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  1. I got the memory to activate the Trephine in the center of The Scriptorium and give it a memory but it does nothing. Have tried loading and reloading but the entrance to the North remains closed. Not sure why. From what others have said this is supposed to show you something to the North or an incinerator where you can sacrifice Heldr's Horn.
  2. Seems to be for wisdom/divine roll checks but if a check is for 4 and I get +2 on my check and roll a 2 for total 4 it fails the check even though it's 4 to 4. Combat checks seem fine?
  3. Terrible controls/camera, I was facing the wrong direction half the time! No potions... Game's less complicated and involved (dumbed down) for the consoles. Limited skills. I'm not buying a stupid gamepad for my PC, I have two expensive controllers as it is (read: Kb/ms) and they allow me to do more than one... Whats with the no helmet thing on the warrior guys?! Guy should be a tank! Gorgeous looking though but the 2 lame camera positions are terrible since you can't take it all in. My PC isn't hindered by the limited hardware in a console. Clearly Obsidian didn't take the time to showcase it right for the PC. I only use my PS3 for the blu ray, my PC is for gaming! At least the Steam version came with the first two games... Needs some tweaking for us PC gamers Obsidian, u know the guys who kept u in business up till now. This game can still be a contender!
  4. I found that wierd and maybe it's only because it's a demo... But then I found the whole life "stamina" bubbles stupid. I hope the terrible camera and movement controls aren't the same in the real game because they are terrible!!!!! I kept fighting the wrong direction!!!
  5. What can I say I'm a sucker for secret entrances and secret loot and such. I always thought GPG did a good job with that stuff.
  6. After deleting the main KOTOR2 folder (if you've uninstalled already, or if you can't) you can delete these regsitry entries: Go To START > RUN Type: regedit, hit Enter. This will open the Windows Registry Editor You want to remove/delete these Registry folders: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Lucasarts *NOTE* only delete this one if you have no other Lucasarts games installed HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Obsidian HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\AppPaths\swkotor2.exe HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\{629F65FB-7F3C-4D66-A1C0-20722744B7B6} That should do it if they weren't already removed from the uninstall. Then just close the registry and reboot your computer. *EDIT* Forgot to note that I had the game tell me it was corrupt or missing or something like that after 1st week of playing so had to "attempt" the uninstall as it wouldn't re-install overtop of itself. Also the uninstall wouldn't work... so had to manually delete the game folder and reg keys, then re-install. You can save your saved games though and after re-installing just move them back into the saved game folder.
  7. thanks for the tips. Will give it a shot... well at least the Disable Vertex Buffer Objects=1 addline first to see if it works. Maybe they should just post it on a locked thread at the top... *EDIT* Thanks for the post to: BUG Game Guide ! I had no idea my gamma issues were the result of the game!!! I thought my monitor was going buggered... lol Good to know! **EDIT...AGAIN** Well I must say I've had most of these bugs... I also had one where my game was seemingly corrupted the first time I installed it and had to delete the game directory in order to reinstall. That sucked...
  8. AMD XP 2400+ 512 MB DDR Ram Gigabyte Mobo Radoen 9700 Pro (Cat 5.3) All latest drivers yadda yadda Anyone else getting huge framerate problems on Dantooine.. seems to be the only place I get terrible framerates. I figured out a small fix... Go into video settings and just check or uncheck various options. Then apply and go back into game.. can usually go for another minute before having to go back in (after it starts to chug again) and then checking anything that isn't checked and unchecking anything that is. Doesn't have anything to do with any effects being just enabled... Wierd bug... It's strange but even with everything disabled or low I can get the framerate issue. So I go in then enable everything then it works fine... for about a minute, then when it starts to chug again I just go back into video options and disable everything and it works fine again for about another minute (rinse, repeat!). Framerate issue occurs much more frequently on the landing pad by the ship. No issues when indoors. What a stupid problem...
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