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  1. What are you guys talking about? Carth was a homosexual. The jacket should have been a red-flag. Hell, it probably was a red-flag before he found it.
  2. Results so far (Computer and XBox added together) Yes -- 56.6% 69 Votes No -- 43.4% 53 Votes ------------------------------------------------------------------------- I don't think that's all that great considering this is a forum for big fans of the game.
  3. Just some stereotypical feats: Barbershop Feat -- this feat unlocks the planet Kashyyyk, where you can setup shop and cut some Wookie Hair for five credits a cut. Advanced Barbershop Feat -- You now can cut hair for ten credits. Master Barbershop Feat -- You now can cut hair for twenty credits. Orkin Man Feat -- this feat unlocks the planet of Endor, where you can setup shop and began the mass genocide of Ewoks. Improved Orkin Man Feat -- you can now exterminate Ewoks twice as fast with napalm. Restricted to Male Jackass Feat -- Women will talk to you. Improved Jackass Feat -- Given time, women will lick your shoes. Master Jackass Feat -- Given time, women will jump in front of your bullets and if you roll high enough, they will join you in the Ebon Hawk cargo hold for some Lightsaber practice. Jock Feat -- Jackass feat required; you can improve your skill on the swoop tracks with your uncanny ability to act like a conceited dickwad. You pilot 5% Faster. Restricted to Female Whore Out Feat -- Sell your body for 15 credits a pop. Improved Whore Out Feat -- You learn how to utilise makeup; you can sell your body for 50 credits now. Master Whore Out Feat -- You now cast the illusion that you're gorgeous; in reality you have more plastic tacked on to you than a Honda; you can sell your body for 100 credits now, though.
  4. Lord Revan's real name is Alfred. Hence, Lady Revan is either the former matriarch of the Revan estate, Alfred's mother Marsara, or the newly crowned Lady Revan, Bastila Shan -- his wife. Anything else is hearsay and non-canonical. People who say Revan is a lady, are in fact correct -- they are referring to Bastila Shan or Alfred's mother, Marsara.
  5. Doom III was both fun and good -- it's all a matter of opinion though.
  6. Ya, I'm tired of hearing about this cutting stuff -- it doesn't matter to games that follow; they are not apart of it, so I don't care. The Restoration Project will probably be successful for like, 3 people -- good luck to them, but it wasn't their job to finish a game, and I'm not going to prance around singing praises to Obsidian for an 'awesome' storyline that is only awesome because of the cut-content I didn't see nor want to see from anyone save professionals.
  7. You're thinking Darth Bane, the last surviving Sith on Korriban, 1,000 years prior to Episode I.
  8. Ya, well Nar-Ab Sul has differing opinions over everything, going so far as to call Bioware unoriginal.
  9. Kreia, or somebody, said something to the effect of, 'Those that could not be made loyal to Revan and who were unable to be turned were apart of the atrocities committed at Malachor.' If you think about it, Revan had an entire fleet of soldiers and generals and what-not in Knights of the Old Republic I. The atrocity at Malachor was obviously Revan's attempt to weaken the Republic before he made his plans for conquest against the Republic in order to strengthen it against what lay hidden in the shadows of Unknown Space. My biggest question concerns the Exile then General apart of that Fleet -- can this be taken to mean the Exile would not have followed Revan had she maintained her connection to the Force? Is Kreia perhaps wrong in assuming the power Revan promised and what-not was impossible to say no to? Such a question may be an inconsistancy generated from the lack of time they had. They are (the designers of Black Isle/Obsidian) well known for their excellent stories that strive to be different than the usual but it could have been another time constraint that left such a gaping hole -- The Malachor Chapter -- in the age of Revan and the Jedi Civil War. My take on it is that he -- Revan -- knew what he was doing and had put those that would not conform easily to his ideas in an area where he knew heavy lives would lost. If you talk to GOT0 you gain information on how he sacked and destroyed only what needed to be destroyed, killed only who was necessary and I don't see how Malachor should be any different. The Mass Shadow Generator comes into play since we know it was probably not