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  1. Ok, the fourm has translated my ( c ) into a perfect copyright mark, but I actually do not know how to do it from the keyboard, please help.
  2. Hi guys, I like to make a copyright mark somthing such as this: © But I want to make the REAL one, where there is a circle surrounding the letter C. How do i make that? Is it different on a Mac?
  3. I am afirad you are wrong again Lee has always aimed to be an actor since childhood, in fact, he was a child actor in Hong Kong. He was an actor before he was a ung Fu teacher, surely he was not teaching, or even giving out anyone pointers in Kung Fu as a child actor Lee was an acton actor and the first in his own class, very much depended on his obsession in his Kung Fu training as well as an highly displined acting background. As we all know he opened up the path for many other acton actors. So it is understanable that you could not have oftern find many in your checks. Be
  4. That statment is un-true , expect that "Kareem" was indeed so much taller than Lee. No no,you wrong.Before Bruce Lee be an actor,he is a best fighter and more professional than other,for example he make his muscle more quality not big. In 1964,Bruce Lee win the Karate of America on 24 years old,why this small thin Chinese man can win?Bruce Lee show his martial art is highly,quickly,powerful,nicety than anybody. You just watch the movie and you don't know the truce. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I dont know how to define rather Bruce Lee was a profressional fighter. His fathe
  5. Some of the lads I have spoken with are involved in martial arts, by that, I mean they have actual combat experienced. One of the staments they came up with is that, "You cant compare the two of different weights (range), and if they were to fight together, usually the heavier would win". (And I dont think they mean a far bastard) Although I have been interested in martial arts in the pass, I actaully have no combat experience (real ones), so after the talk, from wishing Bruce Lee the winner, I ended up beliving Tyson would actually win if the fight really does kick off. But as
  6. A discussion came up during a conversation between me mates, tell me what you think?
  7. Thanks for the head up. I am currently training the dogs pretty hard, its actaully rather difficult by not knowing Japanese. However, I like to share some of the tricks I have taught my doggies and the command I am currently using, and what they do. My aim here is to TRY not to have two or more command sound a like, so my pets do not get confused. Sit: Sit (but I have to start saying the S for a while in order to increase its effective rate, so I say, " Sssssssit". Down: Down Jump: Jump Hand: Pawpaw (Paw Paw) Tracing tail: Spin Lay down on its left: Lay Down Roll up on it
  8. Has anyone metioned Planescape: Torment?
  9. Impressive info on the game About the vioce command, I dont mind it, but I dislike it as it oftern mistake the command I am given. I mean, I taught my dog "roll right" and "roll left", it just can not ID the difference. Also, even the most basic command of "sit" it can not rigister quite often. I wonder if the game is designed to listern to Japanese command rather than English as well. If you have trained your dog with good detailed vioce command, would you mind giving me a bit of advice here? I mean, what are your vioce commands per actions?
  10. My sister in law just sent a Nentendo DS together with the pet game, Nintendog (Shiba verson). I can not read Japanese, but I was able to guess what was going on, I got to say that this game is highly detailed, very well done! It will respond to your vioce command, and you can teach it new ones every few days, so you can get quite personal with this virtual pet. When there is a UK/US verson out here in the UK, I might get another one with different types of dogs. Anyone planing getting the game?
  11. Below is a long complain letter to a British ISP who has placed me in a rather strange position and I wounder if anyone has a simular experience, enjoy. 14th June 2005. Dear Bulldog, I am writing a complaint letter regarding my experience with Bulldog since October 2004. For the last few weeks I have been exchanging emails and communications with the Bulldog Customer Service and the finance Department. Unfortunately, I found that all the replies do not satisfy the chain of problems I am currently having with Bulldog, and I feel that my case would require a higher d
  12. I usually play some really weak character, re spawn and reload were the usual thing to do while fighting in RPGs. I had a signature character which is an Elven Rogue since Baldur
  13. Thanks for the replies guys, but one the problem that it would not install remains. It stopped at 95% and saying that the verson do not match and would not continue the instalation process. Whats wrong?
  14. Just a quick question: I am using a UK English computer, and usualy I buy the UK verson of the games, but the copy of KOTOR2 I have is US based, should I install the US patch?
  15. Light Side Enlightenment and Dark Side Corruption? Inner Strength Deflect and (well nothing from the dark side), so what is Inner Strength Deflect?
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