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  1. Really? Here's the excerpt from the novel, right at the point when Palps was firing lightning at Mace and had him in trouble. Pg. 334 of the hardcover Revenge of the Sith novelization: If you will notice, Palpatine was on the brink of destroying Mace, but with Mace pleading with Anakin for help, Palpatine figured Anakin might side with Mace so he goes DIRECTLY from dominating Mace to the point Mace says "Anakin, he's too strong for me...", to becoming that feeble old man. So Nurb, I'd say the novelization does make it quite obvious that Palpatine "gave up" in his fight becaus
  2. i remember sidious cowering in the corner before anakin even got there, so i voted yes.
  3. black would be cool.....but white would be even better! :ph34r:
  4. i found sion to be one of the easiest fights in the game......what made it so hard?
  5. it wont let you put cyan crystals in it when you first build it
  6. i heard there was somewhere...which is why some of the defense boosting powers dont give you the bonus' sometimes
  7. wow thats like me exactly. without the yoda and palpatine stuff
  8. why does it matter to you? if you dont want to play another one then dont buy it......or let someone else buy it for you.
  9. you combine the classes so you got to level 29. its funny because my highest was also guardian 15 watchman 14
  10. the orange one doesnt always shup on korriban, ive only getten it there 2/4 times
  11. as i remember it, thousands of droids rushed out into the arena and swarmed the jedi.......
  12. considering the ratio of droids to jedi at the battle of geonosis, i have to say lightsabers
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