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  1. Alright, so I know that there's no patch for an existing copy available and never will be...but: Is the version that is in stores now any different (i.e., patched) from the ones that were initially released last year?? In other words, if I go down to GameStop or EB and buy KOTOR II off the shelf, will it be an updated version of the game?
  2. I'm not trying to stir up trouble, but I haven't logged onto this forum pretty much since last year, and I was wondering if the bugs in the Xbox version had been taken care of or not. Any Xbox users out there? *whoops! just notice the tech help section...sorry!* :">
  3. Kaftan- If your intent was to reflect on the absurdity of the world we live in by taking the tack of someone looking for something to be offended by and making fun of it, I apologize.
  4. Wow. At first I thought you were just being sarcastic out of nowhere for the sheer irony of claiming that the showdown between Yuriko and Logan was some bizarre sexual fantasy. After reading your replies I realize that you're serious. Did you just finish reading Freud? The notion that all human behavior is ultimately sexually motivated has been heavily discredited. Any analogy between stabbing weapons and sexual penetration is purely coincidental. Just because there is an act that resembles (in some extremely far-fetched way, I might add) some portion of sexual intercourse does not mean that it is related to it. One who looks for connections between coincidences can always find them, because one can always limit what one wants to believe in order to make their connections look true. This does not make the connections true! Not to mention the fact that Yuriko repeatedly "penetrates" Logan with her "phallic objects" to kill him. The fight was inevitable- how trite and insulting would it be if Wolverine tried to talk some sense into Deathstrike? How stupid do we think our audience is? Try to "talk her out of it" just to appease the oversensitive and misguided sensibilities of some self-hating sector of the public? Are you nuts? How spineless do you want to world to become? Logan can be seen as anything but woman-hating. He has a strong friendship with Rogue, and obviously has feelings for Jean Grey; he respects her as well. Clearly after reviewing the scene, Logan is driven to the conflict with Yuriko. Their gender is meaningless in this case, except fot the fact that it allows to author a way to create combat between two of equal powers without seeming uncreative. As for the adamantium-filling, it seems the only way to decisively kill one of the two characters within the context of the scene- otherwise they both would have survived. Your contempt for men is as bad as you make out men's contempt of women to be. Blatant misogyny? There are areas where your energies could be focused, but not here. Try your local church. Your crying wolf is only going to make your goal of equality harder to obtain.
  5. Yeah but it plays 99% of the rest of its games with barely any problems at all. And its not running the same res as a PC. There's no excuse for how this game plays, regardless of where the problem lies. bogarden, I feel your pain. I have the exact same issues.
  6. Evidence seems to be mounting that most if not all of the problems stem from problems reading the discs. The truly defective copy of the game I had the pleasure of using had issues halting and stuttering right from the start because of disc access; my drive is fine, as evident from the other games that work just fine (including KOTOR 1). So I think what may have happened is a glitch in the maunfacturing process. Maybe it's not, but how else to explain the discrepancy between different copies? Were there different versions that went out, pehaps from different plants? Given the variety of bugs that are occuring, it doesn't seem like something specific to the programming itself. And I wouldn't expect such glitches from Obsidian, given their personell's track record. As far as spending an extra $3.00, I know it's not right on principal, but I'm practical- I can't return an opened game, so I may as well get a working copy eventually, even if it does cost me 3 bucks. You can't win 'em all. -Anari
  7. Having gone through exactly the same thing, I've come to some conclusions: -Your Xbox is a factor in gameplay, since the game is constantly reading from the disc. If you have an old Xbox, especially one with the Thompson drive, you're going to have loading speed issues, and perhaps others. -There is a difference between different copies of the game. I thought my first copy had issues. Mainly there was load time slowdown due to my antiquated Xbox. I traded it in for another copy, and this one REALLY had issues. The slowdown was ridiculous, the game stopped functioning properly, etc. So I went back and retrieved my first copy. Since, I have had no problems other than excessive slowdown and dropped frames due to load time lag. -Someone mentioned EBX's swap policy for $3.00. Go for it. If they release a fixed copy in February, just walk in and get a new one (of course, you'll probably have to wait a few weeks for the new ones to permeate the market to be sure you get a fixed copy). So, try your copy on a new Xbox, and don't give up swapping out copies. Hopefully you'll get lucky. What this means for the devs is simply more testing was necessary, and I'm sure they know this by now. Since there is a difference between copies of the game, manufacturing seems to be an issue too, and this is something that the poor developers could not have foreseen or changed. -Anari
  8. Wow- now I really know the bugs people were referring to. I swapped my copy, deleted my saved games and started over. Even slower load times, dropped frames everywhere, and system meltdown upon entering battle. I think I saw steam coming out of the Xbox. My first copy was perfect compared to this one (and that's saying something). In the prologue, there is the place where T3 opens the container and the remotes come out for target practice. The game just froze for +5 seconds, then continued smoothly, until another enemy was targeted; the same thing happened again. After all the targets were dispatched, I could not pause the game to access the subscreen, nor could I open any containers. I'm sure there was probably more that went wrong, but I'd had it and just turned off the system. The game seems to be constantly reading from the disc- it looks like this is why it keeps stopping. A sound effect, character, soundtrack, object, etc. that's not in memory stops the game upon loading. It seems crazy that the problem would be a certain copy of the game, but that coupled with what is evidently the worst of the Xbox drives seems to be my dilemma. Arrgg!!
