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  1. I see they didn't fix the blank screen during half the movies.
  2. Disabled anti-virus and it worked. Doh!
  3. This is what it says exactly (I lied, it happens at 96%): --------------- Patching File TexturePacks\swpc_tex_gui.erf Patching File TexturePacks\swpc_tex_tpa.erf Invalid Patch File The patch file may be corrupted. You may need to obtain a new copy of the patch file. Get the manual patch. http://support.lucasarts.com/patches/Kotor2.htm The patch has been aborted ---------------
  4. After a fresh game install (and reboot) I can't get the patch to install using the auto patcher or manually. It always gets to 95% then gives me an invalid patch error. Anyone else experiencing this?
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