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  1. I have to say that Obsidian don't deserve Lucasarts. They need to make their own games, in their own style, and make them the best games ever. Kotor II is, to me, an excellent developer trying to shine through the dark cloud of a crappy publisher. I need better analogies, too.
  2. I have to applaud you on a good post. That's a lot how I imagined influence, twisting people to your ways, be it light or dark. One thing that annoyed me was the way that their alignment changed nothing, outside of their appearance and force power cost. The handmaiden, even though she's down on the bottom end of the scale, still preaches being nice to people. But then, fixing that would require a lot more dialogue, as you say. I'd like to see influence affecting people a lot more. For instance, if they REALLY dislike you, they may just decide to up and leave you, or even attack you. This would require more hirable characters, BG style, but would be worth it. A lot like when Minsc would attack you if you didn't save Dyanheir in BG1.
  3. I've been having gamma issues ever since I got my radeon card about a year ago. I just use powerstrip to change it with a handy hotkey :D
  4. This might sound stupid, but where can I actually GET these mods?
  5. Having just completed that section darkside, I can confirm that it's part of the DS meditation scene.
  6. I'm willing to bet one of the Lucasarts QA guys found out that the game was actually playable, and labelled that as a bug, stating "Lucasarts games should not be playable, under any circumstances. I have detected trace amounts of fun, and they shall be eradicated." More on the story "soon".
  7. I used to play at the age of about 8-9. I only ever won battles because my internet disconnected and the opponents stopped respoinding, so i could kill them. I didn't figure out why that was until much later, of course. Memories, memories...
  8. Talk to the droid on Dantooine, by the Ebon Hawk. You can repair it, and it will call you a Jedi. Ask it why, and the conversation will lead to it playing the holo recording.
  9. Well it looks like either that or replaying the ENTIRE game again.
  10. I have to say blue. It just looks coolest!
  11. I've "lost" my copy of Halo, the game just refuses to install. On a more literal note, I've also lost both Vice City and Thief: Deadly Shadows. I have NO idea where either game disc is. I have to get PS:T, though. I feel I'm missing out on something great. Will look for it next time I'm in a shop.
  12. I'd actually really like to see a star wars game based off the Prince of Persia: Warrior Within fighting system. That'd just be so fun, grabbing a dead enemy's lightsaber and wallrunning along, slicing up stormtroopers or whatever.
  13. I have to say, that's hilarious. Even though it shouldn't be.
  14. Recently i've mostly been listening to Guns 'n Roses, but I like pretty much any sort of rock you can throw at me.
  15. I don't think there's anyone who hasn't seen the original Star Wars films. Besides, the shock is still there, but it's fully on the part of the characters.
  16. I was wondering, are there multiple copies of HK's parts around the galaxy? I know I had two control clusters at one point, and I've never found a Chassis outside of the HK droids in Vogga's warehouse. Are there several of everything?
  17. Any way I can get this file without downloading and installing the old drivers?
  18. I got LS mastery, just for the bonuses. Basically you have to be nice to everybody, refuse any kind of reward whatsoever, and then walk off into the sunset singing happy songs about peace and love.
  19. Nice, but I agree the right arm looks a little off. The saber blade is also a bit short, but that doesn't really matter. Keep at it :D
  20. I worked around by going into graphics options, changing the detail setting, changing it back, and going back to the game. Works fine as long as i do it every time i enter the area.
  21. This forum almost reminds me of KOTOR itself. We have the dark-siders who are whining like a bunch of grapes about the patch, and we have the light-siders who are trying to be nice and stuff. Anyone got force persuade, so that Lucasarts doesn't rush in future?
  22. I have this bug, I got past it by jumping before the start but even then the guy tells me that I had a crash, so i don't get any money!
  23. Woah... The animations look so good! I was stunned when my first Kotor 1 saber duel erupted but DAMN... THAT IS COOL. I want the game NOW.
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