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  1. I'd like to take up a challenge with my entire party - all three of us facing three other guys, or something.
  2. Blaster-using characters are weak because blasters themselves are weak. Though HK did look cool dual-wielding pistols :D
  3. I liked the way Jolee did it... His was funniest. I've still got a few characters to try out, such as Canderous (Who I'm gonna use this replay).
  4. Ah, but she agreed to it... ... This is quickly going to turn wrong. *Asassinates everyone connected to the discussion* Let's start again... <Sound of tape rewinding> I'd like more of a connection to the force myself. Maybe you could feel disturbances in the force, or sense what's going to happen in the future?
  5. I don't want Revan in the game at all, apart from a few references. Revan is MY character, I don't want someone else making up a future for him.
  6. A newie? PREPARE THE INITIATION RITUAL! ... I'll get the soap.
  7. Can we just have one better looking one? More like a lightsaber than a cardboard tube, if you know what I mean.
  8. Yeah, I think they should release the dumbed-down version for the console toy, then give us PC'ers the full game :D
  9. I was about to ask wtf he was on about... Then I realised he must be on a console toy! (PC rules)
  10. Yeah, that is so dumb! Third arm! It's clearly at LEAST his fifth! *realises he's talking complete bollocks* Uh.... Look! A three-headed monkey! *escapes*
  11. Darth Jozxyqk For those who don't know, Jozxyqk is a sound you make when you get your sexual organs trapped in something. This is the hidden meaning to Darth Jozxyqk's name - He got his *ahem* trapped in a revolving door at an early age, and the sheer pain of it turned him to the dark side.
  12. A third kotor game will really not work. You'll have to answer how you ended BOTH the previous games, most likely. So by kotor 5 most of the game will be spent telling it how you played last time :/
  13. Maybe a game set 5000 years after the films... The universe will still be running, but everything will be different. Perhaps the Sith have risen to dominance again? Who knows.
  14. Ordinary men can kill Jedi... I've had Canderous, Carth and even Mission take on Dark Jedi single handedly before.
  15. After staring at his arm for a good half an hour, I still stand by my comment.
  16. I'd like a game where you don't play a jedi... Just an ordinary Soldier, Scout or Scoundrel. I think it'd make for a fun game, with the Jedi being forces to look up to instead of your companions. *Starts counting down the time until Hades_One replies with his usual complaint*
  17. Might be do-able in HL2's Source engine... Not in this one. We can dream.
  18. Yes, it's positioned like a left hand. But he's using his right ARM. That can't be right :/
  19. Maybe I'm just not trying hard enough :/ But he's using his right hand... The only way I can comfortably hold it in the position he's holding it in is pointing down-dagger style. He's clearly not doing that. Maybe I'm just overanalzying or have strange hands, but it's wierd :/
  20. Has anyone else noticed how screwed up his hand is? You try doing what he's doing, you CANNOT hold your hand in that position!
  21. Starrowind would be great fun... But then, if we just had one relatively tiny island again, there'd be outcry. The developers would have to make literally dozens of planets to satisfy the Star Wars fan lust... And the game's development would take about 20 years. It's nice to dream, anyway. The game defenitely needs to be longer than the first... I recently replayed Baldur's Gate 2 for about my 20th time (no joke)... And I am still finding new stuff to do! I always rant on about BG2, but that's what kotor 2/3 needs to be like. BG2 in star wars.
  22. I hope they do KotOR 3... And make it PC only! That way we can have the game's full potential, an epic like BG2... only with star wars! :D
  23. With guns we could have the jedi doing a blocking animation, the gunner aiming at his head. This would be cool in certain situations, with two blaster-wielders holding their guns to the other guy's head (as seen in just about every film ever).
  24. How about a long amount of time? It'd be cool to see a planet that's just slowly drifting apart... Until one day all that's left is some asteroids...
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