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  1. Maybe if you choose LS there'll be a mention of "catastrophic losses on Kashyyk" That'd be fun.
  2. A thought: Maybe the story's not about YOU this time. Imagine if, instead of Luke being Vader's son, it was Han Solo. That'd be an interesting possibility.
  3. I certainly had no trouble reading it... Anyway, to reply: I think there was some kind of shortcut key option... I didn't use it, but I remember reading about it. I prefer to pause the game and click things, less chance of getting stuff wrong...
  4. I'd always marked you down as a lamer. There are FFA servers with no rules, I've seen them. Don't disrupt other's fun. On a Kotor 2 note, extra draw/holster animations would be cool, possibly on a per-style basis or when you get more powerful, as with standard lightsaber combat.
  5. That'd be useful if you hadn't played for ages and couldn't remember which character you last used: Your last one'd show up there.
  6. I liked that... It showed that my PC was still wary of danger and on the lookout, while the NPCs were being complacent.
  7. Still, having people call you "My lord Darth wossname" would be cool.
  8. With the latest PC patch you can level up, switch equipment and do anything with other NPCs when on your ship. I do not believe you can on xbox. However, since it's now been coded into the PC version, which is the latest version and therefore likely to be the code Obsidian got from Bioware, the code ALREADY has that system installed. Thankyou.
  9. And with "Atris" having her name blanked out, just to hurt us :/
  10. Maybe there'll be more than one person there? Like, them all there, joined by your PC if you choose the DS route? That'd be interesting... JOINING the final enemy(s) Or maybe we won't just see sith there... Maybe we'll see jedi, standing in a nice heroic pose. Or maybe to start with you'll just have clouds, and as the game progresses you can see what your opponent looks like... Just spewing ideas here, but it makes you think...
  11. Actually, Leia DID get shot in ROTJ. One of the stormtroopers got lucky, to my memory.
  12. Kotor 2 will be more like BG and NWN in that you don't have a set party, but can mix 'n match people and kick some out, I'll wager.
  13. I have to say that I love Akari.
  14. I'm very undecided about kotor 2... I might go back to my first character (scoundrel/sentinel, dual wielding) but since you don't play the same person, it'd be a bit wierd. I'll probably still go with dual wielding, perhaps a LS guardian to start with.
  15. Kotor 2 needs bunnies. Force-sensetive bunnies. That's all I shall say on the matter.
  16. You stole my jedi guardian! GIVE HIM BACK THIS INSTANT! On a more serious note, this wallpaper is cool. I'm using it for defenite. Woo, now I really want the game. 2005? That's AGES away!
  17. And then he can flip out and kill people?
  18. I think the Sith would WELCOME the last Jedi turning to the Dark Side.
  19. I can envisage some very cool draw/holster animations... Utilizing the force, for jedi, and simply being cool for non-jedi. Mmmm...# *BZZZT*
  20. I'd like something like what Yoda did in Ep2... Open the robe, hold the hand, saber flies into your hand, and you fight...
  21. So, let's take an example at random. Baldur's gate - An absolutely stunning game, but getting on in years, no? How'd it be if this awesome game was ported to the Kotor 2 engine... With full sword duelling etcetera... I personally would buy it! Come on Obsidian, we want the classics!
  22. I hope kotor 2 is more BG2's length... Damn, that was an awesome game!
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