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  1. Stacking healing effects makes entire party immortal. I miss old health/endurance system. Minor Intercession + Symbol of Eothas it's enough most of the time and if not there are other effects like Moonwell or Moon's Light. Healer can cast one or two spells working over time and focus on dealing damage.
  2. In my case it's not only that status effects are out of screen but entire main GUI bar is on the top layer above lists of active buffs/debuff. It's hard to know if something like swift flurry is still active or not while tooltip is hidden:
  3. @Boeroer I tested my Eccentric Scepter-trick build with current patch playing Beast of Winter on PotD and it works as fine as before. New scepter from DLC - Current's Rush is nice addition to the build. You can update game version in description of the build. Game still needs some balance, that new content is too easy ;<
  4. I have the same issue since June: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/102148-active-effects-window-displayed-behind-gui-hotkeys-and-main-abilities-bar/ I'm playing at 1920x1080.
  5. I figurred it out. First you have to drain all water pools from south and west side of the map until only two sunked area near the entrance lef (east side of the map) t. Then you should go back to throne room and left the area to central hub via portal. Then enter again so you will start the area from the beginning. Now when two of the nearest water pools are full, you should go through northern portal and hit the switch there and now you have clear way to the throne room through few portals. You enter the throne room in north-west area where the scepter was and the floor is clear to explore.
  6. I figurred it out. First you have to drain all water pools from south and west side of the map until only two sunked area near the entrance lef (east side of the map) t. Then you should go back to throne room and left the area to central hub via portal. Then enter again so you will start the area from the beginning. Now when two of the nearest water pools are full, you should go through northern portal and hit the switch there and now you have clear way to the throne room through few portals. You enter the throne room in north-west area where the scepter was and the floor is clear to explore.
  7. I have extreme input lag whenever I click on item in inventory screen. Like 2 sec before item is picked and can be move to different character or inventory slot. I never had that issue before but I didn't play Deadfire since second half of june and now I'm playing Beast of Winter ofcourse.
  8. 1. I need another priest other than Xoti. Rekke would be cool or maybe Konstanten. There are other monks and barb and chanters. 2. Turn Fassina into single class wizard or pure wizard/druid (I know she summoned all imps in Arkemyr's mansion but I think the only good choice for mage is pure mage or evoker).
  9. I will check it after work. If not iron will then the one that grants bonus against intellect or resolve aflictions. EDIT: Yep, it's not Iron WIll, I picked Slippery Mind (power lvl 6 rogue ability).
  10. I posted my latest build. It isn't crazy OP, but it's really fun to play: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/102491-class-build-eccentric-scepter-trick-shadowdancer/
  11. As I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will be afraid for I have low resolve As I walk through the Fampyr's Crypt or Splintered Reef I will be charmed and dominated for I have low resolve But I will kill them all, eventually! ===================================== Eccentric Scepter-trick It's single target dps and good debuffer ===================================== Difficulty = PotD v. 1.1 ----------------------------------------------------------------- Solo: no fraking way (spoken with Starbuck's voice) ----------------------------------------------------------------- Class: Helwalker / Assassin ----------------------------------------------------------------- Race: Hearth Orlan ----------------------------------------------------------------- Background: The White that Wends - Hunter ----------------------------------------------------------------- Base stats: MIG: 15 CON: 10 DEX: 18 PER: 20 INT: 10 RES: 4 ----------------------------------------------------------------- Skills: doesn't matter really, I prefer Mechanics, Stealth, Streetwise, Bluff, Intimidate ----------------------------------------------------------------- Talents (! - important, r - recommended) Rogue: Backstab ® Crippling Strike (!) => Arterial Strike (!) Dirty Fighting (!) Smoke Veil ® Deep Wounds (!) Finishing Blow (!) => Devastating Blow (!) Slippery Mind ® Deathblows (!) Slippery Mind (!) Monk: Swift Strikes (!) => Lightning Strikes (!) Lesser Wounds (!) Dance of Death (!) => Enduring Dace (!) Soul Mirror ® Duality of Mortal Presence - Mind (!) Thunderous Blows (!) Iron Wheel (!) The Dichotomous Soul ® General talents: Two Weapon Style (!) Tumbling ® Uncanny Luck ® Improved Critical (!) Potent Empower ® Misc Talents: Couldron Brew (+1 PER) - location with witches and inprisoned alchemist Effigy's Resentment: Sagani - PoE 1 (+1 PER) - I didn't sacrifice anyone in Deadfire though ;< Gift from the Machine - obvious ----------------------------------------------------------------- Weapon proficiency: Destructive Channeling (Scepter) ----------------------------------------------------------------- Items: Weapon set: The Eye of Wael (!) & Keybreaker Scepter ® > Current's Rush (!) Boots: Pathfinder's Boots ® Head: Acina's Tricorn => Blackblade's Hood (!) Armor: Miscreant's Leathers or Devil of Caroc Breastplate or Gipon Prudensco