  9. I think it's too early to trade in the disc- I'll wait a few months; maybe they'll've released a patched version. I think this is all wishful thinking, though. It's such a shame, though. Aside from the gameplay issues, it's a really cool game.
  10. Funny how some people think that when the PC version comes out it won't have any of the same slowdown issues. Has anyone played SimCity 4? Even the fastest PCs can't handle it. Same thing here. There's nothing wrong with the Xbox; KOTOR 2 has some major tweaking to be done (probably more than we'll ever see manifested). Hades_One has a point- you can't put a game on a console with no way of patching it. I hope they'll let me return it; then I'll wait a few months for the devs to fix some of the bugs.
  11. Any slowdown in KOTOR I was negligible compared with KOTOR II, at least as far as I've played it. I can't imagine how bad it gets further into the game- I'm only on Telos and it's horrible. Is there any difference between Xboxes, like versions or something? Maybe there were some upgrades done that make newer games more playable? Well, regardless, I'm really disappointed.
  12. I'm curious- has anybody not experienced this? It appears endemic. Every fight causes frames to drop (but action keeps going, even though you can't see it)! What's the fun in getting all sorts of cool weapons, options, etc., if you can't see what happens when you use them? The game would be great, except it's virtually unplayable with the dropped frames- the action happens, and then it stops- studder- studder- it's over. I guess they should've waited on the Xbox release until February... -Anari
  13. With a username of "Whitemithrandir" you should know from reading Tolkien that the more cohesive and rational the story is, despite mystical elements, the more believable it is. Some people are debating the point from the perspective that, since something like "the Force" is cleary fantastic and exists in the Star Wars universe, that the rest of the universe in which it exists does not have to follow any limits of reason of logic (such as the inevitable acceleration of the development of technology over vast amounts of time). If this were true, there would be no point to making the story, for drama would be that much more strained to accept in such a universe where there are giant holes in the logic, where anything can happen and should be believable just because the author wrote it. There is a distinction between the elements of stories that are impossible only in our universe (but possible in other ones), and logically impossible elements which do not make sense in any universe. Thus, "the Force", which is something that could be logically possible, is not the same as the logical and presumably inevitable acceleration of technological progress which would occur IF the Republic had not been significantly altered by my aforementioned calaclysmic event, the lack of such progress being most likely impossible. Such an advance in technology is easily rationalized simply by the advance of communications and mass media, things that were not present thousands of years ago on Earth, but are logically present in the Star Wars universe because of the state of parallel technologies such as FTL interplanetary travel, energy weaponry, and artificial intelligence. So any parallel arguments made comparing Earth's pre-technological history and the Star Wars universe's ongoing technological history are not valid. Yes, I do understand it is fantasy and no, it doesn't really affect my enjoyment of the game, but I do question the logic of placing the timeframe 4000 years prior to the Star Wars movies and not simply 1000 or even 500 years, which would be much more easy to stomach. The 1984 hegemonic power argument is one that interests me, but is not plausible given the vastness of space and resources that would be needed to enforce such a structure. In terms of progress, one would expect that in 4000 years technology would progress so far that it would not be comprehensible to those of the proir generations. Not to say that it would blow their minds or anything stupid like that, but I think the landscape would be completely different. Like, in 4000 years, I think it would be safe to say that droids would be useless, their functions being genetically engineered directly into people when they're born; space flight would be meaningless as people could probably have personal hyperspace motivators built into themselves. People would be genetically engineered to be able to survive in space, etc. See where I'm going with this?
  14. This is mainly a general idea concerning anything that has to do with the generations before the movies, like this video game and further iterations, and any books, comics, TV shows, etc. It's supposed to be 4000 years prior, but there's no change in technology. This is ridiculous, so I think at some point there should be some cataclysmic event which wipes out most of the civilizations in the galaxy. It's the only thing which could explain the fact that technology has not significantly advanced in 4000 years. I would have expected the galaxy 4000 years before the Empire being much more lo-tech, i.e., hyperspace just invented and still slow, no blasters, no giant fleets, only a few species, stuff like that. It's kind of silly calling it 4000 years before the OT but then everything is the same, just slightly altered.
