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  1. The jedi bosses of the game were regular enemies with huge plot buildup. Oh wait...I forgot that I neaded to heal once against Nihilus... I had trouble with one boss:visas. That's it. I died once against her because I was so entirely not ready and I used horrible strats. I completely agree it's ridiculous...I've played alot of RPGs and I think the way that the "new sith feed on force" thing is just absurd. It's accepted that the enemies get stronger throught the game, and players should accept that without bizarre plot explanations. Anyone tried playing the game on hard mode?
  2. I think they were doing well until it was released.... As is I find KOTOR 2 a rather not-memorable game that was a good simple 1-2 time play rpg. Not great like KOTOR 1. I say this not because of the glitches but because of the gaping plot holes left because of the christmas release. Obsidian did a find job. LA didn't.
  3. Absolute opposite here...KOTOR 1 7ish times and wondering if i should replay KOTOR 2 a second time.
  4. I found Kreia to be a swing and miss also... I just didn't like her for some reason... I just couldn't see her as the...u know what... as it all seemed so sudden... I just couldn't get into the game in general though...
  5. I just felt at the end of the game that the story hadn't really started yet... I mean there was very little done with the characters... And the plot seemed just somehow...not right... I'm not quite sure what... Also, i really missed friendly locales In KOTOR 2 there really were no friendly cities or places where you could interact, like Taris or Dantooine or parts of every city including Korriban... Any ideas?
  6. Right now that's a complicated question... I'm not too computer knowledgable. I know that I tried to download NVIDIA 67.66, but I can't make my computer accept it. How would i check for sure?
  7. These are simply depressing statistics. And I thought I was joking about LA making their own computers so their games would work...
  8. Is there really nothign that can be done though? I mean it's a brand new computer.
  9. Let laptops actually run it! Wait.... I know the answer!!! Lucasarts should make its own computers so its games will work!
  10. Are you saying my 8 days old brand new high quality laptop is outdated and can never run KOTOR or KOTOR 2? AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. What is an open GL and how neccessary is it? I have open gl 1.3.0 I need 1.4.0 How can i fix this?
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