Neck: Precognition (!) Cloak: Cloak of Deflection or Cloak of Protection or Nemnok's Cloak or The Giftbearer's Cloth (if you invest in History skill) Belt: Trollhide Belt ® Rings: Ring of Greater Regeneration (!) & Ring of the Marksman (!) Hands: Killer's Gloves (!) or Burglar's Gloves ® Qucik slots: poisons ® Pet: the one which restore health after kill ® for early game ----------------------------------------------------------------- Strategy and tips: You will be squishy at the start of the game, but later on - not so much. Damage output per attack looks like: 25-50 early game 45-70 mid game 75-140 end game Destructive Channeling should be activated all the time (+20% dmg +2 Penetration). Always begin combat in stealth mod, use Swift Strikes with Dance of Death (or improved version of those abilities) and Thunderous Blows for Tenacious inspiration. Those should provide you accuracy and penetration to deal critical hits most of the time and overpenetration in every attack you score. Scepters deal blunt damage so there isn't much creatures with good damage reduction against blunt. Assassination affects only primary attack even if you use full attack abilitiy. In the early game you can use Escape but I recommend to respec after a while. I tried to use Smoke of Veil but it is not worth for damage output, only for survival. Smoke Veil is bugged in the way that you won't benefit from inspiration casted by your party while you are invisible so no Blessing/Dire Blessing or Devotion of the Faithful. Smoke Veil has pretty long recovery time until it gives oportunity to deal more damage so I don't think it is good option for additional Assassination from stealth. And Smoke Veil is expensive (2 Guile). I use Crippling Strike (Arterial Strike) because it's full attack and allow to deal huge damage in short period of time and it costs only 1 Guile. Other than that, it put affliction on the target. Then I use Finishing Blow (Devastating Blow) to kill the target. WIth 3 Guile you will kill almost every enemy in combat or bring them to near death status. I never really used Dichotomous Soul but it is probably good (I guess because it was really painful when fampyr dominated my char and kill 1-2 party members few times ;p ). The Eye of Wael was nerfed in 1.1 but it is still one of the best scepter in the game: Obfuscation: 10% chance to become Invisible for 8 sec. on scoring Critical Hit. It should give you Assassination bonus to next attack but it seems to be bugged and while the character become invisible, there is no Assassination indicator among other active effects. I didn't saw Assassination in attack/damage formula in case of attacks made from Obfuscation invisibility. Illusive Spell: 5% chance to cast random Illusion spell on target on scoring hit (it's good). Shourded Strike: 10% chance to cast random Affliction on target on scoring crit (awesome for sneak attack). Keybreaker Scepter was nerfed. Projectile bouncing to nearby target among with Swift Flurry pre 1.1 patch could kill 3 targets after one critical hit. Not so awesome right now but it is still good weapon: Frighten Kith targets on Crit. +10 Defenses (escept Deflection) for 30 sec for nearby allies on scoring kill with Keybreaker. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Party synergies ----------------------------------------------------------------- I played with Serafen (Barb), Konstanten (Howler), Fassina (Sorcerer) and Xoti (Priest). Druid's regeneration spells like The Moon's Light or The Moonwell are great to dminish unhealthy effect of Destructive Channeling. Devotion of the Faithful and Dire Blessing are too good to skip. I really love Symbol of Eothas as healing/damage AoE effect along with Minor Intercession. You will need Intellect and Resolve inspiration to deal with fampyrs and liches (it looks like they made charm/domination and fear effect to deal with characters with dumped resolve after 1.1). Seriously, if you don't break domination, your eccentric scepter-trick watcher will kill few party members. In battles against liches you will cringe in the corner throughout the entire fight. Master your CC I used Barbaric Yell (then Barbaric Shout, Dazing Shout) to put affliction on enemies in huge area. Druid's Returning Storm & Relentless Storm are great for sneak attack. The same with wizard's spell like still OP Chill Fog ;] The game gives you nice amount of options to use CC. Lightning Strikes stacks with Mith Fyr's burning lash. Prior to that phrase, Ancient Memory is handy to diminish Destructive Channeling raw damage. Some stats from Ukaizo:
  12. I finished game as helwalker/assassin armed with scepters. I obtained the Eye of Wael after beta 1.1 hit the game so that scepter was already nerfed and chance for invisibility was lowered from 25% to 10% to trigger on critical hits. Assassinate occures with primary attack from stealth and assassinate has graphic indicator among other active effects (violet dagger). It works with attack from stealth mod, it works with attack made from Smoke Veil but it doesn't seem to work with attack made from invisibility triggered by crits from the Eye of Wael. 10% chance for invisibility on crit is rare in practice while it can be easily noticed because character's 3D model is visualy distinct while in stealth or active invisibility. If the Eye of Wael triggers invisibility, then there is no graphical indicator for Assassinate and no modificators in the formula of primary attack made from that invisibility state. I should make more tests but it seems that Wael's scepter invisibility isn't even listed among other active effects when occures while character's model becames invisibile in graphical way.
