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  1. Alright, so I know that there's no patch for an existing copy available and never will be...but: Is the version that is in stores now any different (i.e., patched) from the ones that were initially released last year?? In other words, if I go down to GameStop or EB and buy KOTOR II off the shelf, will it be an updated version of the game?
  2. I'm not trying to stir up trouble, but I haven't logged onto this forum pretty much since last year, and I was wondering if the bugs in the Xbox version had been taken care of or not. Any Xbox users out there? *whoops! just notice the tech help section...sorry!* :">
  3. Kaftan- If your intent was to reflect on the absurdity of the world we live in by taking the tack of someone looking for something to be offended by and making fun of it, I apologize.
  4. Wow. At first I thought you were just being sarcastic out of nowhere for the sheer irony of claiming that the showdown between Yuriko and Logan was some bizarre sexual fantasy. After reading your replies I realize that you're serious. Did you just finish reading Freud? The notion that all human behavior is ultimately sexually motivated has been heavily discredited. Any analogy between stabbing weapons and sexual penetration is purely coincidental. Just because there is an act that resembles (in some extremely far-fetched way, I might add) some portion of sexual intercourse does not me
  5. Yeah but it plays 99% of the rest of its games with barely any problems at all. And its not running the same res as a PC. There's no excuse for how this game plays, regardless of where the problem lies. bogarden, I feel your pain. I have the exact same issues.
  6. Evidence seems to be mounting that most if not all of the problems stem from problems reading the discs. The truly defective copy of the game I had the pleasure of using had issues halting and stuttering right from the start because of disc access; my drive is fine, as evident from the other games that work just fine (including KOTOR 1). So I think what may have happened is a glitch in the maunfacturing process. Maybe it's not, but how else to explain the discrepancy between different copies? Were there different versions that went out, pehaps from different plants? Given the variet
  7. Having gone through exactly the same thing, I've come to some conclusions: -Your Xbox is a factor in gameplay, since the game is constantly reading from the disc. If you have an old Xbox, especially one with the Thompson drive, you're going to have loading speed issues, and perhaps others. -There is a difference between different copies of the game. I thought my first copy had issues. Mainly there was load time slowdown due to my antiquated Xbox. I traded it in for another copy, and this one REALLY had issues. The slowdown was ridiculous, the game stopped functioning properly, etc
  8. Wow- now I really know the bugs people were referring to. I swapped my copy, deleted my saved games and started over. Even slower load times, dropped frames everywhere, and system meltdown upon entering battle. I think I saw steam coming out of the Xbox. My first copy was perfect compared to this one (and that's saying something). In the prologue, there is the place where T3 opens the container and the remotes come out for target practice. The game just froze for +5 seconds, then continued smoothly, until another enemy was targeted; the same thing happened again. After all the target
  9. I think it's too early to trade in the disc- I'll wait a few months; maybe they'll've released a patched version. I think this is all wishful thinking, though. It's such a shame, though. Aside from the gameplay issues, it's a really cool game.
  10. Funny how some people think that when the PC version comes out it won't have any of the same slowdown issues. Has anyone played SimCity 4? Even the fastest PCs can't handle it. Same thing here. There's nothing wrong with the Xbox; KOTOR 2 has some major tweaking to be done (probably more than we'll ever see manifested). Hades_One has a point- you can't put a game on a console with no way of patching it. I hope they'll let me return it; then I'll wait a few months for the devs to fix some of the bugs.
  11. Any slowdown in KOTOR I was negligible compared with KOTOR II, at least as far as I've played it. I can't imagine how bad it gets further into the game- I'm only on Telos and it's horrible. Is there any difference between Xboxes, like versions or something? Maybe there were some upgrades done that make newer games more playable? Well, regardless, I'm really disappointed.
  12. I'm curious- has anybody not experienced this? It appears endemic. Every fight causes frames to drop (but action keeps going, even though you can't see it)! What's the fun in getting all sorts of cool weapons, options, etc., if you can't see what happens when you use them? The game would be great, except it's virtually unplayable with the dropped frames- the action happens, and then it stops- studder- studder- it's over. I guess they should've waited on the Xbox release until February... -Anari
  13. With a username of "Whitemithrandir" you should know from reading Tolkien that the more cohesive and rational the story is, despite mystical elements, the more believable it is. Some people are debating the point from the perspective that, since something like "the Force" is cleary fantastic and exists in the Star Wars universe, that the rest of the universe in which it exists does not have to follow any limits of reason of logic (such as the inevitable acceleration of the development of technology over vast amounts of time). If this were true, there would be no point to making the story,
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