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  1. [sidenote] It'd be nice to have a RPG where you can control the death star :D [/sidenote] Maybe by pushing the planet into a sun? Or some mega explosives?
  2. I was browsing the KotoR sound files, when I came across an interesting batch of unused speech from Carth. He said he'd found a "swoop droid" that could take us anywhere, at a faster speed than walking... I think it'd be nice to have these in KotoR 2. A nice driving mini-game, perhaps running down innocents if you really want to be evil. What do you lot think?
  3. What happened 1000 years after kotor? And what colour were anakin's underpants?
  4. I don't remember that happening in the film... Anyway, I think there's a difference between becoming a force ghost and becoming one with the force... Or perhaps a jedi can bring himself back into the real world briefly. Whatever. Just spewing ideas now.
  5. I like the British accent, because I am one. And I'm sick of American accents everywhere :/ Gotta admit, I did fancy her for a while. But that didn't last past Dantooine.
  6. Please add words other than "moocha shaka paka". For the love of all that is good and right in the world! PLEASE!
  7. I'd like to see sidequests have more of an affect on the game, such as NPCs talking about them, going away for a while, etc. I'd really like to see BG2-style ownership of different structures depending on your class (If you don't remember, Fighters could get a stronghold, Mages a Planar Sphere, Paladins a spot in the Radiant Heart temple, etc). I'd have liked to own the Sith Academy in KotOR, even though storywise it was impossible (would Malak really allow Revan to own his academy?) Sidequests are definitely a good thing though, like Thief 3's wandering the city... Many a time I was caught up in a battle between Hammerites and Pagans. Sidequests help to break the flow, and keep you entertained and not bored. A useful thing for a game.
  8. 3D costs extra. And Telos is still recovering, so they don't have the money.
  9. There are those who reskin player heads I'm sure there'll be plenty new ones, especially if the release a modding toolkit.
  10. Why? They're minor asides to create a small joke. MP2 had a tribute to the creator of the kung fu mod for the original game, which i liked. I mean, I'd LIKE to have a bar called the Quasar Bar, a tribute to me. But it ain't gonna happen.
  11. Sounds very like Morrowind, and not like the D20 ruleset at all.
  13. I'd say get the PC version... PC > consoles no matter what anyone says. I'm a UK-er myself, so I hope for fairly swift delivery from amazon.co.uk
  14. and HG2G easter eggs. Oh, and terry pratchett, because terry pratchett rules.
  15. You scare me. Actually you remind me of this guy on the MPHQ forum who did exactly the same thing. He scared me too.
  16. I agree that El Georgeo has taken a turn for the worst, but then HE isn't developing the game, is he? :D
  17. I wonder how many horny 10-year-olds'll make a female wearing practically nothing?
  18. I heard a rumour there's a third Baldur's Gate in the works. Don't know the truth of that.
  19. I wish you'd stop complaining about being forced to play a jedi. If you don't want to, DON'T BUY THE GAME. Simple.
  20. Thirded. I'd like to edit my appearance a lot more than just picking a head. Oh, and we need more heads
  21. I quite liked it... Made me feel all heroic. Especially since that PC head looks so much like me it's amazing.
  22. Nice new shots... Nice ones... And I believe that the "evil atris" is just the PC from the second half of the trailer.
  23. I want better info in the text boxes. I want to know exactly how many dark side points I gained, and most importantly what items i gained and lost. Take the case of the jawas on Tattoine. They promise you a "great reward" yet at the end of it you just see "items gained"... WHAT items? WHAT did they give you? We'll never know. But at least this can be fixed for the sequel, right? All I ask is proper notification of what's going on. Can't be THAT hard, can it?
  24. I want to see Trask's wife with another man. Because it would be funny.
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