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  1. What are you guys talking about? Carth was a homosexual. The jacket should have been a red-flag. Hell, it probably was a red-flag before he found it.
  2. Results so far (Computer and XBox added together) Yes -- 56.6% 69 Votes No -- 43.4% 53 Votes ------------------------------------------------------------------------- I don't think that's all that great considering this is a forum for big fans of the game.
  3. Just some stereotypical feats: Barbershop Feat -- this feat unlocks the planet Kashyyyk, where you can setup shop and cut some Wookie Hair for five credits a cut. Advanced Barbershop Feat -- You now can cut hair for ten credits. Master Barbershop Feat -- You now can cut hair for twenty credits. Orkin Man Feat -- this feat unlocks the planet of Endor, where you can setup shop and began the mass genocide of Ewoks. Improved Orkin Man Feat -- you can now exterminate Ewoks twice as fast with napalm. Restricted to Male Jackass Feat -- Women will talk to you. Improved Jackass Feat
  4. Lord Revan's real name is Alfred. Hence, Lady Revan is either the former matriarch of the Revan estate, Alfred's mother Marsara, or the newly crowned Lady Revan, Bastila Shan -- his wife. Anything else is hearsay and non-canonical. People who say Revan is a lady, are in fact correct -- they are referring to Bastila Shan or Alfred's mother, Marsara.
  5. Doom III was both fun and good -- it's all a matter of opinion though.
  6. Ya, I'm tired of hearing about this cutting stuff -- it doesn't matter to games that follow; they are not apart of it, so I don't care. The Restoration Project will probably be successful for like, 3 people -- good luck to them, but it wasn't their job to finish a game, and I'm not going to prance around singing praises to Obsidian for an 'awesome' storyline that is only awesome because of the cut-content I didn't see nor want to see from anyone save professionals.
  7. You're thinking Darth Bane, the last surviving Sith on Korriban, 1,000 years prior to Episode I.
  8. Ya, well Nar-Ab Sul has differing opinions over everything, going so far as to call Bioware unoriginal.
  9. Kreia, or somebody, said something to the effect of, 'Those that could not be made loyal to Revan and who were unable to be turned were apart of the atrocities committed at Malachor.' If you think about it, Revan had an entire fleet of soldiers and generals and what-not in Knights of the Old Republic I. The atrocity at Malachor was obviously Revan's attempt to weaken the Republic before he made his plans for conquest against the Republic in order to strengthen it against what lay hidden in the shadows of Unknown Space. My biggest question concerns the Exile then General apart of that F
  10. *shrugs* I think that part of EU is stupid -- Luke thinking he can stop the Emperor by falling to the Dark Side? Jesus.
  11. 2 words:Mara Jade Check and Mate. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Still a Dark Side woman that, in the end, falls for Luke.
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