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  1. As this was my post initially, I think another response is warranted. I'm glad to hear that the game will actually alternate between player and computer. That being the case I don't mind it as much. I also think getting something cool by beating a totally optional tournament is not a terrible idea. Anyhoo, glad to hear it's fixed.
  2. Amen. Criminy...If I have to hear that little mandalorian girl say "moocha shaka baka" one more time I'm gonna put a whole through my TV. Even when I was light side I wanted to kill her or give her the boot just so I wouldn't have to listen to her talk. I later decided to just mute it during that entire part. This also goes for Twi'leks. Aside from the fact that one guy did all the twi'lek voices for the entire game, that twi'lek mechanic who built T3 (and all other female twi'leks since it was the same woman) in the beginning was terrible. Her acting was reminiscent of the anime wher
  3. Pazaak was one of the lamest mini-games I've played since that stupid-freaky-tic-tac-toe-with-monsters-and-stats-that-make-no-sense card game in Final Fantasy IX. How is it even fair at all when the player ALWAYS has to go first? You're not playing against the house. This isn't Vegas. Actually the house is fairer in Vegas than Pazaak is in the game. You're gambling against other NPC's. Dealing should alternate who it starts with each round. Flip a coin to find out who gets the first card in the first round. Or be able to choose whether you want to hit AFTER the NPC gets his card or som
  4. Here is the way I see it. Jedi are about dexterity, speed and acrobatics while Sith (at least more so) are about brute force and strength. This is a much easier concept to think about when you forget about Darth Maul (who was only as fast and acrobatic as he was because Lucas wanted to recruit and acrobat/stunt man to make a bad-ass fight scene). Even though it didn't make the most sense, I never really minded the armor restrictions on some powers. Whenever I had a guardian I never wanted to use any of the armor restricted powers anyway so it didn't really matter. When you're dealing w
  5. There used to be a skills topic, but it's gone now, so I'm starting a new one. Anyway, this is a quick, easy suggestion. In order to make security a more useful and necessary skill, I think it would make more sense to either do damage to some of the items in the chest or just get less stuff when you bash, possibly missing something cool that you might have gotten if you'd used security instead. This would help increase the incentive to have skill-based party members like Mission around. I've played through the game multiple time with 3 soldier/jedi types and virtually no secondary sk
  6. That would be AWESOME!! I absolutely loved Shadowrun and Shadowrun on both the Sega and SNES (although they were both totally different). One could even adapt the D&D-like system used for KOTOR to the Shadowrun Universe. Using the same engine, it could be a totally awesome game. Besides IGN has already written about it being a game they'd love to see remade. http://ps2.ign.com/articles/504/504985p3.html Just scroll down.
  7. We need more heads!!!!!!!! I actually don't mind not getting too specific on minute character creation aspects with the face. Whenever you do that, it gets harder and harder to make the face look good in the actual game. I just want more choices for heads!
  8. I'm sure this has been covered somewhere in these forums, I just can't find where, so I'm creating a new topic. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE give multiple love story options. It helps make the game so much more interesting. In KOTOR, I can kind of see how Bastila serves the light and the dark romance because you can sway her one way or the other, but what if you're playing a chick? I recently played a female dark-side guardian because I just wanted to try it out and there was no romance really...it was really boring. Well, I did the carth romance, but why in the hell would he ever fall in love
  9. I have been thinking for quite some time about how to make the melee combat in KOTOR more interesting. Don't get me wrong, it was good, but it could be so much better. A few suggestions: 1. Make one-handed fighting better. There's absolutely no question that a master of two-weapon had a huge advantage over a master of dueling. Maybe the solution is to give master duelists a much higher attack rating but do less damage (or the same amount since they only have one weapon). 2. Explore different fighting styles with different light sabers. If anyone recalls, Dooku in episode 2 had a c
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