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  1. The solution is simple - I ignore it. KotOR 2 has lost all interest for me. Why? Lucasarts. I'm in serious doubt now as to whether I'll even bother with KotOR 3 if and when it comes out. I now spend my time playing Planetside (I'd recommend it to anyone) and playing the guitar. For those of you who are still waiting for this music patch, don't bother. Go do something else with your life. This is probably a spam topic, but I had to get that off me chest.
  2. Personally, I quite liked Morrowind. It gets repetitive at times, but you can have some incredibly personal adventures if you roleplay. Plus the thousands of mods out there give you everything from incredible vampire powers to your own galleon... Ok, so it gets boring after a while, but the sheer freedom in it keeps you playing for ages.
  3. And this, folks, is why the human race is doomed. We have, as you can see, come from a simple discussion about the length of fictional spacecraft that do not exist to what can only be described as... Wierdness. Truly, these are the end times.
  4. I tend to run through a game in every possible way. Good and evil, male and female, every kind of class. I usually LIKE to play mage/wizard type classes, but end up getting smacked down :/ Oh, and wherever possible I use two swords. Much cooler.
  5. I had this problem as well - It's the first time you get separated, and all you need to do is use the party select menu to choose who you have with you :D
  6. This SOUNDS stupid, but are the keys bound correctly? I lost the ability to quicksave for a while because my quicksave and quickload keys mysteriously unbound themselves in the options menu :/
  7. The original KotOR patches were standalone as well as updater. The first KotOR 2 patch was downloadable standalone, and I don't see why the second shouldn't be.
  8. Yeah, and LA would give them six months to develop it... A Star Wars version of Oblivion/Morrowind would be the best game ever, though.
  9. I said something like this back on the Bioware boards, but isntead of the mandalorian wars, it'd be around the time of Exar Kun. Think about it - We get to see Jolee Bindo again! And young!
  10. For me, the excitement has blown over. TSL was a good game, I finished it, and now I've moved on. I'll probably load up the patch anyway, just to see how much got fixed, but the only thing that'd turn me into a raging fanboy again is the content mod :D
  11. Personally I love Baldur's Gate. The first one started my love of RPG games, and the second is just incredible. Admittedly it's a little dated, but still my personal best RPG game ever.
  12. I'd LIKE to say Bao-Dur - Intelligent, skilled, handy in a fight I'm more likely to actually BE the Disciple - Ugly and disliked by practically everyone :D
  13. The demo is great fun, I urge everyone to at least try it. It's more of a RTS than an RPG - with a unit maximum of 3. Trust, it makes sense. As whoever reviewed it in PCG UK said, it's impossible to describe with words. Just play the demo.
  14. He should be murdered for stealing my name :D
  15. I love the way KotOR controls on the PC. Apart from the pause, quicksave and quickload keys, you can play the entire game with the mouse. It just feels right.
  16. I never even noticed that it was missing until about halfway through the game. I don't think it was ever necessary, except maybe for Nar Shaddaa, because running across it constantly really got on my nerves after a while.
  17. Does anyone else think the ubese on Nar Shadaa look a lot like the stealth troopers (or whatever they're called) from JK2?
  18. "Ack, move we must, this place getting too small is." "The house market, I hate. Incredibly annoying it is." "[Force Persuade] Buy my temple, you will."
  19. Hehe, "meatbag". And for those that are unaware, that's the Xbot that got built a few hundred episodes back.
  20. I guess you shold just reload a save from before you killed the mercs, and don't talk to lana more than neccesary.
  21. Hydrospanners make little sense. If a spanner was made of water, wouldn't it just fall apart? And if you used it to fix electrical appliances, wouldn't they short out because of the water? I'm sticking with ordinary spanners, thanks.
  22. Basically, just do every quest you can find. This is easily the most annoying bit of the game for me. Make sure that you help or hurt the exchange as much as possible (Depending what alignment you are) and eventually you'll get a message telling you what to do next.
  23. I loved that switch-around with Admiral Karath (I think) when you tell him that the academy is on Alderaan.
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