apart of Revan's plan but a last-ditch effort; perhaps Revan had not planned for the Republic fleet to be that victorious. I'm assuming there was a frontal fleet that went head to head and dug down and was hitting the Mandalorians head on and there was a fleet somewhere nearby. I'm also going to go out on the limb and think the Mandalorians -- Mandalore especially -- are also doing the exact same thing and if all those play correctly, we can see how Revan defeated Mandalore there. I, at first -- from what I know from KotOR'1, believed Mandalore was killed in a totally different location -- perhaps Mandalore -- and perhaps Obsidian over-looked that as well. Perhaps BioWare never intended Revan to be such a tactical genius and such a heavy-thinker plotting ideas and battles far into the future but he has certainly turned up to be probably one of the neatest and most interesting Star Wars characters. As for the Exile, there's an inconsistancy in her being so... like Revan -- doing what must me done and expending resources that are necessary for victory, no more -- no less. If so, why was she the one leading and giving the go on the Mass Shadow Generator? Shouldn't she have been the one saving lives despite the outcome? I think it would have made for a better story if she too, didn't have to fight her own demons in the end (The Secret Tomb on Korriban) and was instead pondering if she made the right decision to save lives instead of absolute victory. With how Malachor turned out, it certainly leaves more to be desired -- the Mass Shadow Generator really irks me as does the Exile's character since she seems so weak at times. She could have really been the polar opposite of Revan and her part at Malachor would be more consistant. Its very hard for a gaming company to be consistant when its not their story, originally, but BioWare pulled it off and many have previously. I can't really say anything except that Obsidian has once again failed.
  10. *shrugs* I think that part of EU is stupid -- Luke thinking he can stop the Emperor by falling to the Dark Side? Jesus.
  11. 2 words:Mara Jade Check and Mate. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Still a Dark Side woman that, in the end, falls for Luke.
  12. Having a thread devoted to the greatness of this game is like having a thread devoted to the greatness of massacring millions of Jews in concentration camps -- there's only like five people who praise it and they're all out of their mind and are too ignorant. In this instance there's like seven and they're ignorant of real games that have been finished, polished, and are on a level that blows this game's level away. We have that right to interject and perhaps to 'educate' people who think TSL was anything but a failure. Besides, the title is vague at best. 'All the really great things about this game' could be counted on one hand, for instance. I'm being generous, of course.
  13. Man, 'You've left me an opening,' is perverted manly-talk. Take it out of the game!
  14. Don't know why anyone would want to restore this hunk-a-junk game, but good luck.
  15. Thanks, you LucasArts contracted Game Developer, you! -- I'm glad you covered that up for us.
  16. No -- no, it's all apart of my being a bitch and having double standards. Pointing out things that don't need to be pointed out, and saying things that are uncalled for is my bag! You're being sexist! Stop it!
  17. People love her oh so subtle and beautiful pixel rendering.[/sarcasm] I have no idea but I wish there would be an end to the discussing of mating/and or dating any of these characters (Response to the thread with 'She's like Bastila' or something).
  18. Nothing perverted, just the realisation that Star Wars is like Indiana Jones -- tough badass male characters with bitchy/miss priss women who, in the end, are kissing the male's feet. I'm all for different types of plots, but no one should change how Star Wars (or Indiana Jones) is. Its 'cheesy' like that, but entertaining. As soon as you get a female character who's on the same level as Indiana or Anakin or Luke or even Carth, it loses its feel. Its like those Extreme Ghostbusters episodes or X-Men Evolution cartoons -- its not it, just an attempt to please idiots who watched the original and enjoyed it but mask that with, 'It needs to cater to my stupid ass.' Oh, what next? A movie entitled 'G.I. Jane' or something (Jk)? But seriously -- I'm anticipating Indiana Jessica 3: The Last Maxipad
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