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  1. How hard/Time consuming could this be when making a game?, if the makers of the game can't be bothered they should just say so and cut the BS.
  2. There's no time for custom hilts, come on just do it. :angry:
  3. My main point is that playing a sith assassin should feel drastically different than a sith lord because if it doesn
  4. When I think of custom hilts I think of being able to customize the look of the entire hilt, not just the colour and shape. :angry:
  5. How come when ever someone has a difference of opinion in a forum they are always called
  6. Should the Sith assassin have knock out gas to be more stealthy? or perhaps poison darts? :ph34r:
  7. JOY!!!!!! I'd dreamed about custom light sabers for years!!!! :D
  8. I'd like to see a world with a strip club and slaves for sale and and.... death sticks!
  9. I like the idea of a Yoda like uber villain. A small super charged evil character my sound bad at first but think about freza on dragon ball Z.
  10. I liked Darth Revan's scorpion-like stance in KOTOR
  11. I would like to see more character customization in the next game. I am sick of games offering three ugly heads to pick out of, why don
  12. How about a light saber dagger for the sith assasin? :ph34r:
  13. I want a longer light saber blade and curvy saber handles. Are there any other colors in than red,blue,orange,yellow,purple and green in the SW universe?
  14. I would like to see more romance in the next title, with any character not just one. Hell I
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