  13. I coudn't attach save file because it's too big so in the first post I put a link to save file stored in dropbox. I'm not sure if polish language can be obstacle but probably it doesn't matter and when the save will be loaded it will use language which is set in game client?
  14. As the topic says, I pick Rymrgand vision for Eora and after Xoti spoke her line and entire conversation ended, nothing happened. I can control my party, I can't start another conversation with Eothas or leave the area. End of the game won't trigger. Save file
  15. Yes. In my game it is displayed behind GUI. Please, move this topic to Technical Support section, it looks like bug.
  16. Am I the only one who can't see ful llist of effects affecting my party? I mean at the main screen while in combat. Every time I hover mouse over portraits it showes a window with all resistances, aflictions, inspiration etc. and that window is always hidden behind list of abilities bound to hotkeys and main bar of the GUI. Chosing different scheme of user interface won't help and I'm not happy to change current setup. I constantly have to open character sheets to see if lightning strike on my monk is active or any different abilities which can be hidden behind interface.
  17. I think that there are only few high difficulty skill checks because new system was designed in the way that players have very few points to buy skills, literally one for each category per level. Too high difficulty checks would ruin experience because the world has open structure. There is no way to anticipate where player will go or in which order, to properly set all tests for his skills. Even if you put all points in one skill there would be a chance that you still can't succes in several numbers of skill chceks. It could work only if the system was based on active RNG tests to balance the result. In current state it just checks if your skill is equal or higher than DC. It's all or none and the game knows it from the advance. Some world map interactions test all characters in skills like Athletics or Stealth so there is a reason to put few points in those for everyone. There are items which grant scaling bonuses based on the value of certain skills. The party can help Watcher in his skillchecks by adding few points from companions, but you need at least 1 point invested in such skill. Another reason for only few high DC is that there are some skills which require another skill to work. Fro example you can't steal without stealth enabled. Some locks can be picked only if you use stealth etc. More skills in single playthrough work for better experience in the game world and combine coherent mechanics.
  18. It sounds like bug to me. Check integrity of your installation on Steam/GOG, make sure to update GPU drivers. I never heard of such problem.
  19. I can see few reasons. First of all, it comes directly from Baldur's Gate. That game was RTS called Battleground Infinity until BioWare made a deal with Interplay, used AD&D and Forgotten Realms licenses and turn it into cRPG in quasi real time with pause. It has sense because tabletop RPG evolve from strategy games. If you look at Baldur's Gate which PoE uses as a template, there was black fog of war in unexplored areas and fog of war in explored areas. It worked in the same way as it worked i RTS games, for example StarCraft. And like I mentioned, BG in early development was RTS game. All Infinity Engine games had huge range of spells and ranged weapons. Range od those were set to "in the line of sight" mostly. You could cast fireball from huge distance as long as you had line of sight. You could use bow to shoot someone from very far. Fog of war was supposed to set some limit to that range. Why fog of war is in explored areas? In Infinity Engine games it was caused by technology. I guess. It is probably hard to limit character's line of sight if you put that character in 2d background without tilesets but with complex gemoetry. What I mean, for example you explored some dungeon and after some events, in one room few corridors prior to your current position some NPC appeared. With fog of war you are unaware of that, even if you already explored that area. It has sense. You see the map, because you remember visited places but you don't know what else is there right now. You don't see through walls, arround the corner. Remember that first BG used 640x480 resolution so visible distance was really short and I guess it was one of the design rules from RTS that most fights should take place on one screen in that resolution to avoid too much chaos and keep player's attention on squeezed combatants rather than moving cammera for long disntance to target another enemy far away. Classic Fallout games didn't have fog of war at all. With high enough Perception, some perks and high weapon's skills you could kill groups of people from huge distant being completly safe. Somehow it is realistic, but games, especially cRPG have rules and are attached to them through all the time without exceptions.
  20. But New Vegas is the true continuation to Fallout series, unlike Fallout 3 an 4 xD
  21. Why some high level spells like Minoletta's Missile Salvo, Meteor Shower, Storm of Holy Fire have only red AoE circle? It's against basic design of Intellect, which incrases radius of AoE abilities with the yellow cricle which won't harm friendly targets. In Pillars game mechanics come first. It can be seen in attributes' design. Like old arguments about "why Might boost damage of spell and my mage is beefy?". So I won't buy any explenation like for example "Meteor Schower is such destrictive force that no one can evade it". It still can miss. So why only red circle while Fireballs, Chill Fog and more have red+yellow circles thanks to high Int?
  22. Beta patch 1.1. and Devotion of the Faithful still doesn't work on invisible ally.
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