  15. How do you figure that? I do think having a lightsaber like Dooku's would be cool, though.
  16. Alright- I'm with you Ender, but both of you need to stop. Let's get back on track instead of slinging mud. Does anybody really watch MM's movie and think it's all true? He does make you wonder about certain things (like the Bush family's ties with the Saudis), but it's just wondering, thinking. I hope people don't actually believe everything that is laid out. People have a big problem with this movie, and I can see that, but I disagree with people having problems with it: Bush and his admin. hide so much information that the public is left to judge based on the info that they have available. If Bush were to fully explain his/his admin.'s actions and come up with rock solid justifications that were obviously in the interest of the American people and could also exonerate his actions with respect to big oil and contractors, I think MM's movie would be a slap in the face. Instead it's fighting fire with fire, lies with lies. It's essentially the only way to do it at this point; if there were a better way to get it across to the public, I'd be all for it.
  17. Despite the fact that Ender "seems" to support Bush, he's just speaking with reason, and attempting to use sources as a basis for his argument. It's obvious everyone else is stongly anti-Bush, but most people can't come up with justifiable sources to demonstrate why. I've already said why I don't like Bush now; the above quote sums up what I've ALWAYS hated about Bush, war aside. The fifth one in particular: Not only do I not approve of Bush's Christian (read: fundamentalist) overtones, I don't approve of those overtones putting a Christian face on the country, further alienating it with the rest of the non-Christian world. Oh, and Vault- Having already seen F. 9/11, I can tell you've gotten all of your ideas and opinions from the stretched truths in the movie. Maybe it's actually in your interest to help Bush's re-election by demonstrating how uneducated Bush haters are? Seems like it.
  18. America is not a true democracy. I'm inclined to think America would be worse off if it was. True, complete democracy was not the plan. But usually the country has to be attacked before going to war.
  19. Though it is doubtful that Saddam would rise to power again, any government implanted by the U.S. will fall to the extremist groups who will never accept a Western influenced government. Read: Iran.
  20. Despite the infinite complexity of the situation, it's all very simple: Bush used the fear and vengance created by 9/11 to invade a country that had nothing to do with the attack. Of course there is some connection between Iraq and al Qaeda, just like there was a connection between the U.S. government and contras. "Links" can be drawn between exceedingly disparate elements; the idea that there was a causal link between Saddam Hussein and al Qaeda is extremely unlikely. Not to say Saddam wouldn't have condoned it, but why would Saddam need to be involved? Ender, I do appreciate the reason you bring to the forum; please do not use the phrase "anti-American" when referring to people who are anti-Bush, or people who, anti-Bush or not, have criticisms of current policy. Clearly the existing policy is not making the world better for Americans, let alone anyone in any other country. There are many countries with anti-American aspects of their policy; for what other reason would we go after Iraq and not North Korea, Iran, China, Syria, Cuba, Lybia, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, etc., than the fact that: 1) Iraq is a Muslim country, which to most uneductated Americans amounts to "fanatical extremist Muslim terrorist"; the 9/11 attackers were Muslims, so the Iraqis must be behind them, right? 2) We had previously engaged Saddam/Iraq in a war; they are already established in the American consciousness as the enemy; it would be an easy sell to make them the enemy again. 3) Iraq is a sovereign nation the U.S. can formally address on the world stage. It's not a far stretch to think that the Bush admin. thought a war here would actually placate U.S. thoughts of retaliation, yet: 4) Iraq has/had practically no military to oppose the U.S. 5) Iraq just so happens to be sitting on one of the world's biggest oil reserves. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see where the government's interests are! It's actually interesting: Bush really didn't totally sell the whole Iraq WMD thing to the public; the administration went ahead with it anyway despite mass worldwide protest. Looks like it's not a democracy after all...
  21. I'd take Paris Hilton over that scag any day, thank you.
  22. Where's Raven when you need him? Let's not make this too complicated. How about if there are no enemies nearby after combat stops, your lightsaber closes up after about 1 second. Any enemies coming within a certain range would trigger your character igniting the lightsaber; once all enemies within that range were dispatched, the lightsaber would close down. I don't think it's gonna happen, though...
  23. My point is, just don't make characters ugly for the sake of people being ugly, which seems to be what some people are getting at with the arguments against certain "female" attributes. Who wants to have ugly characters? And I think Paris Hilton's a dumb bimbo too, but ask most guys and she's pretty hot. I just brought it up as a reference. How about Salma Hayek? I think she's a better example. As a matter of fact, let's have a character who looks like Salma Hayek. Please.
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