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  1. I have to say, I have a friend at school who says that xbox far outstrips PC in terms of everything. I can do nothing but laugh at him. PC has better graphics (come on, geforce 3?!) speed... everything. Consoles are irrelevant! [/rant]
  2. So use the mouse, like I do... Holding down both buttons and moving makes you run around. Damn, I hope they don't remove mouse movement control!
  3. Revan could have been horribly disfigured even as a Jedi and not show his/her face.
  4. Maybe they're magical. Magical space bunnies! WITH EXTRA SPARKS!
  5. This could lead to some fun situations: Planting a fake lightsaber on someone to draw the asassins' efforts away from you. Perhaps a DS path, but it'd get you out of danger. But robes on their own shouldn't identify you as being anything, other than someone with no fashion sense.
  6. I had to stop doing anything just so I could see what happened when you die :/ But I still don't enjoy the turret game - the damn thing moves so slowly! I like to have my mouse sensetivity right up high, and I had to lift the mouse about 3 times for that turret to swing round! At least up the sensetivity!
  7. I agree with EVERYTHING anari just said.
  8. I really agree with this. I got very bored with my party stabbing themselves, me and the camera with their swords while talking.
  9. Very interesting... Now I REALLY can't wait!
  10. Then don't play it. I think it's kinda fun... But can you fix the way the computer cheats? I'll stay or hit 20, and without fail they'll ALWAYS get EXACTLY the right cards to get them on 20. Now THAT is unfair.
  11. Only aliens (who I SERIOUSLY hope have more dialogue sounds in kotor 2) said your name. People speaking Basic couldn't, because they'd have to record approx. 6023652064863473405684.347 lines of dialogue.
  12. I'd like to send HK off on a mission and then actually control him through that mission... And he would come back changed if you picked LS options over DS. He would eventually be like "Query: Can't we all just get along?" and "Objection: I don't WANT to kill innocents, master!"
  13. I think the BG2 romances added quite a lot to the game. They made me care a whole lot more.
  14. I think a different version of ship combat would be nice... Perhaps actually flying the ship and having someone else control the gun turret? Of course, you could swap positions if you like... Or even let the AI handle both and use your battle meditation!
  15. I think a more interactive Hawk would be great! Maybe there could be a few exploration quests, where you might find a hidden storage bay with some equipment or something?
  16. I think we need a Space Invaders RPG... Where you can romance one of them and stuff.
  17. I'd like a scene like in ROTJ where your PC is captured and T3 throws you your saber... But that might be too copied. Then again....
  18. You're required to _kill_ people to get past the opening area. And don't say "let Trask do it" because he's still part of your party!
  19. *goes off into a long rant about how consoles suck* Since it's using the same engine, probably roughly the same.
  20. Then you could feed it to the computer and it'd like you so much it'd do anything you asked, without spikes.
  21. Things should defenitely be more discreet... I was carrying around something the size of the Ebon Hawk on my face for a lot of the time... The aural amplifiers are the only things I can stand wearing.
  22. I'd like characters with a super-low intelligence to speak really stupidly, like in NWN.
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