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  1. I don't expext the pirated copy to work, just wondering if anybody used one, better buggy and free than buggy and paid for.
  2. Haven't been on this forum in a long time. I originally bought KOTOR II for the XBOX and it wouldn't load. After trying all the suggestions and nothing working, I sold my copy back to Gamestop. I came here to see if the PC version was any better, and it seems like there are more support posts for the PC version than the XBOX version. Plus, I don't see any dev's posting in the PC support forum, like they did in the XBOX forum. Anybody have any luck with a pirated copy of this game?
  3. Alright maybe it is funny to expect something as simple as an apology from LucasArts or Obsidian. But companies in America are not the only ones who have questionable practices. How about Parmalat, Bioland, Shell U.K.?? And please when you start bashing away at American companies in general, you take this thread into a whole other realm. You make yourself lose credibility about what you are discussing, and you make my posts lose credibility, so please keep your comments directed toward the subject in this thread. I am sure there are forums for you to vent about things American somewhere else.
  4. Yes Anari, I agree the evidence does seem to be in the manufacturing process. I actually got the opportunity to play KOTOR II at a friends house today(he has a working copy), and I was actually impressed with my gaming experience. I didn't get to play too far into the game, but I did enjoy what I did experience. BTW, who are these reviewers complaining about the graphics? I thought they were pretty good, but they could have been worse and I think the game would have still been fun. It actually makes me more bitter that I got a bad disc But as far as principals and practicality, I am really not as crazed about it as you might think. I mean I would take a job I hate at a company I hate more to feed and clothe my family. that's practical, even if it went against my principals. But paying more for a game that was supposed to work when I purchased it at the agreed, set price? no way. I mean if you bought a brand new car, or TV, or anything else that is not involved in the gaming or software industry, would you pay money to have it fixed if it was broken, if you had just bought it? Of course not, and the company that sold it to you would not expect you to. But the software, or gaming industry, seems to get away with more as far as faulty products. But ya know, I can even lower my principals about this, and spend the $3.00 at EB games for a new disc if I can see one thing-an apology. It could be something so simple like,"Hey, we fu**ed up, we are really sorry" And I am not unsympathetic to Obsidian or it's employees. They only had one year to make this sequal. I am a sys admin for my company's network. I know that deadlines can be stressful, and the higher ups may not have a real grasp on what the developers are trying to achieve, and only want to have the product on this or that day, and not care about what effect this could have on finished product. Let's face it, LucasArts has been on the steady decline for several years, I thought it had changed when KOTOR I came out, but I can't help but feel that they really pushed Obsidian to get this out before Christmas, and LucasArts, in my eyes, are sliding right back on the decline. My principals tell me they owe me, so my principals will not be hurt when the PC version comes out and I can run across a bootleg copy somewhere that I can play on my comp. My rant has left me just tired, because we will never get an admission about this game. So I wont post here about this anymore. But since I have found this forum, I will read it as often as I can, I appreciate every reply I got to this, and all the help you suggested for me. And when I do get the PC version, I look forward to a great gaming experience finally.
  5. Thank you Anari_quun for your suggestions. Sadly it does seem to be a factor for some people who have older Xboxes not being able to play this game, even though it should not be an issue at all, the biggest reason I buy console games is the fact that I don't have to think about any minimum system requirements or upgrades to my system. But as I stated before, this is my second Xbox anyway, less than two months old, and it plays all other games including my next to newest game(Halo 2) just fine. and I also exchanged copies at gamestop like you mentioned, to no avail. same problems. Never heard about an EBX policy for $3.00. This is some good info and thanks for telling me. But I refuse to waste the $3.00 for a game that should work (or at least load) on my Xbox . Likewise I will not do the postage pre-paid return to LucasArts for a new disc that they suggest in their warranty printed in the back of the manual. Since when is it alright for companies to charge us extra for something that should at least half-way work. $50.00 and that is it, man. Again my suggestion is to sell this game back to GameStop for somehing else, and when it is released on PC, become a pirate LOL And if you think this is just endless ranting or whining, then you either have a copy that at least sometimes work, you are waiting for the PC version, or you work for one of these companies, so please don't flame me. I already got burned when I bought this game anyway.
  6. I agree with you, Hades One. I am actually wasting so much time with this issue, I am using my time going through the list on Obsidian's home page and trying to e-mail all the excellent reviewer listings they have posted for us to read when we access the home page. I am asking all these reviewers to please review these forums at Obsidian and read about all the bug issues and to take that into consideration for their review. A total waste of time probably, but I feel we as the consumer should do all we can.
  7. Thank you for the suggestion, but unfortunately, I didn't even record the serial # from the first disc. I had no idea I would get two bad discs. Thinking about just selling the game back to GameStop for something else(Mechassualt 2 perhaps), and just wait for a pirated copy of the PC version to download, to get back what money will be lost by selling it back.
  8. I know this is a broken record, but I have to vent somewhere. I doubt Obsidian is reading these, but I feel everyone's pain on this board. Bought the KOTOR II game, expecting great gaming ( I am such a fan of this story man), and the game would freeze right after I created my character. Now, I only got to this freezing point after opening and closing the CD tray around 40 or 50 times to get past the DISC READ error. Traded discs at gamestop thinking I probably just got a bad one, and it does exactly the same thing. Yeah, this sounds like my XBOX is the problem, but it is my second xbox, and it was purchased only 2 months ago. No other game freezes, and the next to newest game I own is Halo 2. All other games run fine. What is really hilarious, I can play the Republic Commando DEMO with no problem whatsoever. Well I am at a loss, and no one wants to take responsibility, Obsidian, Lucas Arts, or Microsoft. I hope you guys have better luck than me.
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