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  1. Gamma settings are and will always be broken (until ATI gets their act together) for ATI cards playing OpenGL games ........ - even with the latest Cat 5.4 CCC and KOTOR 2 1.0b the gamma is still broken - as I remember correctly so does Doom 3.......... The other thing broken is the glow effects the last working driver was Cat 4.4 (pls see my separate post on this elsewhere on this forum)
  2. For me in KOTOR 2 Dantooine, after getting off Ebon Hawk and approaching Khoonda BAM! slideshow time - and I also noticed Cat 5.4 CCC also caused A LOT more level transitiion crashes!!!!! What I do now is use the DVBO line with Cat 4.4 atioglxx.dll and things are running normally with glows and no crashes (fingers crossed)............
  3. With the latest Cat 5.4 and CCC, KOTOR 2 Dantooine is broken - horrible lags and I had to use DisableVertex command to fix it - and it seems level transition crashes are more frequent .......... ah well!!
  4. MaglorD ........ the Dantooine you're speaking of is on KOTOR 1 right? I was referring to KOTOR 2 Dantooine - I did install CCC 5.4 and still it lags horribly in KOTOR 2 ............ It looks like while they may have fixed KOTOR 1 Dantooine they've broken the KOTOR 2 Dantooine!!!
  5. Pirazy, I can't give you the HTTP link since the driver is off my Gecube X800Pro original driver CD - but I can give you this info about the version number of the ATIOGLXX.DLL that came with the Gecube original driver: Version: - ATI OpenGL Driver copyright 1998 - 2002 , notice that the OGL file with the Cat 4.4 is older / have lower version no. than the Cat 4.4 So you may want to make sure that your atioglxx.dll has the version number - I verified that this is the one that gave me glows back but slower performance unfortunately.........
  6. Pirazy, I'm certain that it is Cat 4.4 - the version no. is is Cat 4.4 I double checked this. As I mentioned - glow effects are present and the game KOTOR 2 is a bit slower than if using the latest Catalyst but if you want the glow effect this is the only way to go. You could also run Cat 5.4 with CCC as suggested by MaglorD - and if you still want glow effects you can put the atioglxx.dll from Cat 4.4 inside KOTOR 2 directory............. With Cat 5.4 CCC I remedied the problem of ATI Broken Gamma by saving a KOTOR 2 profile which has increased brightness and gamma from the ATI CCC - very useful and saves mucking around with the Brightness slider!
  7. M.Ragnos: Lucky you!! Unfortunately for me I can't spend another several hundred dollars for a 6800 GT having bought the X800 Pro when it came out!!!!!!!
  8. That's true MaglorD - I've managed to complete both KOTOR 1 and 2 despite its bugs. If people remember back in the old days of 386s and 486s - Ultima 7 series was extremely buggy yet a lot of people liked the game and it had a cult following ............ . Ultima 7 series would have quite a fair bit of game stopping bugs - unrecoverable errors etc.
  9. MaglorD, i've just installed the Cat 4.4 and KOTOR 2 seems to be progressing just fine. The X800Pro seems sluggish and lower fps than Cat 5.4 but I guess this is a trade off - the lower fps can somewhat be compensated by disabling Vsync. With the recent Cat's (5.4) I had one to three level transition crashes but nothing too serious just reload quicksave and I'd be OK. I think there shouldn't be any crashes with Cat 4.4 - my machine and setup has not suffered major crashes that a lot of people seem to have. That being said I'll test KOTOR 1 again just to make sure! But yes, the glow effects are impressive when they are present and it is even more glaring to play the game without them - something is just missing ............ notably on Power - Master Power Attacks - not only your weapons glow yellow they glow much brighter too.
  10. MaglorD, what difference would CCC make ..... I thought it was only a Control Center, therefore it should not affect the operation of the driver? Also with you Cat 5.4 do you get glow effect back? On a separate post, I mentioned using my old original Gecube X800 Video driver which is Cat 4.4 and I got glow effects back on KOTOR 2!
  11. That driver version I mentioned above is Catalyst 4.4 and it was supplied in box for my Gecube X800 Pro!
  12. Just thought I would share my discovery with everyone: I have a X800Pro and as usual missing the glow effects on KOTOR 1 and 2. Am now playing KOTOR 2 and having no luck with all the latest drivers - I uninstalled ALL the latest drivers (which is Cat 5.4) and went back to my original driver supplied on the X800Pro CD. This driver is - dated 23 March 2004. What I found out was that the glow effects are back on my X800Pro - you can see this very clearly on lightsabers bobbing / waves, Bao-Dur's repulsor arm, the lights on the Ebon Hawk accomodation cabin and so on........... I would also hope that KOTOR 1 would have glow effects back - I'll post a follow-up reply on my findings! So there you those with X8xx series may want to try the above driver for KOTOR!
  13. Yeap - no worries everyone this is not a flame-war regarding ATI or Nvidia as I'm sure each card has their own merits....... . Ah well, looks like I'll have to hunt down an old Geforce 4 or FX card to run on my other Athlon XP machine so I can play KOTOR with the glows etc ........... I do love the games but the bugs just bother me I had run KOTOR 1 on a old GF4 Ti4200 and the glows are there - and totally missing on the ATI X800Pro - while the GF4 may not have the horsepower it does have better Nvidia driver support it seems for OpenGL..........
  14. Yeap thanks for the comments people......... I do know the fix is only for KOTOR 1 maybe it's wishful thinking but since both KOTORs are using the same graphics engine - maybe fixing KOTOR 1 will fix KOTOR 2???!!! But yeah if not then at least I did not expect Cat 5.4 to break KOTOR 2 by massive slowdowns in Dantooine! Am now having to revert to CAt 4.11 OGL to remedy the situation.......... But yeah hopefully Cat 5.4 is good for other games besides KOTOR
  15. Well here we go again on another merry-go-round of bugged games-video driver update route! This time it's the new Cat 5.4 - Which is stated to address the slowdowns in KOTOR - Dantooine.......... . I played KOTOR 2 again for the third time and BAM!!!!! slow-mo world on KOTOR II Dantooine - and it reoccurs until I installed the older OpenGL from CAT 4.11 and used the DisableVertexBuffers command. The gamma is still broken too .......... everytime a level transition and the game graphics engine is reset .......... the gamma goes to very dark and it got to the point where sliding the gamma / brightness slider backwards actually makes the game brighter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a piece of bad, buggy games - which unfortunately is the trend for PC nowadays - overpriced expensive hardware that costs two arms and legs and still don't work right!!!!!!!!
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