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  1. Kotor II designers, please take this advice into consideration when developing/tweaking the dialogue sequence of the game. First and foremost, Bioware in KOTOR I did an excellent job with the interaction of characters in terms of their guestures and lifelike animations during dialogue. Characters looked angry and mournful at the appropriate times, creating a stunning effect that i've never seen before in an RPG. Yet something was missing that i couldn't put my finger on until after the romance between Bastila and your character ended in the Ebon Hawk's sleeping quarters. Instead of seeing a kiss or her leap into your arms or something, it just fades into black and returns with a remorseful Bastila. (I beleive stuff like that leaves the gamer not satasfied) Another tweak that could be done that i witnessed, was during a conversation between Carth and your character. Now as we all know, mr. Carth always gets onry towards you and he shakes his fists in rage during his mad rants which fit pretty well into his dialogue(and its hilarious). Yet when it was my character's time to speak, Carth kept on goin with that damn animation; shaking his fists and moving his body as if he were a preacher. A good sign of dialogue improvment could come from the comparison of Splinter Cell and Splinter Cell Pandora Tomarrow. The sequel was packed full of conversation animation improvments. Anyway, the pressure's on for you guys to make this sequel work and I hope you succeed! (Oh yes, by the way....love Bastila as a character, hope you guys find a way to put her in) Best Wishes, The Twin
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