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  1. Before I go off on a rant let me state I do really like this game. I have only played it through once being LS and I am sure that playing through DS will be satisfying as well. However the technical problems are doing my head in. The framerate at times is really bad, slowing down for no apparant reason. Its worse than the first game which is suprising as it is the same engine and it should have been optomised more. Also one time I was running around Duxon, I walk past a tree, next thing I know I am stuck in between a branch half way up the tree. I couldnt get out and had to reload. Using the triggers to move between menu's is slow and sometime have to wait for the menu to catch up. Sometimes my character wont attack an enemy (even when in combat mode and being aggresive). I have also had the game crash once while loading a section of the map. The dialogue tree's seem broken at times, with characters saying the same dialogue twice in a row. Some of the characters dont seem to have a lot to say and feel rather underdeveloped. Although I will hold back on judgment till I have played a few times, as I might not have had enough influence. . It just didnt have the same effect as the dialogue in kotor, my anger at carth accusing me and the fun I had at winding up bastila. Although I did have a giggle about parkign in the handmaidens landing ramp. As much as I do like the story it doest have the same effect as the first one when I found out I was revan or when bastila told me she loved me at the end. the game just feel horribly un-finished and rushed. the whole thing about before anyone starts flaming let me reiterate I did really enjoy this game and some of these issues might get resolved through repeated playthroughs. I do enjoy the influence system (though it does feel slightly underdeveloped) and I thought the peragus, telos and duxon/onderon levels were great.. I just wish the developers had, had the chance to finish the game properly. In saying that I am back to off to play DS.
  2. http://www.gamespot.com/news/2004/10/29/news_6111893.html This link says that there will be stories called the chronicles of the old republic put on the new kotor 2 website.
  3. I dont see how Bill Gates getting a pie thrown at him has anything to do with KOTOR 2. I stay in the UK and the xbox and pc version are coming out the same time in Feb. Anyway even if it did come out before, I wouldnt see it as MS fault, its really up to LA.
  4. In Kotor 2 I think it has been confirmed that there will be a love interest in it. Has anyone mentioned if there will be more than one to go for. for example it would have been cool in kotor if you could recruit Yuthura and then make Bastila jelous. Maybe take it further with one trying to make u go darker and the other pushing you to go light. Make them both fight over you, that would be sweet. Muhahahaha
  5. So now you have had a chance to play it through, is the Dark side a more calculated type of evil rather than the bullying that seemed to take up most (though not all) of the original. I enjoyed playing darkside in the first one, I enjoyed killing Juhani and then telling Beylaya that she had it coming :D
  6. just be glad you aint waiting on Duke Nukem forever /hides
  7. I was at the gamestars live expo in London at the weekend. When I was at the Activision stand they gave me a mag with all there games coming this year. It had kotor 2 on it and says that it will be coming out in December. Didnt give a precise date though. I thought it might come out in the US in December, but i didnt think that it would in europe (we always get shafted).
  8. I think it has to do with them having the game further along than they thought. They are just saying winter 04 so that they can cover all there bases. if it comes out at xmas they are correct, if it comes out in Feb they are correct. Is it not something to do with the financial calender, I think that is why winter can cover the beginning of the following year. I just hope that if it comes out this year, that it comes out in the UK at the same time. I am sick to the back teeth with games getting delayed because we have to wait for the game to be translated into german, french etc. It is even worse when a game is developed in the UK, the comes out on the US first, ala Fable and GTA
  9. Sorry thought it was the Gamespot one you were talking about (really should look at the writing (dalm it). Anyway in the gamespot updated preview it says the game is based 2 years after the first one. Again sorry, on the plus side, I have just realised that there is a new preview to read.
  10. It also says it takes place 2 years after the original. I thought it was 5
  11. There is an updated preview on Gamespot of kotor 2. It includes details about a planet called Onderon, which is apparantly like taris. It includes a video with the producer, which I aint watched yet as I am at work. http://www.gamespot.com/pc/rpg/kotor2/preview_6102626.html
  12. there was a delay of a few months last time around. if it comes out Feb in America, it wont come out till around easter here.
  13. I stay in the UK, so I am a bit concerned that Kotor 2 will come out here after the proposed release date. Has anyone heard any information that it will be released in America first and then later to europe? I dont want to get the PC version (which I could buy from amazon, I could get the xbox version, but it wouldnt run on my xbox). I would rather play it on my xbox (big screen tv, surround sound, big sofa etc) B)
  14. I to would like to see some of the characters from Kotor 1, but I would rather them be part of mini quests. If you didnt bother with the side quests you wouldnt meet them, you would only here about them. However if you did do them it would expand the story and give you the back story of what happend to them since the end of kotor. I think it would be a nice bonus for fans of the original.
  15. I didnt realise that it only part one. Feb seems a real long way away. O well at least there are some good games coming out before the end of the year to pass the time.
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