it was great... Controlling enemies is always fun in PoE. Good for solo runs.
  21. So I played with cipher in my party only once, back in first PoE and I'm not sure what works really well with that class in Deadfire. I would like to use Ydwin (probably as single-class cipher) for CC (freightening effects especially but I don't mind other afflictions and raw damage) and ranged weapons. I guess blunderbus are still awesome for building focus? Most builds on this forum are focused on Ascendant or Soul Blade subclass. I'm looking for something specifically designed for Ydwin - in terms of gear mostly and hidden synergies.
  22. What do you think about using Champion's Helm (SSS), freightening buckler (SSS - I forget the name) and One Dozen Stood armor (BoW)? I was searching some stuff to make similar build for disengagement attacks caused by fear.
  23. I read Jason Schreier's book - "Blood, Sweat and Pixels" and he wrote interesting things about Obsidian making Stormlands which was canceled and situation of Ensemble. Without supervision from Microsoft Ensemble divided itself into few cliques which were making sci-fi Diablo clone, sci-fi WoW clone and console RTS while main team was warking on Age of Empires. It seamed that Microsoft didn't care much about things going on in Ensemble as long as they were working on Age of Empires 3 and later when console RTS was swtiched into Halo Wars. But the troubles came later.
  24. @Sotnik13 Check my Eccentric Scepter-trick build for assassin/helwalker based on scepters: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/102491-class-build-eccentric-scepter-trick-shadowdancer/
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