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  1. Those pics seem to have really high contrast or exaggerated colours. The Ebon Hawk's changed colour scheme is interesting, the red and white may reflect the ship's status. Diplomatic vessels in star wars have a red colour scheme (see the blockade runner in A new hope, the vessel obi wan and qui gon arrive at naboo on in ep1 and the Jedi fighter in ep2). Just speculation. Might just be odd lighting or screen capture settings.
  2. Probably helps old Jawas cross the space lane... Instead of rightfully force-pushing them into oncomming traffic. I wonder if you can take on multiple apprentices. So few master jedi about these days, why not? class field trip to the star forge. I wonder if you can get those fruit bowl helmets and blaster training droids...
  3. I have read most of the NJO EU books. Not any of the ones immediately after OT. I might sometime. He might have been trying to tempt the anger out of Luke, but I doubt he wanted himself to be maimed in the process. The Emperor could have done without both of them really. Vader was too attached to his children, Luke too attached to his sister and friends. He was confident he could get them both to serve him. Look where that got him.
  4. Sunry's quest was a test over what's the truth worth. Do you convict a man who's a Republic war hero? Damaging the Republic in the process? Do you serve justice or do you serve the Republic. Would you have come to a different conclusion if the victim was not a Sith? Does the fact that the victim was a Sith, but not only a sith, but a Dark Jedi, have bearing upon your decision? I quite liked the quest's test of moral character, however I did not enjoy all the running around it entailed. While more interesting than the general Fedex quests there's a limit to how many times you run back and f
  5. Vader didn't really fight luke? He got hammered. I don't think he willingly let luke run up to him, bash his ass to the floor and cut his hand off. Not after taunting him out. Control stifles the raw power of the force.
  6. The climactic Saber battle on Bespin's cloud city... Vader: Luke, I know what you're getting for christmas this year Luke: No! That's impossible! How! Vader: I have felt your presents. Corny, but don't blame me. It was a tv ad. I prefer the idea of retaining your identity to be something learned rather than a question of power.
  7. he did? Yes, he did. In the final Saber battle in ROTJ he gave in to hate and anger and beat the crap out of Vader, cut his hand off. Threw his saber away and confronted the Emperor.
  8. He's refered to as Emperor Palpatine after The original Trilogy. Being able to throw lightning out of his fingertips also points, somewhat, to him being a dark-sider Not to mention that the political movements in the new trilogy show Palpatine gaining sole control over the republic leading to the disolving of the republic, the creation of the imperial senate etc. Don't forget the physical and oral resembelence either.
  9. Of course, you don't know what Luke had drunk at that ewok celebration. Could have had anything in it, them being a tribal culture. Maybe he was just hallucinating?
  10. Whatever policies Luke chose to base the NJO on, falling to the dark side remains the same path. I can't see how personal interpretation affects the path. If Luke decreed that using force lightning in defense of others was ok, it would still lead to the darkside, regardless of intentions. Problem with Qui-gon's example is that, if you look at the grand context of the Kotor game, the credits you "liberate" from people via force persuade can be used to purchase weapons and equipment which furthers your cause to save the galaxy. So is that a bad act? Its still forcing people against their wil
  11. If you can stomach the "love scenes" in Episode 2, rewatch Palpatine talking to Anakin. Anakin considders Palpatine as almost a father figure/mentor.
  12. Just found a snippet by George about this topic. Apparrently Blue Glowies are not supposed to be able to retain their identities, but Ben Kenobi spent a lot of his time in seclusion learning how to retain his personality for a length of time after his death.
  13. Because the events are Galaxy spanning. A single planet would have a governer that you'd have to destroy, but they wouldn't be the most powerful, thus you'd probably get smooshed by some bigger honcho sent to put an end to you. Plus its more interesting.
  14. It seems Jedi can retain their identity once they become one with the force, but not for very long. Obi Wan retains his identity until 4 years after the battle of Endor then finally becomes truely one with the force. Why some and some do not become blue glowies is unclear. Dark Side users seem more resiliant to losing their identity like Exar Kun on Yavin and so on. It could be something to do with the Dark Side using the force as a tool for their own ends, manipulating it, while the Light side uses it as a guide.
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