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  1. Oh no, on the contrary! LucaASS Arts is working very, VERY hard to ensure that the movies really do play, and the sound really does play. If you were part of LucASS Arts Q&A team, you'd see this for yourself. *QA employee*: Hey, can you hear the music? *Another QA employee*: Ummm, I think so, let me keep listening, we've got to be absolutely sure. *Yet another QA employee*: Ummm....I'm pretty sure it really is playing, I mean, I can like, totally hear music... *First QA employee*: Are you sure it's music? All I hear is various instruments working together in an organized
  2. Don't forget anti-aliasing and anisotropic filtration. Must haves, in my opinion. Not into blurry textures and jaggies.
  3. I strongly dissagree. If they hadn't told us that a patch was imminent, we'd have even more people screaming about crap customer service. Imagine what these guys would feel like if they thought a patch would never come at all. It would be chaos.
  4. Neverwinter's expansions are decent, with Hordes of the Underdark being the favorite. However, I'd wholeheartedly take a trip into Planescape right away if you've never played it before. The writing and story, along with dialog options (if your character is intelligent) are enough for you to jump right out and get it immediately. Give Planescape a chance to get a bite on you (doesn't take long) and boy are you in for one HELL of a treat!!! Go now!!!
  5. Holy crap!!! Now I see where he got those 80 some posts!! Cut and paste, baby!!
  6. Ooops. Sorry. I didn't intend a war (probably should have left my 6800 out of it. Again, I am sorry. A flame wasn't the intent, though it was easily taken as such. I did notice that you actually agree to some extent, however, as the quote below illustrates, in reference to a different bug. Gamma issues have been documented over and over and have been around forever with ATi. That is the only thing I really wanted to adress. Both companies have many bugs left to squish. I just have yet to see any with my card, and am very greatfull. I came up from a wonderfull 9800Pro
  7. Blame ATi. They've had broken gamma in their OpenGL drivers for a VERY long time. http://www.nvnews.net/vbulletin/showthread...newpost&t=48841 http://www.rage3d.com/board/showthread.php?t=33811384 6800GT runs this game flawlessly for me.
  8. This makes me question the hardware of those who can't run the game. My AthlonXP 2500/Geforce 6800GT/1gb ram/MSI nForce II Ultra mainboard system loves this game. I've played for many hours on end now and have yet to see it crash, become stuck or have anything go wrong with it, whatesoever. All this and the grapgics settings are maxxed out and running at 1280x1024 with 4xAA 8xAniso. Butter smooth, almost all the time. This is with v-sync, even. I love this game, and can't wait to start on my Dark Side character.
  9. Alright for sheer excellence. I friggen love this game, and have yet to encounter any problems, other than being confused when my party wasn't with me. It was my error, not a game bug. Seems to like being maxxed out on a lowly AthlonXP 2500 machine with a BFG 6800GT. Flawless operation, for hours on end. I can hardly peel myself away from it. 15 thumbs up. :D
  10. Right on! Thank you guys! I hoped if I left this overnight I'd get some bites. Awesome. Obsidian Entertainment Forums, consistently prividing it's members with "the best Technical Support in the Entertainment Software Industry".
  11. I had just returned to the Ithorian Compound as the B4D4 droid with the incriminating data on the Cserka corporation. After dropping off the data pad to help the Ithorians (I am playing Light side right now) I get my main character back, but he is by himself. I headed back toward my apartment to see if the rest of my party was there, and on the way was contacted by an Ithorian about an assault on the compound that occurred when I left. On returning to the compound, I find it full of baddies, and it seems nearly impossible to fight them all by my weakling self. Am I supposed to
  12. Read his other posts. He just tags random rubbish on the end of a thread. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I am genuine, and also wonder where you are getting the "random rubbish" thing from my 5 (now six) quality posts? Enlighten me, would you? <edit> Apparently my avatar is intimidating some people, therefore I have changed it to my daily driver.
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